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Publication numberUS2801742 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 6, 1957
Filing dateMay 20, 1954
Priority dateMay 20, 1954
Publication numberUS 2801742 A, US 2801742A, US-A-2801742, US2801742 A, US2801742A
InventorsJohn P Farrell
Original AssigneeRobert L Berner Company
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Ventilated container
US 2801742 A
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Aug. 6, 1957 J. P. FARRELL VENTILATED CONTAINER 2 Sheets-Sheet` 1 Filed May 20, 1954- olwrlllh Aug. 6, 1957 J. P. FARRELL 2,801,742

VENTILATED CONTAINER Filed May 20. 1954 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 United States Patent VENTILATED CONTAINER John I. Farrell, Chicago, Ill., assgnor to Robert L. Berner Company, a corporation of Iilinois Application May 20, 1954, Serial 431,091

1 Claim. (Cl. 20G- 65) This invention relates to Ventilating containers, and more particularly to an improvement in such containers whereby circulatory passages permit adequate amounts of Ventilating air to pass through individual cartons in packed position within the outer enclosure of the con tainer.

A distinct problem has existed in the transportation of perishable merchandise over long distances. Containers for the merchandise must be strong enough to withstand normal shipping jostling, but adequate Ventilation must be provided throughout every container so that the merchandise can be delivered in good condition to permit a merchant to dispose of it before spoilage occurs. The problem is especially acute in shipping onion sets and other bulbs which are packed in individual cartons within a container. It is well known that heating occurs in onion sets when coniined, and decaying results, unless the noxious gases are removed.

The present invention provides a structure having circulatory passages for Ventilating air through each individual carton packed within the container. The container is simple in construction and it may be economically manufactured, permitting its use with low cost items such as the bulbs described above.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a broken perspective View `of the ventilated container showing the individual cartons in packed position;

Fig. 2, a perspective view of an individual carton showing Ventilating openings in its sides and top;

Fig. 3, a perspective View ofthe front side of the carton shown in Fig. 2;

Fig. 4, a broken perspective View of the container of Fig. 1 having the top section removed as indicated on line 4-4 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 5, a perspective View taken in section as indicated on line 5--5 of Fig. 1.

In the embodiment illustrated, an outer rectangular enclosure, generally designated 10, has two pairs of similar side-walls enclosed by top aps 11. The lirst pair of side-walls 12 and 13 is preferably provided with two rows of elongated Ventilating slots 14, but openings of other shapes may also be used. Each of the slots is in transverse alignment with a similar slot in the opposite sidewall, and the slots in each of the rows are offset one from the other to add strength to the container. Horizontal cut-out portions 14a may be added if desired near the top of side-walls 12 and 13 to provide Ventilation over the top of the merchandise in the enclosure 10. The second pair of side-walls 15 and 16 is usually provided with Ventilating slots 16a which are also in longitudinal alignment with each other.

The completed ventilated container comprises the rectangular enclosure 10 and a number of individual cartons, generally designated 17, which are preferably rectangularly shaped and of a size to lit snugly within the enclosure 10 in two tiers from side-wall to side-wall. It is preferred -that each of the cartons be an outside carton, that is, a

ings 20 which are cut small enough to prevent the escape of merchandise placed in the carton. Preferably, two openings 20 are cut in each of the sides 18 and 19, so that one or the other of the openings will be in alignment with the Ventilating slots 14 in the side-walls 12 and 13 whether the carton is packed in the first or in the second tier of the container. It is apparent that the aligned slots 14 in the enclosure 10 and the openings 20 in the carton 17 provide a plurality of passages for air extending transversely of the enclosure 10, and that the interior of each carton is readily accessible to circulating air.

It is also contemplated that the rows of Ventilating slots 14 in the enclosure need not be offset one from the other. In such a case, a single cut-out portion :in the supporting sides 18 and 19 would be sufficient.

The other supporting sides 21 and 22 of the carton 17 preferably have horizontally-extending Ventilating openings 23 in them. The Ventilating openings 23 may be aligned in part with each other and with the slot 16a in the enclosure 10 to provide circulatory passages for air extending longitudinally of the enclosure 10. With such an arrangement each carton 17 in the container is completely ventilated from side to side in two directions. An additional Ventilating opening 25 may be cut in the top of each carton 17 to further expose the carton interior for circulating air.

Each individual carton 17 may be provided with a cellophane window 24 to display the contents of each carton more attractively. An additional Ventilating opening 25 is sometimes cut in the top 26 of each carton to permit further Ventilation of the carton when in. display position. When the cartons are in packed position, these openings 25 may be combined with the cut-out portions 14a to provide a further source of Ventilation for the container and v its contents.

The foregoing detailed description is given for clearness of understanding only, and no unnecessary limitations should be understood therefrom, for some moditications will be obvious to those skilled in the art.

I claim:

A ventilated container, comprising: an outer rectangular enclosure having a top, a bottom, and two pairs of opposed side-walls, each of the side-Walls in 'one of said pairs having two rows of spaced elongated, vertical Ventilating slots, each of the slots in the lirst. row being otset from the slots in the second row; and a plurality of similar rectangular cartons tting snugly within the louter enclosure from side-wall to side-wall in two tiers in packed position, each of said cartons having ytwo pairs of opposed supporting sides, each side in one of said] pairs being provided with a pair of similarly spaced and shaped Ventilating openings, one of said Ventilating openings in each carton being so positioned as to occupy a position in alignment with one of the Ventilating slots in one of said rows of Ventilating slots when the cartons are in packed position, the end walls of said cartons being provided with a plurality of elongated horizontal openings and the end walls of said enclosure being provided with elongated vertical slots, each of which overlie some of the horizontal openings in the end walls of the cartons in each tier, the arrangement of 'said slots and openings provi-ding a plurality of circulatory passages for air through the cartons.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D2577/047, B65D5/4295, B65D5/4204, Y10S229/916, B65D77/042
European ClassificationB65D77/04C1, B65D5/42B, B65D5/42V