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Publication numberUS2802502 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 13, 1957
Filing dateOct 16, 1956
Priority dateOct 16, 1956
Publication numberUS 2802502 A, US 2802502A, US-A-2802502, US2802502 A, US2802502A
InventorsLouis Seamon
Original AssigneePatent Man Corp
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Pass case
US 2802502 A
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Aug. 13, 1957 L. SEAMON PASS CASE Filed Oqt. 16, 1956 INVENTOR.

1.00/5 SEA/i104 BY 2 Bad United States Patent PASS CASE Application October 16, 1956, Serial No. 616,345 Claims. (Cl. 150-39) This invention relates to a pass case for a wallet or the like which contains a number of novel constructional features.

The large number of identification and other passtype cards carried by most individuals requires a structure to permit selective display thereof and proper safekeeping of the cards in the wallet.- A number of such structures have been produced among them the type used in the instant invention It is also necessary, in present day practice, to use a larger number of small paper bills than heretofore. The inflationary spiral has required the use of dollar bills where small change would heretofore serve.

Generally the owner of a wallet does not like to display his store of bills, particularly when those are of large denomination, since such display, if in a public place, is an open invitation to pickpockets or worse.

The pass case of this invention has for its principal object, the provision of a construction which will permit the selective removal of small bills from a wallet without the attendant display of the other bills of larger denomination contained therein. 7

The construction also provides means for selectively displaying a series of passes and provision for securing them within the case.

The invention also embodies means for selectively displaying the passes contained within the pass case or removing one or more bills of small denomination therefrom without display of any other bills of larger denomination which may be contained elsewhere within the wallet.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the detailed description thereof.

The invention may be briefly described as comprising a first flap, a second flap, and a third flap. Each of the flaps is secured to the adjacent flap at an end portion thereof. A series of laterally secured vertically aligned pass envelopes,which are foldable one upon another, are disposed in folded relationship between the first and second flaps.

The first envelope of the series of pass envelopes is operatively connected to the flaps between which it is disposed (by means of a holding member in the preferred modification).

A springable holding member adapted to support paper money is operatively connected to the second and third flaps and is disposed in extending relationship therebetween. Fastening means are provided upon the flaps which are adapted to removably secure the free ends of the fiaps to one another and to permit selective exposure of the pass envelopes or the paper money holding member.

In the preferred modification of this invention as shown in the drawings herein and described in detail in this specification, a transverse holding member is provided across the bottom edge of the last pass envelope of the series. A transverse clip member is provided to hold the second flap to the third flap and the paper money holding member is connected to the clip member.

The first flap is provided with integral longitudinal extensions which are laterally secured thereto, a snap fastener member is provided on each of the extensions, and additional complementary snap fastener members are disposed in spaced relationship upon the third flap.

The flaps themselves are made of flexible material preferably leather or plastic leather-type materials.

The invention will be further described by reference to the accompanying drawings which are made a part of this specification. The form shown in the drawings is the preferred manner in carrying out this invention.

Fig. 1 is a perspective view, with the flaps in open relationship, of the pass case of this invention showing the position of the parts and the money holding member therein.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the pass case of this invention, with the flaps in open relationship, and with the series of pass envelopes extending from said flaps in partially extended relationship.

Fig. 3 is a detail view of the money holding member and associated parts of this'invention, showing the means used to join the second and third flaps to one another.

The invention will now be described in detail by reference to the specific form of the invention shown in the drawings.

The pass case 10 of thisinvention has a first flap 11. An integral longitudinal extension 12 is laterally secured to an end portion thereof at 13. A similar integral longitudinal extension 14 is laterally secured to an opposite end portion thereof at 15. Extension 12 bears snap fastener member 16 and extension 14 bears snap fastener member 17.

A series of laterally aligned transparent pass envelopes made up of envelopes 18 is disposed in folded relationship between first flap 11 and a second flap 19. The envelopes 18 making up the series are foldable one upon another. The first envelope 20 of the series is secured between flaps 11 and 19 by holding member 21 which also serves-to hold flaps 11 and 19 to one another.

An additional holding member 22 is disposed at the bottom edge of the last envelope 23 of the series.

A third flap 24 is also provided which bears spaced snap fastener members 25 and 26. Members 25 and 26 are complementary to fastener members 16 and 17 respectively. Third flap 24 is joined to second flap 19 at an end portion of flap 19 opposite to that joined to flap 11. The junction of flaps 19 and 24 is achieved by means of transverse clip 27.

A flexible paper money holding member is secured to clip 27 and extends between flaps 19 and 24. The money holding member is designated by reference character 28 and bears an offset portion 29 at its terminal end.

The operation of this invention will now be explained.

Before the pass case is used a number of passes are placed within pass envelopes 18 and paper money is slid between clip 28 and flaps 19 and 24. When the case is to be closed extensions 12 and 14 are brought over flap 24 and fasteners 16-25 and 17-26 meshed.

When the user wishes to display pass envelopes he disengages fasteners 17-26 from one another, grasps holding member 22, extends envelopes 18 from their folded position and displays the pass desired. After such display the envelopes 18 are again folded one upon another, disposed between flaps 11 and 19, and fasteners 17-26 engaged.

When it is desired to remove paper money from holding member 28 fasteners 16-25 are disengaged from one another, the requisite bill or bills slid from between member 28-andthe fiaps 19-and 24, and fasteners-1625' re-engaged to close the case.

The foregoing specific embodiments of this invention as set forth in the specification herein are for illustrative Variouspurposes and for purposes of example only. changes and modification may obviously be=made=with1n the'spirit and scope of this inventionand would occurtoQ thoseskilled in thisart.

I claim:

1. Apasscasecomprising, in combination, a first-flap having integral extensions laterally secured thereto atopposite ends thereof; a fasteningmember upon each of'said extensions; a second flap 'pivotally and laterally secured to said first flap at an=endportionthereof, a-series--oflaterally secured vertically disposed transparent pass envelopes foldable one upon another disposed in-folded'- relationship between saidfirst and second-flaps, thefirst envelope of said' series beingoperatively'connectedto said last-named 'fiaps, a third flap laterally and pivotall y secured to said second flap, a springable paper moneyholding: member operatively connected to said' second andthird flaps and extendingtherebetween adjacent to the junction between said second and'third flaps, and* complementary fastening members -upon' said-third flap designedto mesh with said first-named fastening members. 2; A pass case comprising, incombination, a fiexible first flap-having integral longitudinal extensions laterally secured thereto at opposite end portions thereof, a snap fasteningmember upon-each of said extensions, afiexiblesecond flap, a first transverse holding member securing endportions of saidfirstfiap and said second fiapto-one another; a. series of laterally secured verticallydisposed transparent pass=envelopes foldable-one upon anotherdis posed in folded relationship between said first and second flaps-and. extensible therefrom, the first envelope'of said" series being secured betweensaid flaps by said first-named holding member, a second transverse holding member secured'to the: bottom edge ofthe last-envelopeof said series; a flexiblethird'fiap, a transverse-clip memberse curing anopposite end portion of said second flap to an endiportion of said third flap, a springable' paper'money holding member secured to said clip member and' ex= tending between said second flap and said third flap; and spaced complementary snap: fastener members upon-said" third flap adapted to mate with the'snap fastenermembers upon the longitudinal extensionsofsaid first flap;

3; Apass ,case' comprising, in-combination, a flexible first flaphaving integral longitudinal extensions laterally secured thereto at :opposite end portions thereof; afastener member. upon eachof said extensions,- a fle'xible second fiap .securedqto; said first flap at an end portion thereof, a

4 passenvelopedisposed bet-ween said first and second flaps and secured thereto, a flexible third flap secured at one of its end portions to an opposite end portion of said second flap, a springable paper money holder inoperative connection with said second and third flaps and disposed therebetween adjacent tOtilfi, junction between said second and third flaps, and spaced complementary fastener members upon said third fi'apadapted to mate with the fastener members, upon thelongitudinal extensions tof the to said-second andthird fiaps and-extending therebetween adjacent to the" junction between said second" and" third" flaps; fastening means upon saidfi'rst fiap and comple= menta ry fasteningmeansupon said third flap adapted to" secure said first and third flaps removably to 'one'another:

5 A pass'case comprising;in combination; a'firstfiap,

in adjacent relationship" with said second flap, wherein" the opposite end portionsofsaidsecondfiap are'secured' respect-ive'l-yEto' said first and third flaps," a series of laterally secured vertically= aligned-- pass envelopes foldable one 7 upon" another disposed in folded relationship between said firstandsecond'fi'aps, the first envelope'of said series being operativel'y connectedto saidfirst and'second flaps,

a transverse holding member secured to the bottom edge tof'the last envelope-of said series, a springable'h'olding member adapted to support paper money operatively 'con nected to saidv second and third flaps"andextendiirgthere between adjacent to" the-* junction between saidsecond.

complementary fastening means upon said, third flap adapted to seenre said-first andth'ird flaps removably to one another;

1 References GitedZ-in the file of 5 this patent V UNITED STATES PATENTS- Fistell; -v Novi125, 19.47 2,719,557 Bell Oct: 4 ,1955: 2,763,311 Sparrow 1 Sept; 18-, 195.6

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