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Publication numberUS2792827 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1957
Filing dateSep 30, 1953
Priority dateSep 30, 1953
Publication numberUS 2792827 A, US 2792827A, US-A-2792827, US2792827 A, US2792827A
InventorsGravin Moses M, Peter Foti
Original AssigneeGravin Moses M, Peter Foti
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Heated glove
US 2792827 A
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May 21, 1957A M. M. GRAvlN ETAL HEATED GLOVE Filed Sept. 30, 1953 m [o Wl. mi @F Me im @P M l I l I ll' lnnflfnl lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l l f...

United States 4Patenti' n I-IEATED GLOVE Moses M. Gravin and Peter Foti, Rochester, N. Y.

Application September 30, 1953, Serial No. 383,242

2 Claims. (Cl. 126-204) This invention relates to a heated glove and particularly to a glove designed to be used by aviators, seamen, Sportsmen, workers and all personnel in extreme and cold temperatures.

It is the object of the present invention to provide a self-contained heated glove, the heat in which may be activated by an exothermic reaction between a chemical heating composition and another agent such as water or other liquids, for the purpose of maintaining the glove in a heated condition for a long period of time in order to enable the user to use his hands effectively and without discomfort under extreme temperature conditions.

It is a yfurther object of the invention to provide a glove which is comfortable to wear and which may be used alternatively in either its heated `or unheated state. The glove in its heated state imparts a uniform degree of Awarmth over the back of the entire hand, including the thumb and fingers, and no local excessive overheating is experienced. Furthermore, the glove, which is rugged and economical in construction, may be activated for heat generation conveniently and rapidly for repeated functioning.

The invention proceeds upon the principle of providing a lined glove casing having a hand glove compartment as one part thereof which is superposed by a waterproof compartment congruous to the hand glove compartment which overlies the back of the hand and iingers of the hand glove. The Waterproof compartment may be charged with a chemical composition which generates heat upon the addition of water or other liquid thereto,

and this heat is transmitted to the back of the hands and iingers over an extended period of time. While the glove casing, both on the palm side and back thereof, is provided with a heat insulating liner, the back of the hand glove compartment is in close juxtaposition to the heat generating compartment to facilitate heat transference therebetween. Furthermore, the interior of the waterproof compartment is lined with a canvas, textile or other moisture absorbent material in order to prolong the period of interaction between the chemical composition and the water or liquid. Also, to facilitate the charging of the waterproof compartment, the same is provided with an extension beyond the open end of the glove casing, and with a closure for said extension. Following the charging and closure of the heating compartment, the extension may be collapsed or rolled into a space nea-1' the open end of the `glove casing and is retained therein with the aid of a secondary closure, which preferably is in the form of a slide fastener overlying the open end of the hand glove compartment.

Other objects and purposes will appear from the detailed description of the invention following hereinafter, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, wherein Fig. l is a perspective view of the glove in accordance with the invention with parts broken away to illustrate the internal construction thereof;

Fig. 2 is a perspective View of the open end of the glove showing the heating chamber extending beyond the 2,7 92,827 atenied May 2 1, 1957 2 glove casing preparatory or -follo'wing its charging with its heat generating ingredients; and

Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional View along line 3--3 of Fig. 1.

In the illustrated embodiment of the invention shown in the drawing, the glove casing may be formed of leather or other flexible material and includes a hand glove 1 having a main body, thumb 2 and fingers 3. This hand glove is preferably lined with a heat insulating layer 6, for example, sponge rubber, adjacent to the palm side of the glove or external leather layer 4, and with an internal lining 5 of textile material such as rayon or annel. As shownclearly in Fig. 3, the upper wall of the hand glove compartment 1 is lined only with the rayon or ilannel layer 5 which is superposed by a layer of llannel 7. These several layers of the hand glove may be interconnected by stitching 8 which also interconnects the upper part of the glove casing formed by the outer side walls 14 and top outer layer 14 of leather or analogous material. These outer side walls and top layer are `also lined with layers of heat insulating material such as sponge rubber 15, Awhich are shown integrated to the side portions 14 by means of rows of stitches 19 and 19', the latter of which also interconnect the side walls 14 and the top wall `14,'.

The heating chamber `1l) for the `glove is accommodated between the top surface of the hand glove above the flannel layer 7 and the upper portion of the glove casing dened by flexible -walls 14 and 14. This heating chamber is formed as an auxiliary glove compart-V ment having a main body with thumb l2 and ngers 13 which superpose the main body, thumb and fingers of the hand glove. The heating chamber is preferably formed of a dual-ply material having an external layer which is waterproof and an internal layer of a moisture absorptive material which may be any suitable textile, such as canvas. The reception of a heating tablet, powder or capsule within the heating chamber, 'together with a small quantity of water or other liquid, develops an exothermic reaction whenever the generation of heat is desired, which remains effective for periods as long as eight hours and which may be recharged -repeatedly as the need for heat arises. Any known heat generating chemicals may be used with the glove, and those disclosed in the U. 1S. patents to Wallace, No. 1,488,656, April l, 1924, and Reed, No. 2,040,407, May l2, 1936, are illustrative of such.

It is noted that the moisture absorbent canvas layer `16, which is on the inside of the waterproof layer 11, and which layers are maintained in integrated condition by rows of stitches i8 at the several corners of the waterproof heater compartment, serves to prolong the chemical reaction between the moisture and the chemical composition.

The heating eiects generated in the heating chamber are effectively transmitted therefrom to the back of the lhand as well as to the backs of the thumbs and lingers throughout their complete extent by virtue of the fact that the heating chamber is in close contact with the back of the hand, as indicated in Fig. 3, wherein the chemical composition is separated from the hand only by the relatively thin layers of canvas, waterproof fabric, for example, Koroseal or Pliofilm, flannel and rayon fabrics, or other similar materials.

In order to facilitate the charging of the heating chamber with its heat generating ingredients, the heating chamber is formed with an extension 20 (Fig. 2), extending beyond the open end of the glove casing. The heating chamber may be fixed to the glove casing adjacent to its open end by transverse rows of stitching 21 on the external face of the glove casing and on the internal liner of the hand glove. These rows of stitches 21 may be spaced about 1 to 11/2" from the open end of theglove and are adequate to accommodate the extension 20 which in its extended position may protrude about two inches beyond the `end :of the glove The stitches .21 .tix -one part of the heating chamber l-within the glover-.casingand permit `theextensi'on Z0-to tbe withdrawn fbeyond the glove casing in order that it may act as a funnel to conveniently insert the Ichemicals and water into the Lglove through the opening in the end thereof, which opening is ,prefen ably closed yby a 'slide .fastener assembly 22. Following the charging of the container andthe closure of the opening in the end thereof, ythe extension .20 .may-be collapsed, as shown in Fig. :1, land tthe .collapsed Iextension is retained in place between :the `upper zwall of .the casing and the .hand glove bysmeans fof :a'secondary closure .23, whichalso istinhe form .ofa slidefastener. The closure 23ioverlies the open end :of .theLh'and .glove compartment 25 and precludes `anyiinterference to the .hand from the heating chamber and `.the :chemicals contained therein.

.The glove .in accordance Iwith the invention may `be provided with adjuncts such as .straps 26 for thepurpose of restricting the opening 25 .at the end of the glove through which the hand is inserted into the glove casing.

While we have described our 'invention `as embodied in aspecic form and as operating .in a specificmanner for purpose of illustration, it should be understood that we do not limit our invention thereto, since various modiications will suggest themselves to those Askilled in the art without departing 4from the Vspirit of our invention, thescope of which is set for-'tb infthe annexedclaims.

We claim:

1. A heated covering for the hand comprising -a hand glove forming a glove casing having a main body, "thumb and finger `portions, a .heating chamber integrally connected to said casing and open at its outer end and completely superposing the back of the hand glove including passages substantially coextensive with the fingers of the hand glove, said heating chamber including a waterproof casing in heat-transmitting relation with the back of the hand glove and having a `flexible funnel extension entirely surrounding :the fopen outer :end and extending beyond the open end of said hand glove, said extension serving-as Va guide -forliquid material adapted to be introduced into said waterproofcasing, a separable closure for the end of the heating chamber, a secondary separable closure on the open end-of -therglove casing adjacent to the open end of the hand glove for securely closing off the extension of the heating chamber in collapsed posilion within the confines of the glove casing, and a heat insulating .liner on the inner face :of the glove casing on the palm .side of the hand ,glove and on the `outside vof the heating chamber.

2. A device as set forth in claim 1 wherein the isepafable-closure for the heatingchamber and the secondary separable closure :therefor ion the -glove casing are in the form of slide fasteners.

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U.S. Classification126/204, 2/159
International ClassificationA41D19/015
Cooperative ClassificationA41D19/01535
European ClassificationA41D19/015D2