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Publication numberUS2796170 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 18, 1957
Filing dateApr 3, 1956
Priority dateApr 3, 1956
Publication numberUS 2796170 A, US 2796170A, US-A-2796170, US2796170 A, US2796170A
InventorsDavis George A
Original AssigneeAmerican Saw And Mfg Company
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Coiled band-saw package
US 2796170 A
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G. A. DAVIS COILED BAND-SAW PACKAGE Filed April 3, 1 956 June 18, 1957 2,796,170

T 154. J fai T155 m k %P INVENTOR. z w bx United States Patent 6 COILED BAND-SAW PACKAGE George A. Davis, Springfield, Mass., assignor to American Saw and Manufacturing Company, Springfield, Mass, a corporation Application April 3, 1956, Serial No. 575,764

1 Claim. (Cl. 206-52) This invention relates to a package of coiled strip material and is directed more particularly to a package of coiled band-saw blade material.

The principal objects of the invention are directed to the provision of a package of elongated band-saw blade in coil form from which package successive lengths of the band-saw blade may be dispensed or withdrawn and cut off and then employed in a band-saw.

According to one feature of the invention, the coiled band-saw is held in a pocket or recess so that a free end thereof is accessible through an outlet of the package for uncoiling and withdrawing the strip.

According to another feature of the invention, openings or windows of the package are provided so that the remaining band-saw material of the package is visible.

A coil of band-saw material is much like a wound up clock spring and tends to expand into frictional engagement with the recess of the package in which it is disposed.

To overcome frictional engagement throughout the area of the outermost convolution of the coil and recess, there are circumferentially spaced pads around the recess which greatly reduce or eliminate friction between the outermost turn of the coil and recess to facilitate ready and easy withdrawal of the strip when desired.

The package is not only adapted for convenient and eflicient storage, shipment and dispensing of the band-saw strip but also, according to a further novel feature of the invention, means is provided for releasably holding the coil against shifting or shucking in the package during storage or shipping thereof, and until a portion of the strip is to be withdrawn. To that end, in a general way, a manually displaceable member is provided for bearing against the outer convolution of the coil at one side thereof which urges said coil into snug engagement with the pads at opposite sides of the recess. Said member is held in operative position for storage and shipment of the package and is readily and easily displaced manually to release the coil for withdrawal thereof from the package.

The following description and accompanying drawing disclose the present preferred form of the invention but changes and modifications may be made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

In the drawings;

Fig. 1 is a plan view of a package for coiled band-saw material embodying the novel features of the invention; Fig. 2 is a side view of the package shown in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a sectional View on the line 33 with the retainer in place; and

Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 3 to explain the removal of the retainer.

Referring to the drawings in detail, the invention will be fully described.

A receptacle 2 is provided which has a body 4 and upper and lower walls 6 and 8 respectively. The upper and lower walls may be formed from cardboard or the like and the body may be formed from several layers of cardboard. Said body and walls will be secured together after the coil of band-saw has been placed in the circular recess I 21,196,170 iatented June 18, 1957 10 of the body 4. The walls and body may be secured together in any convenient manner, as by staples 12.

The recess 10 is circular in form to receive the coil C of band-saw material and is provided with circumferen: tially spaced pads 14. The outer convolution of the coil engages said pads which obviate frictional engagement between the entire circumference of the coil and recess whereby the strip may be readily withdrawn. v

The body 4 is provided with an outlet 16 in a side thereof for withdrawal of the band-saw strip. Openings or windows 18 are provided in a wall, such as 6, whereby the coil C is visible, as shown.

The body is provided, at a side thereof adjacent the recess 10, with a bore or socket 20 which has on one side a slot opening into the recess. The upper walls 6 and 8 are provided with openings 22 and 24 in alignment with the socket 20.

A retainer 26 is provided which is in the form of a plug that may be made from wood or the like. Said retainer and socket are so fitted that the retainer engages the outermost convolution of the coil and urges the coil snugly against the pads on opposite sides of the recess.

The retainer 26 functions to hold the coil against movement in the recess and unwanted uncoiling during shipment and storage of the package.

Patches 28 are secured to the walls of the package and over the openings 22 and 24 to hold the retainer against displacement.

Said patches 28 may be made from rupturable material, such as paper or the like. When it is desired to remove the retainer to release the coil, the patch of one Wall is punched by the finger or thumb or by an implement which is pressed on the end of the retainer so that it ruptures the opposite patch and is displaced from the socket, as in Fig. 4.

Thus the coil is held against movement in the recess for purposes of shipment and storage while the holding means may be readily and easily removed when desired.

The patches 28 may be so formed and attached to the walls that they allow removal of the retainer and its replacement in the socket as and when desired.

Various changes may be made in the form of the package without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention and what it is desired to claim and secure by Letters Patent of the United States is.

A reel-like package for retaining a length of bandsaw wound in the form of a coil to be removed therefrom comprising in combination, a horizontally disposed body having substantially parallel top and bottom faces and a central circular opening therethrough, the opening of said body being disposed on a vertical axis and adapted to house a bandsaw coil, said body having an outlet in a side thereof communicating with the opening and facilitating the withdrawal therethrough of windings of the bandsaw coil, outer walls disposed over and secured to the top and bottom faces of said body, said outer walls closing the ends of the opening of said body, holding pad means extending inwardly from the wall of the opening of said body for pressure engagement with the outer face of the outer-most convolution of the winding of the bandsaw coil for holding the convolution out of frictional contact with portions of the wall of the opening of said body adjacent thereto, said body being provided adjacent a side of the opening distantly from said holding pad means with a vertically disposed retainer socket and with a slot between said opening, said retainer socket, a retainer plug receivable in the retainer socket of said body and having a longitudinal side extending through the slot radially into the opening of said body for engagement with the outermost convolution of the winding of the bandsaw coil to urge the bandsaw coil against said holding pad means, one of said outer walls being provided with an outlet open- 3 ing overlying the retainer socket of said body, the other of said outer walls having a weakened portion aligned vertically with the retainer socket of said body and the opening in the said one outer wall whereby said retainer can be manually pushed upon by insertion of the finger of an operator through the opening in the said one outer Wall to bring about the rupture of the weakened portion of the other said outer Wall and the removal of said re UNITED STATES PATENTS Palmer Mar. 15, 1881 Wilkie Sept. 9, 1941

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U.S. Classification206/53, 206/409
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