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Publication numberUS2807037 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1957
Filing dateJan 18, 1955
Priority dateJan 18, 1955
Publication numberUS 2807037 A, US 2807037A, US-A-2807037, US2807037 A, US2807037A
InventorsGarske Joseph S
Original AssigneePar Aide Products Co
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Golf ball cleaner having a tank with scrubbing means therein
US 2807037 A
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Sept. 24, 1957 J. s. GARsKE GOLF BALL CLEANER HAVING A TANK WITH SCRUBBING MEANS THERIN Filed Jan. 18. 1955 hul GOLF BALL CLEANER HAVING A TANK WITH SCRUBBING MEANS THEREN Joseph S. Garske, St. Paul, Minn., assigner to Par Aide Products Co., St. Paul, Minn., a corporation of Minnesota Application January 18, 1955, Serial No. 482,466

15 Claims. (Cl. 15-21) This invention relates to a ball cleaner and more specifically relates to a vertically reciprocable golf ball cleaning device which immerses and scrubs all portions of the ball.

An object o-f my invention is to provide an improved ball cleaning device of relatively simple and inexpensive construction and operation which scrubs all portions of the ball surface, including the indents therein, by moving the ball in a unique and improved manner against scrubbing means.

Another object of my invention is the provision of a ball cleaning device of the class described wherein the golf ball is revolved about its own center against surface scrubbing means and in addition is moved in a spiralling orbital motion against the scrubbing means for cleansing the ball and for rotating the same and thereby causing all portions of the ball surface to engage the scrubbing means.

Still another object of my invention is to provide a ball cleaning device of the class described which, when not in use, is substantially sealed to restrict entrance of rain Water and foreign material and t restrict evaporation of the ball-cleaning luid therein and which will thereby be easily maintained for efficient operation.

A further object of my invention is the provision of a golf ball cleaner of the class described which at all times contines a ball placed therein so that the ball will not pop out or be irnpelled out in an uncontrolled manner and which is constructed so that the ball must be lifted out.

These and other objects and advantages of my invention will more fully appear from the following description made in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein like reference characters refer to the same or similar parts throughout the several views and in which:

Fig. 1 is a sectional elevation view taken longitudinally through the device substantially at 1-1 as indicated in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2 is a transverse section View of the device taken on a line substantially at 2 2 of Fig. l and being partly in top elevation;

Fig. 3 is a section View of the device taken substantially `at 3 3 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 4 is a section view taken substantially at 4-4 of Fig. l;

Fig. 5 is a section view taken substantially at 5-5 of Fig. l;

Fig. 6 is a detail top plan view of one of the brushes constituting the scrubbing means of the device;

Fig. 7 is a front elevation detail view of the backing of the brush shown in Fig. 6 but having the bristles removed for sake of clarity;

Fig. 8 is a transverse sectional View of an alternative form of the ball cleaning device and being a similar view to Fig. 3 but at a reduced scale with respect thereto; and

Fig. 9 is a view similar to Fig. 7 of the brush backing dates Patent utilized in the alternative form of the invention shown in Fig. 8.

The ballvl cleaning device which is designated in general by numeral 15 is provided with a housing or tank 16. Tank 16 is provided with an upstanding substantial 1y circular side Wall 1'7 to which is secured a cover plate 18 and to which is also secured, and in the form shown, has integrally thereof, an elongated cylindrical guiding member 19, the interior of which communicates with the interior of tank 16. A removable plug 19a is threadedly secured in the lower end portion of the sleeve 19. An upstanding and substantially annular support wall 20 is formed integrally of tank 16 and is disposed inwardly of the outer wall 17 to define a liquid storage chamber 21 therebetween. Wall 20 is provided with a number of apertures 22 which provide liquid communication therethrough. Wall 2t) is also provided with a pair of inwardly extending lips 23 or abutments which, in the form shown, extend partially around wall 20 in diametrically opposed relation to each other. A ledge 24 is formed in the tank wall inwardly of and adjacent to the bottom portion of the inner wall 20 land has a groove or channel 25 formed therein.

Cover 18 is removably aiiixed to the side wall 17 of tank 16 by any suitable means such as screws 26. Cover 18 is provided with an enlarged opening disposed centrally thereof and at the peripheral edge of said opening is provided with an annular seat 27. A pair of inwardly opening recesses or channels 28 are cut in the annular seat 27 and top 18 to provide guide or camming bearings.

An elongated and rigid ball-carrying element designated in general by numeral 29 is mounted in tank 16 in a generally upright position and constitutes a paddle or plunger. Paddle 29 is of generally rectangular cross section and is twisted about an axis extending longitudinally therethrough so as to dispose the lateral side portions thereof helically about said axis. The lateral side portions of paddle 29 extend into the channels 28 of cover 18 to be guided thereby. The marginal portion of the paddle provides a camming surface which engages the bearings of top 18 provided by channels 28.

' Cover or closure member 30 is aiixed to or formed integrally of paddle 29 at its upper end portion and is of substantially annular shape so as to substantially sealinglyengage the annular seat 27 of top 18. A handle 31 is rotatably mounted on paddle 29 in alignment with said axis extending longitudinally therethrough.

` Paddle 29 is vertically shiftable in tank 16 and through the top 18 thereof and in the direction of the longitudinal rotation axis thereof and is provided with means for guiding the same in vertical shifting movement. Such means include `an elongated shaft 32 which is affixed to paddle 29 and extends downwardly therefrom into the tubular portion 19 of tank 16. A bearing 33 is ailixed to shaft 32 and is slidably 4and rotatably engaged with the interior of the tubular sleeve portion 19 of tank 16. Shaft 32 is twisted about the longitudinal yaxis thereof which is Valigned with the axis of paddle 29 so as to helicailly dispose the lateral side portions thereof and to provide camming surfaces for rotating the sha-ft and paddle. A cam bearing 34 is affixed to tank 16 as by set screws 34a and slidably engages the twisted or helically disposed fcamming surfaces of shaft 32. A stop member 35 is aixed to shaft 32 and is vertically shiftable therewith into engagement with bearing 34 which provides an abutment `for restricting the upward movement of paddle 29 and shatft 32.

Paddle 29 is provided with an enlarged oblong opening 36 therein adjacent the lower end portion thereof which is disposed diagonally or obliquely of the rotation axis of paddle 29 and of the direction of vertical movement thereof.. Opening 36 is of substantially larger size than the diameter of a golf ball and is adapted'to receive and carry such a ball therein. The end portions of the obliqudy disposed-oblong opening 36 are of such size that such a golf ball may lodge therein so as to be disposed. eontrically ofidie-faxis ofrotation of paddle 29.

Yieldable-Kscrubbing. means are providedin tank. 16.I

andintha form shown, such scrubbingmeanscomprise av plait'y d elongated, arcuately curved and helically shaped brudlls and 38, one of which is shown in detail in- Firmld l7. The rigid backing members ofthe brushes am mountedagainsttheupper lip-portion 23.of inner WallfN-'and-.inzthe grooves .25. adjacent tothe lower prortiomoi imer Wall 201. Thebackings of brushes-Wand 38 mvretainedagainstme lip 23by. aflange or abutment 39 ofwlerlt The-bristles ofbrushes 37and 38 provide radially. inwardlyf extending protuberancesv which, .at their portions, delne a central opening of slightly ledinmetec thanfthediameter of the ygolf ball andare tlnrehyadapted-to engage the: same. Each of the .brushes 31and3licxtend less thanhalf way,V around the inner. wall and varespaeeclV apart from each -other to deiine between. the o ppoled lateraLside portions thereof a pair of elongatedmngenerally upright channels orV passageways 40` whchm-belically shaped and whichreceive. and carry the lateral'side portions of paddle 29 therethrough.. A` prtl d the-bristles-ofeachof the brushes 37 and38 may, engage paddle 29l and thereby. assist inthe guiding lhwpof-inrotation as the same is shifted vertically.. Each oi thetbwehes :37.and 38A has .a rib 37a and 38m respecto the outer surface thereof and extending.

slhtlyontwardly therefrom. A pair of cooperating ribs.

carleton-media. opposite sides of the inner wall 20. @Meltemi radially,` inwardly therefrom to define a groove fol". receiving-.ribh andl38a-therein- The 4brushes are tha'ebyptecludedfromshifting laterally or peripherally ofinnenrwalll...

scrubbing means could be constructed.

oflarelativelyimt and resilientlyyieldable material such rubber-.having radially inwardly extending protubercentral opening for the ball.

lathe Hternative form of the invention shown in Figs. 81u19, the: helically. shaped brushes are substantially identical to=the brushes shown in the rst mentioned fonnotthe invention and they are of substantially iden- 5021, 5Ib-and 50c, asshown in Fig. .9. In this formofthe. invention.. there willbe. no inwardly extending. lip. corrpondigto'lip 23 of inner wall 20 as shownfin Fig. 1 but there providedchannels or flanges r51 atlixed to theilnertank wall`52for slidably receiving and securingetblushingsegments in the tank.

may be constmcted of Xany suitable rigid matetLsueh as a metal, but-in the preferred formthe. paddleiaconstmcted of-fa .rigid plastic materiell 'Iheaportionof top'18. which extends upwardly from alumina leat-27f thereof provides a retainer for precludingthen-golf ball ffrom rolling offthe top 4thereof when.

thednllnlpportingseat formed in opening 36 ofpaddle 2.! .isekwlted to the top of the device.

n, In operations. liquid cleaning agentsuchas water havingfa quantity ofdetergent therein will be inserted into the tankand the; 'liquid may circulate. through the tank and except that ,they are formed in short segments 1 therethrough as the paddle is shifted downwardly into the tank .and upwardly through the top thereof. As the paddle is shifted downwardly into the tank, the paddle is revolved and the 'ball will engage the scrubbing means and will thereupon shift into the upper portion of the obliquely disposed oblong opening 36 land be eccentrically disposed and revolved about the rotation axis of paddle 29. Action of thebrushes `against the ball will cause the same to be turned about its own center in several directions to cause all of the surface area of the ball to be engaged and scrubbed'by the bristles. Because the ball is eccentrically disposed relative to the paddle rotation-axis while being shifted downward, .substantially more pressure exerted-by the ball against-'certain portions of the brush than against the other-portions of the brush so as to cause the ball to be rotated in several directions as it is moved downwardly through a spirally orbital path. Theball willbe urged againstthe brushes with suflicient force so that thebristles thereof willeliiciently, clean the ball Isurface and the indentstherein. Whenthe paddle is again raised, the paddle will revolve, and the ball will be lodged eccentrically of thev paddle rotation axis in the lower end of the obliquelyy disposed. oblong opening. 36,v

Vbecause it will'be retained from vertical movement by the upper portion of the paddle andwill be restricted in movement transversely of the vertical travel thereof by the retainer adjacent seat27 of top 18.

When the b'all'has been cleaned and removed from the cleaning device the paddle will thereafter be shifted downwardlyv into the tank and`cover30, which is aixed to the paddle, will substantially sealingly engage the annularseat 2.7` of cover 18 and will thereby restrict entrance of rain water or foreign material into the tank. The liquid in the tank will thereby be maintained at its full strength and will not be dirtied or contaminated by naturalV causes.

Itwillbe seen that I'have provided an improved ball Cleaning device which may be inexpensively manufactured and maintained which scrubs all portions of a golf ball by whirling the sameeccentrically around `an axis and against scrubbingmeans which turns. theball'on its own center and'tliereby engages and'cleans all ofthe surface thereof including the indents therein.

It-should also-beapparent-that-I have provided a golf ball cleaning device which not only contines the ball thereinlso that the ball lwill not pop out or be compelled out inan-uncontrolledmanner, butewillalso substantially seal out rain and foreign material when the ball cleaningdevic'e is not-in yuse.

Itlwill, of course,.be understood that various changes may be made in the form, detail, arrangement and proportionfoflthe parts lwithoutdeparting from-the scope of-my invention which consists of the matter described herein:

and `set :forth in Vthe appendedclaims..

What is claimed is:

l; A'. ballrcleaning device comprisinga substantially enclosed housing having an opening in the top thereof and. being adapted to contain a quantity of liquid, an

elongated plunger of generally oblong-cross section andV offthickness substantially less than the diameter of such a:ball;,said plunger being; twisted about'an axis extending longitudinally therethrough; andsaid plunger having;

an enlarged opening therethrough forV receiving and carryingsucha ball therein, and f said plungerbeing' shiftablyl mounted-inaV generally. upright positionin said housing for: verticaldnovement, said housinglhavingguide bearing means slidably engaging said plunger and constructedl land arranged for rotating said plunger about said axis when the same is shifted vertically, and scrubbing means mounted in said housing adjacent said plunger and engaging the ball carried thereby, and said plunger having an upstanding handle mounted thereon for rotation about said axis, whereby said plunger will carry a ball in the opening thereof and be revolved when vertically reciprocated to expose surface areas of the ball adjacent to each other and progressively therearound to the scrubbing means for engagement therewith and scrubbing thereby.

2. A ball cleaning device comprising a substantially enclosed tank for containing a quantity of liquid therein and having an open upper portion, an elongated paddle having lateral side portions and also having an enlarged opening extending therethrough for receiving and carrying such a ball therein, said paddle being shiftably mounted in an upright position for longitudinal movement into and out of said tank through said open upper portion thereof, said paddle being twisted about an axis extend.

ing longitudinally therethrough for disposing said paddle side portions helically about said axis, yieldable scrubbmg means mounted in said tank and protruding substantially radially inwardly thereof toward the opening in said paddle for engaging and cleaning such a ball therein, said scrubbing means having a pair of elongated and helically shaped channels formed therein and disposed in circumferentially spaced relation with each other and opening inwardly to receive and slidably carry the lateral side portions of the paddle therein and thereby rotate the paddle when the same is vertically shifted, yand a handle coaxially and rotatably mounted on said twisted paddle and extending outwardly of the open upper portion of said tank, whereby when a ball is carried in the opening of said paddle and the paddle is vertically reciprocated to cause rotation thereof, the ball will be engaged and progressively cleaned therearound by the scrubbing means.

3. The structure recited in claim 2 and including a cover connected with said paddle :and shiftable therewith 1nto substantially sealing engagement with the upper portion of the tank when said paddle is shifted downwardly therein.

4. The structure recited in claim 2 and including a pair of paddle-guiding bearings mounted on the tank and in the open upper portion thereof, said bearings engaging lsa1d twisted paddle and rotating the same when the paddle 1s vertically shifted.

5. A Iball cleaning device `comprising a substantially enclosed `tank for containing a quantity of liquid therein and. having an open upper portion, an elongated paddle having lateral side portions and being -twisted about an axis extending longitudinally therethrough for disposing said lateral side portions spirally about said axis, said paddle having an enlarged oblong opening therethrough extending generally obliquely of said axis and said opening having enlarged ball-receiving end portions which are respectively disposed on opposite sides of said axis an-d above and below each other and which are constructed and arranged to receive and Icarry such a ball eccentrically 1of said axis, and said paddle being shiftably mounted in an upright position in said tank for vertical reciprocating movement .through the upper portion thereof, yieldable scrubbing means mounted in said tank and protruding inwardly toward said axis for engaging such `a ball and defining a central opening similar in size to the diameter of such a ball, said scrubbing means having elongated and helical passageways therein extending generally upwardly and downwardly and `opening inwardly to receive the spirally ydisposed lateral side portions of the paddle therein, an elongated shaft extending coaxially of said paddle and having a spiralling cam surface thereon of substantially .the same pitch as that of the spirally disposed paddle lateral side portions, a cam bearing slidably engaging said spiralling cam surface of said shaft and producing relative rotation `of said shaft .and said bearing when the same are slidably moved relative to each -other in a direction longitudinally of said shaft, .said cam bearing and said elongated shaft being connected with said tank and said paddle, one being affixed lto said tank an-d the other being aflxed to said paddle and rotating said paddle about said axis when the same is vertically reciprocated, whereby when such a ball is placed in said yfgbliquely disposed oblong opening and said paddle is thereafter vertically reciprocated and rotated, said ball will shift in said oblong yopening to one end portion thereof when the paddle is moved `downwardly to be eccentrically moved about said axis by said paddle and into engagement with said scrubbing means which cleans and independently revolves the ball, and when said paddle is shifted upwardly the ball will shift to the `opposite end portion of said oblong opening and into eccentricity with said axis to again be cleaned and revolved by said scrubbing means.

6. A ball cleaning device comprising a substantially enclosed tank for containing a quantity of liquid therein and having an open upper portion, an elongated paddle having lateral side portions and also having upper and lower end portions, said paddle having an enlarged opening extending therethrough adjacent said lower end portion being adapted for receiving `such a ball therein, said paddle being shiftably mounted in an upright position for longitudinal movement into and yout of said tank through the open upper portion thereof, and said paddle being twisted about an axis extending longitudinally therethrough for disposing said lateral side portions thereof helically about said axis, yieldable scrubbing means m-ounted in said tank and protruding inwardly thereof t0- ward said axis, said scrubbing means comprising a pair of arcuate and elongated scrubbing elements helically shaped about said axis and extending substantially parallel to said paddle, and said scrubbing elements being spaced apart for receiving said paddle therebetween, said paddle having a helically disposed camming surface, a cam bearing aiiixed to said tank and engaging said camming surface for rotating said paddle as the same is vertically reciprocated, and a handlecoaxially and rotatably mounted on sai-d twisted paddle and extending outwardly through the lopen upper portion of said tank, whereby when said paddle is vertically shifted to rotate in said tank, said ball will engage said scrubbing elements `to be independently rotated and cleaned thereby.

7. The structure recited in claim 6 and wherein said scrubbing elements have a plurality of protuberances extending substantially radially inwardly toward said axis and having inner end portions which cooperate to denne an elongated substantially cylindrical opening about said axis -of slightly less `diameter than the diameter of such a ball, whereby substantially all portions of the ball may be engaged and efficiently cleaned by said scrubbing means.

8. The structure recited in claim 6 wherein said scrubbing elements are constructed of relatively rm rubber having radially inwardly extending protuberances for engaging, cleaning and rotating such a ball.

9. The structure recited in claim 6 wherein said scrubbing elements comprise helically shaped brushes having rigid backing elements secured to said tank and having radially inwardly extending bristles.

l0. The structure recited in claim 9 and including at least t-wo pairs of elongated and generally upright shaped channels disposed helically about said `axis and aflixed to the tank, each channel in each pair cooperating with the other channel in the corresponding pair for receiving and carrying one of said brushes therein, and said brushes each comprising a plurality 0f brush segments, each segment being `adapted to be carried between a pair of said channels and being adapted to be stacked upon another brush segment and in alignment therewith in said channels.

ll.y A ballicleaningsdevice-comprisingal substantially enlosedtank for: containing .a t quantity of kliquid therein f all.: having: am openi upper: portion,` an elongated rigid f elmetlhavingma handle swiveled `thereon in substantial akplllmt ftlrwrewith'` and said rigid element', being; shift- 1 abye mounted in aniupright position in saidc tank for suhmmiallyfvertical kreciprocating movement through the: opcm vupper portion` thereof, i guide.` means: mountedon;

saidttanleandzengaging said, rigid :element :fory guiding the same.' vimvertical `movement, camminga means' yconnected f element and said 'tanks and ybeing constructedld= arranged; for.' rotating. said relement about an `axis kextending, slizstantially; parallelV to saidv element asy thel samisivertically: shifted, said .rigid element having i an opal'ngftbeinmf substantially enlargedfsize relative tothhldianntcrof :said yballxand:formingl a seat for carrying thezslmegsat leastfaiportion ofsaid opening being formed eccentrically of said axis for carrying said ball therein aldtvolvingtlre; same; eocentricallyl about said axis Vwi'mzssaidl rigidxelementisvertically shifted, and ballscrubbingzmeans f mounted 1in said tank and: protruding ilwtrdlyftoward-isaidzaxis: for engaging-said ball when therslmziisieccentrically.,rotated for cleaning and separately yturning said ball about its own center.

12. 112e; structure recited `in claim l14 and including an' abutment axed to lsaid tank and astop member connaomi :with saidirigidielement `andubeing shiftable therewitliinto engagement with saidfabutmentfor restrictingV upwmi'ishifiingof said rigid element, and'thereby deliningamupperf limit-of vertical travelof said rigid element audi'of saidiballLseat, anda retaining elementmounted on. tank adjacent t Ithe. upper-i limit of verticaltravel of'said ball seatwand substantially'encircling said rigid element for retaining said ballon said seat when said rigidelelnen't is shifted I to its upper: limit of travel.

13:'I'he1structure; recited in claim 12 andincluding a;

tically`1 reciprocable; paddles-mounted in Vlsaid 'upright' opening, Y lielically:y disposed: camming. guidev meansconnected f withfsaid paddle and withisaid Ftank and being; constructed Landa arranged to rotateysaid paddle about t an z axis: exa

5 tendinggcentrally` andlongitudinally through` said cylin;

drical opening'when said paddle is,` VertGalIyF'reciprocated, `saidpaddlehaving a ball-.carrying opening thereinl constructedland a arranged. to `receive and: carry; a.; ball Leccentricallyv of said? rotatiomaxis when .said -paddle vis reciprocated, Asaid:reciprocable:paddle moving Asaid ball 'eccentrically about Vsaidfaxis: inza spiralling :orbital .path Yand .ina

engagementwith said. scrubbing meansV and thereby causingthef-ball to be rotate'daboutlritsrown center andfthoroughlyf scrulibedbyv4 sai-di scrubbing', means, and a handle rotatably securedr to-A said paddle: for reciprocating the-- Same.

l5. A ball'cleaning devicecomprising a tank forv con'- taining a` quantity ofs liquid therein and Ihaving an open top, yieldable i ball-'scrubbing 1 means'- Icarriedwithin said tankand having an `elongated vertically disposed opening therein communicating'withtheopenltop ofl the tank, saidopening havingtransverse dimensions-slightly smaller than-the diameter ofithe ball, a vertically reciprocableY paddle "-mou-ntednf said-'opening, spirally disposed guideA meansfconnected withsaidv paddley and-withv said tank and being xconstructedland` arrangedfto rotate Said paddle when thefsame-is verticallyv reciprocated" and4 about` an axislextending--centrallyand' longitudinally throughtheV vertical-opening in said scrubbing means, said paddle llav-l inganoblong ball-carryinggopening therein 'obliquely oriented with respectto the rotation axis of said paddle, said oblong-opening having'at least one ball-carrying end portion disposed eccentrically-of said axis and being adapted= for carrying av ball therein ina'spiralling orbital path in engagement' with the' scrubbing meansnwhen said paddle is reciprocated'an'd thereby'cause, the ballto be cleaned-l aud rotatedin multi-directions about its own center by said'scrubbing means, and a handle rotatably secured to said'paddle andextending outwardlyof the ytank vfor reciprocating thev paddle'.

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