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Publication numberUS2810491 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 22, 1957
Filing dateJun 25, 1956
Priority dateJun 25, 1956
Publication numberUS 2810491 A, US 2810491A, US-A-2810491, US2810491 A, US2810491A
InventorsHerbert Goldschmidt
Original AssigneeHerbert Goldschmidt
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Spill-proof containers
US 2810491 A
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Oct. 22, 1957 H. caoLDscHMxDT SPILL-PROOF CONTAINERS Filed June 25. 195e l? g' 'l f5 g :20 2f@ f .22

j@ l 2] //J I\ l fj] T" f/ nl I l i f 4175 II/l l ATTORNEY nml/W 21522/ mll/ I N V EN TOR.

United States Patent SPEL-PROOF CONTAINERS Herbert Goldschmidt, Livingston, N. J.

Application June 25, 1956, Serial No. 593,422

' 1 Claim. (Cl. 2201) My invention relates generally to spill-proof containers and particularly to containers which, for facility in use, must remain open and accessible without aclosure.

An object of this invention is to provide a container construction whereby oil or the like may be used from the container without substantial danger of the contents being discharged when the container is overturned, thereby to create a dangerous condition.

A further object of this invention is to provide a container with automatic wiping means so that as a brush is dipped into the contained oil, the contact of the brush with portions of the container will discharge excess oil from the brush and thereby avoid dripping.

Yet another object of my invention is to provide a container which combines ready access to its contents with the capacity to retain its contents against promiscuous discharge when overturned.

Yet a further object of my invention is to provide a container construction wherein the brush is directed, upon insertion, into contact with the contents.

Yet another object of my invention is to provide a container in which the brush may be inserted and allowed to remain, ready for withdrawal when the material in the container is to be used.

These objects and advantages, as well as other objects and advantages, may be achieved by the device illustrated in the drawings in which:

Figure 1 is a vertical sectional elevational view showing one embodiment of my invention;

Figure 2 is a view in perspective of either of the baes before attachment to the container;

Figure 3 is a view in perspective of any truncated conical ring before incorporation with the container; and

Figure 4 is a partial sectional elevational view of the series of interconnected truncated conical rings.

Referring now to the drawings in detail, my invention provides a container 11 which is preferably cylindrical in horizontal cross-section, although it may be square, or some other shape. The container is provided with a side wall 12, a top wall 13 and a bottom wall 14. The bottom wall has a threaded aperture 24 adapted to receive a threaded plug 15 removable to permit the container to be cleaned. The top wall 13 is provided with an inverted, truncated, conical top-bathe 16 extending inwardly from a central top aperture 17. The inside of the container is provided with an annular flange 18 which is likewise connected to an inverted, truncated, conical inner-bathe 19. The top-bathe 16 preferably extends nearly to the level of the annular flange 18. The innerbathe 19 preferably extends toward the bottom 14 of the container 11. A strap, rod or plate 20 disposed in substantial parallelism to the wall 12 of the container 11 is connected to the top-baie 16 and the inner-baffle 19.


A plurality of inverted, truncated, conical rings 21a, 21, 21, 21 of substantially identical dimensions are attached to the strap 20 between the top-battle 16 and the innerbaflle 19. These inverted, truncated conical rings 21a, 21, 21, 21 are disposed in slightly overlapping relationship with each other, and the top ring 21a is preferably disposed in non-overlapping relationship with the bottom 22 of the top-baille, as will appear from Figure l.

In operation, a quantity of oil or other material to be dispensed is deposited in the container where it falls into the lower chamber 23. A brush, dip-stick or similar article is deposited in the oil can through the top aperture. Upon withdrawal of the brush or dip-stick, excess oil or other contained material is wiped off the brush or dip-stick by Contact with the conical rings. If the container 11 is inadvertently upset, the contained liquid will be trapped in the lower compartment by the inner-bafe 19. Any contained liquid, however, escaping from the lowerY compartment 23 will be retained in the upper compartment 25 by the top-baie 16. The plurality of concentric inverted, truncated conicai rings 21a, 2l, 21, 21 will serve as additional baffles to intercept splashing liquid in the container and tend-to confine it in the chambers 23, 25, rather than permit it to splash out of the top opening 17.

It will be seen that I have provided a substantially spill-proof container in which two major baflies 16, 19 serve to trap contained liquid against discharge when the container is overturned and a plurality of concentric, inverted, truncated conical rings 21a, 21, 21, 21 tend to prevent splashing liquids from being discharget from the container 11. Furthermore, my invention provides a convenient means for stripping ol excess liquid adhering to a brush, dip-stick or similar item. Spilled oil constitutes a grave industrial hazard and that danger is minimized through the use of my invention.

.The foregoing description is merely intended to illustrate an embodiment of the invention. The component parts have been shown and described. They each may have substitutes which may perform a substantially similar function; such substitutes may be known as proper substitutes for the said components and may have actually been known or invented before the present invention; these substitutes are contemplated as being within the scope of the appended claims, although they are not specically catalogued herein.

I claim:

A spill-proof container comprising a hollow cylindrical member, an apertured bottom in the member, a closure plug engageable with the bottom, a medial internal flange in the member, an inverted, truncated-conical batlle depending from the medial flange, a top inwardly extending flange in the member,'an inverted, truncated-conical top bailie depending from the top flange, a strap connecting the bales together, and a plurality of truncated-conical rings attached to the strap in coaxial relation to each other and to the batlies.

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International ClassificationB65D25/02
Cooperative ClassificationB65D25/02
European ClassificationB65D25/02