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Publication numberUS2807265 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1957
Filing dateJul 26, 1955
Priority dateJul 26, 1955
Publication numberUS 2807265 A, US 2807265A, US-A-2807265, US2807265 A, US2807265A
InventorsOliva James V, Oliva Michael D
Original AssigneeOliva James V, Oliva Michael D
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Pocket for ring binders
US 2807265 A
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Sept. 24, 1957 M. D. oLlvA Er Ax.

POCKET FOR RING BINDERS I Filed July 26, 1955 j; @12.1 j ff 'V/f g) Z] Jy 27 'l I '/l) /Z'Q l l ff 'f j L@ f2' f4/fl l 74 ENTORS ORNEY 2,807,265 Patented Sept 24, 1957 dice POCKET Fon RING BI'NDERS Michael D. liva, OradelLaudV James V. Oliva, Palisade, N. J.

Application `luly 26, 1955, Serial No. 524,431 1 Claim. (Cl. 129-1) The present invention relates primarily to pockets for loose leaf ring binders andthe method of making the same, and more particularly to a closable pocket of new and novel design that is easily manufactured.

Some loose leaf ring binders such as notebooks and the like have shallow pockets formed on the inside faces of the covers thereof in which loose papers and the like may be carried. Since there is no positive means provided or associated with the pockets to retain papers and articles placed therein, they sometimes spill out of the pockets and may become lost unless the binder or notebook is carried and handled with considerable care.

It is therefore one of the objects of the present invention to provide a pocket for loose leaf notebooks or socalled ring binders that may be readily and positively closed to form a tight pocket for articles and papers placed therein, and which can be readily and easily opened when desired.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a closable pocket of the above type that is removable from the rings of the binder so that articles and papers contained therein may be readily transferred from one ring binder to another.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a light weight and thin pocket that through the novel manner of manufacturing the same is reinforced at the areas of greatest strain, and which prevents articles placed in the pocket before it is associated with the binder rings from interfering with the rings.

The above and further objects and novel features of the invention will be more apparent in the following detailed description of the preferred embodiment thereof, wherein reference is made to the accompanying drawings, in the latter of which:

Fig. 1 is a face view of a pocket for a ring binder constructed in accordance with and by the method of the present invention; and

Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectional view taken substantially on line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Referring now to the drawings, the pocket of the present invention is constructed primarily of thin ilexible sheets of a thermoplastic material, such as Vinylite, for example, and While the sheets may be of any color or shade they are preferably somewhat transparent so that articles contained therein may be seen through the walls of the pocket.

The pocket comprises primarily two thin sheets of a plasticized thermoplastic resin, such as Vinylite, the sheets being referred to as a bottom sheet and a top sheet and identified by reference numerals 11 and 12 respectively in the drawings. Preferably the size of the sheets 11 and 12 should be substantially the same as the pages normally contained in the ring binder. However, the sheets may be somewhat smaller or larger than the normal pages of the ring binder, but for convenience should not be larger than the covers of the ring binder or loose leaf notebook. The top sheet 12 has formed adjacent the right hand edge thereof as shown in Fig. l a rectangular opening 13. The

opening 13 terminates` somewhat short of the top and bottom of the sheet 12 and directly below the opening 13 is a closing element of the zipper type indicated generally by reference numeral 14. The zipper 14 has a slider 16, adapted to interlock and disengage the teeth 17 secured to opposite edges of the two fabric strips 18 from which the zipper is made. The fabric strips 18 at the termination of the teeth 17 or staples 19 which prevent the slider 16 from moving out of operative relation with the teeth, and the extreme ends of the strips 18 are joined together by sewing, as at 21. The two fabric strips 18 extend a slight distance under the sheet 12 at the sides and ends of the opening 13 and are joined thereto by heat sealing as at 22. As will be noted, the ends 23 of the heat seals 22 adjacent the ends of the zipper continue inwardly toward each other and thus tend to reinforce the sheet 12 at the corners of the opening 13 while the joinedV ends of the fabric strips reinforce the ends of the opening.

The top sheet 12 overlies the lower sheet 11 and a reinforcing strip 24 is located between the two sheets at the left hand side or binding edge of the pocket, The reinforcing strip 24 is preferably of slightly greater thickness than the thin sheets 11 and 12 so as to reinforce the same thereat and to add somewhat to the stiffness thereof. The strip 24 is heat sealed to the top and bottom sheets 12 and 11, respectively, around the edges of the `strip yas at 26, and the edges of the top and bottom sheets are Kalso heat sealed together.

A series of holes such as 27 to correspond to the location of the rings in a binder are formed `through the left hand edge of the pocket lwherein the reinforcing strip 24 is located, and the edges of the holes are heat sealed to join the three layers of material together. This reinforces the pocket and prevents tearing of the pocket when mounted on the rings of the binder. As will be noted, the right hand edge of the reinforcing strip 24 is heat sea-led to the sheets 11 and 12 vat 26a and therefore prevents .articles placed in the pocket from entering the binding space yor hindering the placing of the pocket on the bin-der rings.

From the above it will be evident that a convenient ring binder pocket of novel and improved design is provided that can readily `be inserted in or removed from a ring binder, `and one that will contain small `articles and/ or papers placed therein without spilling regardless of how the ring binder is handled.

In the manufacture of the pocket of the present invention the top sheet 12 has the opening 13 formed therein and then the zipper I14 is ,attached thereto lby heat sealing. The top sheet 12 is then placed over the Ibottom sheet 11 with the reinforcing strip 214 along the left hand edge of the bottom sheet 'and the two sheets iand the reinforcing strip heat sealed together. The top and bottom sheets may be somewhat `oversize and the edges trimmed concomitantly with the heat sealing thereof.

While the invention has been described in 'butv a single embodiment it will rbe evident that various modifications may be made therein without departing from the spirit or essential `attributes thereof, and it is desired therefore tha-t only lsuch limitations be placed thereon as are irnposed by the appended claim.

What is claimed is:

In `a pocket for ring binders comprising in combinati-on a pair of equal size flexible superimposed 'sheets of plasticized thermoplastic resin separated -by a reinforcing strip of 4similar material Vof greater thickness valong one edge thereof, said reinforcing strip being heat lsealed around the edges thereof to said sheets and the other edges of said sheets :being heat sealed together, a series of holes `at binder ring spacing heat sealed at the edges thereof to said reinforcing strip and said sheets through are joined together by suitable links l[he edge of said-pocket at 'said reinforcing strip, :a `rectangular shaped opening in the top one of said sheets adjacent the edge opposite said reinforcing strip, said opening being somewhat less in length than the length of said adjacent edge, la zipper closure-having'finterengaging tooth elementsfand an operating slide element `rcooperating therewith, said z ipperfelosure havingfclosedsendswand being-somewhat llonger and gwider than kthe -length Iand width of said opening-inlsaidtop sheet, -said zipperelosure being heat sealed atvthesides thereof to the underside of said top sheet along the length-of-saidopening with the ends of said heat :seals `curving inwardly toward each other lbeyondthe ends of said opening and with the terminations of said heat seals spaced apart over the closed ends of said zipper closure whereby the closed ends of said zipper closure reinforce said opening at 5 the ends thereof.

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International ClassificationB42F11/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42F11/00
European ClassificationB42F11/00