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Publication numberUS2793518 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1957
Filing dateDec 26, 1952
Priority dateDec 26, 1952
Publication numberUS 2793518 A, US 2793518A, US-A-2793518, US2793518 A, US2793518A
InventorsEduard Geldhof Peter
Original AssigneeWhirlpool Seeger Corp
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Combination washing and drying machine
US 2793518 A
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May 28, 1957 w P. E. GELDHOF COMBINATION WASHING AND DRYING MACHINE Filed Dec. 2@ 1952 COMBINATION WASHING ANDDRYING MACHINE Peter Eduard Geldhof, St. Joseph, Mich., assigner," by mesne assignments, Ito WhirlpoolfSeeger Corporation, St. Joseph, Mich., a corporation of Delaware Application December 26, 1952, Serial No. 328,082

4f1 claim. (Class- 19) This -invention relates -to Vimprovements in `laundry machines and more particularly relates to an improved form of unitary washing and drying machine.

A principal object of my invention is to provide a novel and improved form of laundry machine for washing and drying clothes in separate compartments and arranged with the view toward compactness, accessibility and ease of operation.

Another object of my inveniton is to provide a cornbination washing and drying machine consisting of separate washing and drying compartments, arranged one above the other, wherein all of the washing and drying operations may be controlled from one of the compartments.

A further object of my invention is to provide a cabinet construction for a combination washing and drying machine wherein the frame structure for the cabinet forms two vertically spaced cabinets offset from each other, to afford access to the lower compartment from the top thereof.

A still further object of my invention is to provide a combination washing and drying machine including a cabinet having two vertically spaced offset compartments one for washing and the other for drying, the lower of which compartments opens from the top thereof, and the side walls of the cabinet of which form a support for the upper of the compartments, and offset the upper compartment from the lower compartment a distance suicient to afford free opening of the top cover and access to a clothes container therein from the top thereof.

These and other objects of my invention will appear from time to time as the following specification proceeds and with reference to the accompanying drawings where- 1n:

Figure 1 is a front end view of a laundry machine constructed in accordance with my invention; and

Figure 2 is a view in side elevation of the machine shown in Figure 1.

In the embodiment of my invention i-llustrated in the drawings, I have shown a combinedwashing and drying machine comprising a cabinet of a unitary structure and having two vertically spaced laundry compart-v ments 11 and 12, the lower of which istshown as being a washing compartment and the upper of which is shown as being a drying compartment and as being oiset rearwardly with respect to the lower compartment, to afford access to the lower compartment from the top thereof.

The lower compartment 11 is shown as having a base 13 which may rest on the iloor, a front wall 14 and parallel spaced side walls 15,15 extending therealong and upwardly above a top 16 of said compartment and forming side walls for the upper compartment 12.

The lower compartment 11 is shown as having a top opening cover 17, hinged to the top 16 of said compartment toward the rear end thereof, and opening upwardly to afford access to a clothes container 19 suitably journalled within said compartment. The clothes container 19 is shown as being of a type commonly used in com- 2,793,518 Patented May 28, 1957 N rice bined washing and drying machines, which may extractwater from the clothes by spinning the clothes, and which `has an :agitator 20 ysupported therein. The agitator 20 may be reciprocably driven by a motor 21 through suitable oscillating? .drive mechanism, which ,may be driven by ff said motor Athrough aybelt drive 22. The motor 21 and `belt drive 22 may be connected to the oscillating drive mechanism through suitable clutch means `(not shown) to oscillatably drive the agitator 20 or may be connected by the clutehto `spin the'clothes container 19 and `extract moisture `therefrom as in my J'Oint 1 patent with Luther Ringer No. 2,521,159 dated,September 5, 11950, and not herein fshown or described `since it forms .no `part of my `present invention.

`tfhe sidewalls15,15lofthe cabinet ,-10 areshownas 6X.- tendinglfer substantially the :height `0f the two .compartments and as having a rearwardly inclined offset portion 24, in the space between the compartments 11 and 12, offsetting the compartment 12 rearwardly with respect to the compartment 11 a distance suflicient to afford free opening ofthe cover 17 and free access to the clothes container 19, without interference from the bottom of the compartment 12. The side walls 15, 15 in the space between the compartments 11 and 12 may be reentorced by a frame structure, which may consist in angles 25 and 26 extending, along the top 16 of the compartment 11 and the bottom of the compartment 12, and connected together by angles 27, 27 extending along the inclined forward and rear faces of the intermediate oset portion of the side walls 1S, 15.

The compartment 12 is shown as having a top 29, a rear wall 30 and a front wall 31, all of which are spaced above the top of the compartment 11 and are offset rearwardly therefrom by the offsets of the side walls 15, 15 of the cabinet, and are rigidly supported by said side walls so as to afford a unitary cabinet structure. The front wall 31 of the upper compartment 12 is shown as having a door 32 hinged thereto, aiording a means for access to a drier drum 33 contained within the compartment 11 and rotatably driven by a motor 34 within said compartment, for drying the clothes therein. The motor 34 is shown as driving `the drier drum 33 by means of series of belt drives 35, as in my joint application with Harold E. Morrison, Serial No. 123,018 tiled on October 22, 1949 and entitled Gas Heated Drier, so not herein shown or described in detail. The compartment 12 may also be provided with suitable air ducts and means for heating and circulating the air into and out of the drum 33 as in the aforementioned prior application Serial No. 123,018 so not herein `shown or described further. lt should here be understood that the heating means may either be a well known form of gas burner or an electric heater.

'On the front wall 31 of the compartiment 12, and adjacent the lower end thereof at the right hand portion of said front wall, I have shown control knobs 39 and 40, which may control the temperature and may time an operati-on of the drier drum 33, las in the` aforementioned application Serial No. 123,018. `On the opposite side of .the lower end portion of the front wall 31 of Ithe compartment 12, `l have shown two control knobs 43 and 44, which may control the temperature and sequential operation of the clothes container 19 and the agitator 20. The .control `from the two lknobs 43 and. 44 may be like that of Patent No. 2,521,159 previously mentioned, and no part of my present invention so not herein shown or described Ifurther.

yIt may be seen from the foregoing that a unitary laundry machine has been provided, whe-rein the washing and extracting Ioperations may be carried out in one part of the machine, and the drying operation may be carried out in another part of the machine, and wherein the washing and extracting and the drying operations may be controlled yfrom one of the laundry compartments located for ready access and--visi\bility.

4I-t may `further be seenethat a unitary cabinet ,struc- #ture has been provided, wheliseptestmdry compartments for washing and drying are i rranged to -aiord free access to either compartment witho\ut`stoop ling'or stretching. Y

`It will be understood that various modicaltions'and variations of the present invention `nayhbeeffected Without departing from the spirit and 'scope of the novel concepts thereof.

I claimas my invention: A laundry machine for washing and drying clothes ycomprising in combination a rst lowerlaundry cabinet vfor housing the laundry equipment therein, a second upper Vlaundry cabinet for housing the laundry equipment and being substantially vthe same size as the rst cabinet, supporting walls between the cabinets extending f 'from the front to the rear ofthe cabinets and spaced 20 eferences Cited in the le of Ythis patent UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,715,951 Rose June 4, 1929 2,165,487 Johnson n July 11, 1939 2,313,225 Davis Mar. 7, 194-3 2,566,488 Gould Sept. 4, 1951 2,609,623 Miller 1 4.. Sept. 9,1952

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U.S. Classification68/19.2, 312/283, 312/351, 34/90, 312/198
International ClassificationD06F29/00
Cooperative ClassificationD06F29/00
European ClassificationD06F29/00