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Publication numberUS2799502 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1957
Filing dateAug 30, 1954
Priority dateAug 30, 1954
Publication numberUS 2799502 A, US 2799502A, US-A-2799502, US2799502 A, US2799502A
InventorsStig Isakson
Original AssigneeStig Isakson
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Game board
US 2799502 A
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y 16, 1957 s. ISAKSON 2,799,502

GAME BOARD Filed Aug. 50, 1954 IN VEN TOR. STIG ISAKSON United States Patent GAME BOARD Stig Isakson, Portland, Oreg.

Application August 30, 1954, Serial No. 453,032

1 Claim. (Cl. 273-105) This invention relates to games and is particularly concerned with game pieces and a game apparatus for projecting and receiving such game pieces.

It is among the objects of the present invention to provide a novel and improved catapult means for projecting a hollow conical game piece in a trajectory such that the cone is inverted in flight for reception in a conforming pocket of a game board.

Another object of the invention is to provide a new and improved game board having means particularly adapted to receive and retain conical game pieces in a vertical position.

It is also an object of the present invention to provide a new and improved conical projectile game piece so designed and arranged as to be projected by the projecting means of the invention and to be received by the game board thereof.

The novel features that are considered characteristic of the invention are set forth with particularity in the appended claim. The invention itself, however, both as to its organization and its method of operation, together with additional objects and advantages thereof, will best be understood from the following description of a specific embodiment when read in connection with the accompanying drawings, wherein like reference characters indicate like parts through the several figures and in which:

Figure 1 is a plan view of my new and improved game board and game piece projecting catapult in playing relation and illustrating one of the game pieces as received by the board;

Figure 2 is a side elevation of the apparatus of Figure 1, looking in the direction indicated by the 'line 22 thereof;

Figure 3 is a sectional view, taken on line 33 of Figure 1, and

Figure 4 is a fragmentary perspective view of one corner of the game board.

In that form of my invention here presented by way of illustration the game board includes a horizontal base 1, having game piece projectile receiving field 2 mounted thereon in vertically spaced parallel relation. The field 2 comprises pockets 3 throughout its entire area, each pocket having inclined conical walls 4, adapted to receive and conform with the shape of the cone-shaped game pieces 6, as illustrated in Figure 3. At their upper edges the side walls 4 merge as at 5 to simulate a pyramid best shown in Figure 4.

Patented July 16, 1957 The game piece 6 of the present invention preferably comprises a hollow light conical member slightly rounded at its apex 7 eliminating any sharp points which might injure the player. The lower ends of the cones 6 are prefera'bly counterweighted as indicated at 7A, so that the apexes 7 will tend to fall straight down after inversion in flight so as to facilitate their entering into the pockets 3.

The catapult of my present invention is generally illustrated at C and consists of a base 11 with a spring bar 8 secured thereto by the reverse bend 10. An inverted cone '9 is formed on the top of the spring and adapted to receive the cone 6 in an inverted position, as indicated by the broken lines of Figure 2.

In the projecting of the cone 6, the operator presses down on the spring at 12, releasing the same. ,This catapults the cone 6, indicated by the broken line 13, into the cone receiving field 2, as best illustrated in Figure 2. When the cone 6 strikes the field, the tip 7 being slightly weighted will enter into one of the pockets 3 to the position shown in Figure 3. Since the entire surface area of the game board field is formed by either the apertures or their sloping edges 4 there is no flat receiving surfaces to obstruct the tip 7 from lowering into one of the pockets. Should the tip land on one of the pyramidal surfaces 5 it will slide down either one side or the other into the adjacent pocket rather than rest horizontally on the surface and obstruct the pockets thereunder.

Although a certain specific embodiment of the invention has been shown and described, it is obvious that many modifications thereof are possible. The invention, therefore, is not to be restricted except insofar as is necessitated by the prior art and by the spirit of the appended claim.

What I claim is:

A game board for selectively receiving a projected conical game piece, said game board comprising a support, a flat member mounted on said support and provided with a plurality of closely adjacent pockets, each pocket having downwardly inclined conical walls to conform with the shape of the conical game piece, said conical walls merging in upwardly projecting pyramidal bodies between adjacent pockets to direct the tip of the conical game piece to slide down into one or the other of the adjacent pockets; the openings of said pockets and the pyramidal bodies covering the entire upper surface of the fiat member, said flat member being rigid to preclude bouncing by said game piece when the latter lands thereon.

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U.S. Classification273/399, 124/41.1, D21/303, 473/515, 124/7
International ClassificationA63F7/02
Cooperative ClassificationA63F7/02
European ClassificationA63F7/02