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Publication numberUS2805816 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 10, 1957
Filing dateNov 27, 1956
Priority dateNov 27, 1956
Publication numberUS 2805816 A, US 2805816A, US-A-2805816, US2805816 A, US2805816A
InventorsMorgan Bryn T
Original AssigneeTopflight Corp
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Business mailing piece
US 2805816 A
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' Sept. 10, 1957 B. T. MORGAN 2,805,816

BUSINESS MAILING PIECE Filed Nov. 27, 1956 INVENTOR. BRYN T. MORGAN ATTORNEY ilnited rates BUSINESS MAKING PIECE Bryn T. Morgan, York, 1%., assigor to Topflight Corporation, a corporation of Pennsylvania This invention relates to a business mailing piece or card and, more particularly, to a business mailing card having a separable reference portion which may be removed from the card readily and be adhesively applied to another object for reference purposes.

At present, when business establishments change their phone number, route layout, or delivery service schedule, for example, about the only means such business establishments have of calling these matters to the attention of their customers at present is by means of mailing postal cards. While this means is efiective to direct the customers attention to the desired information, it is difficult to preserve a postal card for any substantial period of time since they frequently become lost.

It is the principal purpose of the present invention to provide a mailing piece which may in its preferred embodiment be similar in size to a postal card, the mailing piece being of laminated construction and one outer surface thereof being arranged to receive the name and address of a customer for example and also a stamp, while the opposite surface of the composite piece has desired information printed thereon including a message calling the customers attention to a change in phone number or the like, and a portion of the sheet comprising said opposite surface of the mailing piece is scored to provide a separable reference portion which readily may be peeled from the mailing piece and the rear surface of the reference portion is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive material, whereby said reference portion readily may be adhered to an object such as a telephone book, bulletin board, memo pad, or the telephone itself so that the reference material upon said reference portion readily may be referred to conveniently.

A further object of the invention is to form such mailing piece preferably from two sheets of flexible card stock, paper or the like, one of said sheets being covered on one surface with a pressure sensitive adhesive coating, while one surface of the other sheet is provided with a coating of material resistive to such pressure sensitive coating on the other sheet permanently adhering thereto and yet capable of holding the two sheets in flat assembled relationship to provide a card-like mailing piece of suili cient stiffness so as readily to withstand mailing uses and yet the separable reference portion of one of said sheets automatically is provided with said pressure sensi tive adhesive coating for purposes of adhesively securing said reference portion to another object.

Details 01. the foregoing objects and of the inven tion, as well as other objects thereof, are set forth in the following specification and illustrated on the dra ing comprising a part thereof.

in the drawing: V

Fig. l' is a perspective View of a business mailing piece embodying the principles of the present invention and showing the address sheet thereof uppermost.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the mairing piece shown in Fig. l but illustrating the reverse side thereof com pris ng an information sheet which includes a severable reference portion, one corner thereof being peeled upwardly to illustrate the manner of removing said reference portion from the mailing piece.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional elevation of a portion of the mailing' piece shown i'n Figs. 1 and 2 for purposes of illustrating detailsof the laminated construction thereatent G Patented Sept. 10, 1957 of and the scoring by which separation of the reference portion of the information sheet is efiected, whereby said reference portion may be removed from the mailing piece when desired.

Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 2 but showing a mailing piece used for purposes of furnishing a customer with a new telephone number, the. reference portion of the mail ing piece having the new number printed thereon so as to be readily attachable to the number dial of a telephone.

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary perspective view illustrating the method of separating the telephone number reference portion from the mailing piece illustrated in Fig. 4.

An exemplary mailing piece 10 which embodies the principles of the present invention and as illustrated particularly in Figs. 1 and 2, preferably is card-like in size for convenience of use. However, such exemplary size is not to be considered restrictive since other sizes may be found more desirable for certain specific uses. The mailing piece 10 is of laminated construction and comprises a card-like address sheet 12 which may be formed from thin card stock or heavy paper for example. Preferably, it should be of suitable material that certain legends may be easily placed thereon by printing or otherwise inscribed as illustrated in Fig. 1. Further, the name and address of a mailee such as a customer is placed upon said address sheet and a stamp or postal meter marking also is placed upon said sheet, whereupon the same' then is ready for mailing.

Aiiixed to the surface of address sheet 12 opposite the surface upon which the name and address are to be placed is a preferably overall coating 14 which is resistive to the permanent adherencethereto of pressure sensitive adhesive material. The coating 14 for example may comprise varnish or other suitable substances, including certain synthetic resins, whichhave such resistive property. Such coating is shown in detail in Fig. 3.

The side of mailing piece 10 opposite the address sheet 12 comprises an information sheet 16 which may be of similar material to address sheet 12. However, if desired, the information sheet 16 may be finished so as to have a highly polished outer surface to resist smudging. Information sheet 16 preferably is of the same area size as address sheet 12 and is arranged to have advertising or instruction information printed or otherwise inscribed thereon as shown in Fig. 2 in exemplary form.

The surface of information sheet 16 opposite that upon which the printing is placed preferably has a pressure sensitive coating 18 afixed thereto. A number of commercial Pressure sensitive coating materials are available, these being used on many forms of tape in use at present for sealing packages and the like, as well as comprising advertising stickers for example, especially where it is desired to have these stickers arranged in severable end-to-end relationship in a roll. Such material usually is applied to one surface of a sheet or strip of material and, after being applied, the outer surface of the adhesive material is sufficiently tacky to adhere to most surfaces to which the sheet or strip of material is to be attached. However, when the sheet or strip of material is to be removed either from a roll thereof or a surface to which it is attached, the same usually may be stripped therefrom without separation of the pressure sensitive operation, the pressure sensitive adhesive coating 18 on the information sheet 16 is disposed against the resistive coating 14 for semi-permanent or separative adherence thereto, whereby address sheet 12 and information sheet 16 will remain attached to each other for mailing purposes and said two sheets will not become separated accid'en Preferably, the information sheet 16 is flexible, whereby the label-like portion 20, with the pressure sensitive adhesivecoating 18 on theiundersurface thereof is severable from the mailingpiece by bending the mailing piece adjacent the scored cut 22' so as to permit the lifting of one corner of the label-like portion as shown in Figs. 2 and 5, whereupon said raised corner may be engaged between the thumb and finger of a user and the entire labellike portion 20 readily may be peeled from the mailing piece.

Inasmuch as the removed label-like portion 20 has the pressure sensitive adhesive coating 18 firmly adhering to the surface opposite that which has the reference material printedthereon, the portion 20 readily is separable from the resistive coating 14. on address sheet 12 and, also, the pressure sensitive adhesive coating on the label-like portion 20 renders'the' same readily attachable to any desired object for reference purposes.

Several specific exemplary uses to which the present invention may be applied are illustrated respectively in Figs. 2 and 4 of the drawing. In Fig. 2 for example the change of a phone number of a commercial establishment such as a laundry is illustrated, the separable labellike portion 20 shown therein containing the name of the laundry and the new phone number, whereby the portion 20 readily may be separated from the mailing piece and applied to a memo pad, phone book, or the like for ready reference. Then, the remainder of the mailing piece may be discarded if desired since it has served the purpose of bringing the new phone'number to the customer by mail, afiording the customer a ready means for retaining the new phone number in an easily accessible place where it will not become lost. 7

The second illustrated use shown in Fig. 4 shows the mailing piece used by a phone company for example,

where the telephones of a certain area have been changed i tionby mail by business establishments and the like so as to notify customers or other people of certain information which usually is of a permanent or semi-permanent nature and may be preserved for reference purposes by the attachment of the separable label-like portion 20 of the mailing piece to any convenient article such as a phone book, memo pad, bulletin board or the like. Detachment of the label-like reference portion from the mailing piece is effected easily but, until said portion is to be detached, it is held suitably upon the mailing piece for detachment at any desired time.

The'mailing piece is simple and inexpensive to manufacture and the pressure sensitive adhesive coating applied to the label-like portion also affords ready means for securing the information sheet 16 to the address sheet 12 which, in laminated form, comprises the mailing piece 10. Under certain circumstances, it may be that more than one label-like portion 20 may be provided for removal from the mailing piece 10 although only a single portion 20 has been shown in the illustrations in the drawings of the application. Further, it may be that only a single label-like portion 20 need be removed at a certain time, while an additional one may be removed at a later time. Under such circumstances, the portion 20to be removed at a later time will be preserved unharmed and in condition ready for use upon the mailing piece 10 until said second portion 20. is to be removed for example. 7

While the invention has been described and illustrated in its several preferred embodiments, and has included certain details, it should be understood that the invention is not to be limited to the precise details herein illustrated and described since the same may be carried out in other Ways falling within the scope of the invention as claimed.

- adhesive coating applied to one entire surface of said inand it is necessary to inform the subscribersindividually' of their new phone number. In this specific illustration, the-label-like portion 20 is circular so as to'conform to the usual phone number label found in the center of the dial of modern telephones, whereby the portion 20 readily may be separated from the mailing piece 10 and. afiixed to said'center of the dial so as to cover the old phone number and firmly afix the new phone number in place upon the dial. Under such circumstances, it may be preferable to cover the exterior surface of information sheet 16, after being printed, with a wear resistant transparent coating of'suitable lacquer, synthetic resin, or the like, thus lending durability to the label-like portion 20 particularly. r a

' These two exemplary uses which have been specifically illustrated comprise but several of many similar uses to which the mailing piece 10 comprising the present invention may be put. Hence, these. specific illustrations are formation sheet and said adhesive coated surface of said information sheet being disposed in flat juxtaposition against said resistant coating on said address sheet to hold said information sheet semi-permanently assembled thereto to provide a laminated mailing card having a stiffness resembling a conventional postal card and capable of withstanding mailing uses' without accidental separation, said information sheet being of a flexible nature and receptive to informationtext and the like being added to the outer surface thereof by printing and the not intendedtobe restrictive in any way and all other uses suitable for the application of the invention are in-' within these specificrillustralike, said information sheet and the adhesive coating thereon being scored to form a label-like reference portion of less area than the information sheet and separable V permit the separated edge to be engaged for peeling the V entire reference portion from the resistant coatingon said address sheet while the remainder of the information sheet remains semi-permanently attached to said address sheet,

the pressure sensitive adhesive coating on said peelable label-like portion rendering ,the same readily attachable' by said adhesive coating to another object for reference purposes. Y

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