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Publication numberUS2807098 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1957
Filing dateJun 10, 1957
Priority dateJun 10, 1957
Publication numberUS 2807098 A, US 2807098A, US-A-2807098, US2807098 A, US2807098A
InventorsWunker Gordon C
Original AssigneeWunker Gordon C
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Foot protector
US 2807098 A
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DES JARD h Hfs nrr'onueys Sept. 24, 1957 United States Patent O FOOT PRGTECTR Gordon C. Wunker, Loveland, hio

Application June 10, 1957, Serial No. 664,715

6 Claims. (Cl. S16-7.6)

This invention relates to a foot protector which is readily adjustable to fit the foot, and it particularly pertains to a protector for the toes to prevent them from getting beneath power rotary type lawn mowerstthat have cutting blades that revolve in `a horizontal position. The

protector is readily adjustable as to size to fit any size foot so as to be worn by anyone and not limited to any particular size.

Foot and toe protectors heretofore constructed have a toe portion adapted to be fitted over the toe of the wearer and secured to the foot. However, the toe protector is not of any special construction, it simply being of a size to fit the particular user but not provided with an extension portion elevated well above the top of the toe to prevent the toes from getting beneath a rotary type power lawn mower.

Accordingly, one of the main objects of this invention is a toe protector extending at a substantial height above the toe.

Another object of the invention is a toe protector which is readily adjusted for fitting any size foot.

Another object of the invention is a toe protector having a socket portion with a vertically adjusted top side.

Another object of the invention is a toe protector having a high front wall portion extending at a high elevation above the top of the toe.

Further objects, and objects relating to details of construction and economies of operation, will readily appear from the detailed description to follow. In one instance, the object of the invention has been accomplished by the device and means set forth in the following specification. The invention is clearly defined and pointed out in the appended claims. A structure constituting a preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in which:

Fig. 1 is a top plan view of one embodiment of the invention.

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view.

Referring specifically -to the drawings in which like numerals designate like parts, numeral 1 is a sectional foot unit comprising a front sole section 2 adjustably fitted lto a heel section 3, said sections being clamped in adjusted position by means of a transverse plate 4 and clamp screws 5. These clamp screws 5 project through elongated slots 6 in the sole section 2 and other elongated slots 7 in the heel section 3. The ends of the two sections are lapped with the slots 6 and 7 in registration. Two slots 6 and 7 are preferably provided in each of the sections. This permits the sections 2 and 3 to be fitted together of a length size to fit the wearer.

'Ihe heel `section 3 has an upwardly extending arcuate flange 8 on its rear end portion for abutting against the heel of the wearer. Ground engaging cleets 9 are advantageously provided on both the heel and sole sections. These sections 2 and 3 are preferably of light fiexible material, and the cleets 9 may be formed from stamped out recesses 10. The heel section is provided with a pair of ears 11, each having an eye 12 therein for fitting ankle straps 13 and 14 thereto for their free ends to be secured by a buckle 15.

The edge of this plate 4 which is engaged by the screws "ice 5 will also advantageously serve for abutting against the front side of the heel of a shoe so that said shoe heel can be fitted between the edge of the plate and the flange 8, or will at least hold the heel of the inserted shoe back of said plate. These sole and heel sections may be of any light flexible material, such as plastic, leather, steel, or the like.

A toe section 17 is fitted to the forward end of the sole section 2 by fastening means 17a, said toe section comprising a bottom side 18 and a top side 19 extending from one side and connected by the arcuate wall 20 extending a substantial distance above the top side 19. The top and bottom sides 18 and 19 of the toe section form a socket about the height of the toe of the shoe to be fitted therein. In order that the toe section may be snugly fitted to the toe of a shoe fitted therein, a plate 21 is movably fitted to the top side 19 by means of a screw 22 to be adjusted vertically by means of hand wheel 23. After the protector is fitted to the wearer, the toe section may be snugly fitted by reason of this adjustment plate 21. The arcuate side wall 20 of the toe section is made sufficiently high so that it is substantially greater in height than the distance between the ground and the bottom side of a power lawn mower so that the toes of the operator are protected from getting beneath said mower. The height of this wall Z0 should not be less than about three (3) inches and may be higher. While this top piece may be of any material, it is preferably of a metal. It should be of a material resistant to cutting and such that the toe would be knocked away if struck by a blow, such as from the blade of a rotary mower.

It will be understood from the description of the device that it is readily adjustable to fit any person, and, therefore, any one using the power mower may wear the protector. It is simply fitted to the foot of the wearer and strapped in place with the toe portion giving ample protection against the toe of the operator coming in contact with the rotor element of the lawn mower. The crux of the invention is in the toe portion and it may be fitted to any suitable means for being fitted to the foot.

I am aware that there may be various changes in details of construction without departing from the spirit of my invention, and, therefore, I claim my invention broadly as indicated by the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and useful and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent, is:

l. A toe protector comprising a member adapted to be fitted to the bottom of the foot, a toe section on said member provided with a toe receiving socket, a vertically adjustable plate forming the top side wall of the socket, and a front wall extending above the top side wall of the socket.

2. The toe protector of claim 1 in which thetoe receiving socket has a bottom wall secured to the foot member.

3. A toe protector comprising sole and heel sections adjustably connected for being adjusted lengthwise for fitting the foot, a toe section fitted to the sole section provided with la toe receiving socket, and a vertically adjustable wall provided on the top side of the socket.

4. The toe protector of claim 3 in which a front wall is provided on the toe section extending substantially above the adjustable wall.

5. The toe protector of claim 4 in which the socket of the toe section is provided with a horizontal extension on which the top adjustable wall of the socket is mounted.

6. A toe protector comprising a member adapted to be fitted to the bottom of the foot, a toe section on said member provided with a toe receiving socket having a front side wall extending upwardly from a bottom wall, and a vertically adjustable plate forming the top side of said socket.

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