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Publication numberUS2811799 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 5, 1957
Filing dateMar 9, 1954
Priority dateMar 9, 1954
Publication numberUS 2811799 A, US 2811799A, US-A-2811799, US2811799 A, US2811799A
InventorsTerry Clark John
Original AssigneeTerry Clark John
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Picture frame
US 2811799 A
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Nov. 5, 1957 .1. T. CLARK 2,811,799

PICTURE FRAME Filed March 9, 1954 INVENTOR. JOfl/V 7 CL/IQA xrram/ii s United States Patent PICTURE FRAME John Terry Clark, San Francisco, Calif.

Application March 9, 1954, Serial No. 414,927

1 Claim. (Cl. 40-152) This invention relates to and in general has for its object the provision of a picture frame readily molded from a plastic, and of such construction that a picture can be mounted therein in a very short interval of time, at the same time preserving the appearance of a conventi-onal frame. Due to its simplicity of manufacture this frame can be sold at a very modest price.

More specifically, the object of this invention is the provision of a picture frame provided at one end and along a substantial portion of its sides with an interior channel for the reception of a resilient backing sheet and wherein the backing sheet is provided at one of its ends and along adjacent portions of its sides with a marginal stiffening frame receivable in a notch or recess formed in the back side of the picture frame and forming a continuation thereof so as to preserve the conventional appearance of the latter.

The invention possesses other advantageous features, some of which, with the foregoing, will be set forth at length in the following description where that form of the invention which has been selected for illustration in the drawings accompanying and forming a part of the present specification, is outlined in full. In said drawings, one form of the invention is shown, but it is to be understood that it is not limited to such form, since the invention as set forth in the claim may be embodied in other forms.

Referring to the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a longitudinal mid-section taken through a picture frame embodying the objects of my invention.

Fig. 2 is an isometric view of the backing sheet of the frame illustrated in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is an isometric view of the rear side of the frame illustrated in Fig. l.

The picture frame, as illustrated in these figures, comprises a molded plastic rectangular frame generally designated by the reference numeral 1 and includes first and second opposed parallel ends 2 and 3 and first and second opposed parallel sides 4 and 5. Here the ends of the frame have been distinguished from its sides only for convenience in identification; otherwise, it is immaterial which of these pairs of elements are referred to as ends or sides.

conventionally, these ends and sides are provided adjacent their front faces with inwardly extending flanges 6 for supporting a sheet 7 of glass or other transparency.

Formed in the frame end 2 and frame sides 4 and are internal channels 8 and formed in the frame end 3 and in the adjacent portions of the frame sides 4 and 5 is a recess or notch 9.

Receivably in the internal channels 8 is a frame backing sheet 11 defining with the transparency 7 a narrow compartment 12 for the snug reception of a picture and its mat, these latter two elements not being illustrated.

Surrounding the righthand end 13 of the backing sheet 11, as viewed in all three figures, is a U-shaped plastic stiffening frame 14 including legs 15 and 16 and a base or cross member 17, and formed therein is an internal channel 18 symmetrically formed on the medial plane of the frame 14 and in which the marginal edges of the backing sheet 11 are cemented. The backing sheet 11 should be made of a stiff but flexible and resilient material such as paper pressboard, and the overall length thereof, including that added thereto by its frame, should be only slightly less than the distance between the vertical Wall 19 of the main frame end 3 and the vertical wall 21 of the channel 8 formed in the main frame end 2. By observing these relationships of parts, the frame backing sheet 11 can be slid into the main frame with the backing frame snugly accommodated within the main frame recesses or notches 9. From an inspection of Fig. 1, it will be seen that this movement is made possible only because of the resiliency of the backing sheet 11, the righthand end of this sheet being bent away from the main frame 1 until the cross member 17 of the backing frame 14 just clears the inner edge of the vertical wall 19 of the notch or recess 9. When this takes place, the backing frame immedaitely moves downwardly into the main frame recess 9 under the biasing or spring action of the backing sheet so as to form a continuation of the main frame. Here it should be observed that the free ends of the legs 15 and 16 of the backing frame constrain the backing sheet to bend substantially along a line passing through the ends of the legs 15 and 16. In other words, this constitutes the hinge line of the backing sheet and the backing frame serves as convenient hand grip for manipulation of the backing sheet.

It should also be observed here that the righthand ends of the main frame channels 8 are provided with re-entrance or guide surfaces 21 for guiding the leading lateral edges of the backing sheet into the lateral main frame channels 8.

Formed adjacent the righthand end of the backing sheet 11 is a finger hole 22 for further aiding in manipulating the backing sheet 11. Fastened to the outer face of the backing sheet 11 are centered hanging eyelets 23 and 24 for enabling the frame to be hung selectively in either a vertical or horizontal position, as desired.

Since the backing sheet 11 is symmetrically mounted in the backing frame 14, it is reversible side for side. If then the backing sheet is bowed, it can be inserted in the main frame in its upwardly bowed position so that its backing frame will then be biased downwardly into snug engagement with the floor of the main frame recesses or notches 9.

As a result of this construction, it will be seen that l have provided a picture frame which, when in its operative and hung position, has the appearance of a conventional frame, which can be readily molded from a suitable plastic and, therefore, made and sold at a relatively low cost, and which enables a picture to be mounted therein or removed therefrom without the aid of any tools, in a very short interval of time.

I claim:

A rectangular picture frame comprising: first and second opposed parallel frame ends and first and second opposed parallel frame sides each provided adjacent one face of said frame with an inwardly extending transparency and picture supporting flange, said first frame end and both of said frame sides being provided With an interior picture backing receiving channel, and the rear face of said second frame end and the contiguous portions of said frame sides being formed with notches for the reception of a U-shaped backing frame; a backing frame U-shaped in contour, snugly accommodated within said notches to form a continuation of said second frame end and frame sides, said backing frame being provided with an interior channel forming a continuation of the said picture backing receiving channel provided in said first References Cited in the file of this patent frame end and in said frame sides, a resilient picture backing sheet secured to said backing frame within its said UNI'FED STATES PATENTS interior channel, the free marginal edges of said backing 1,270,475 Wllkenson June 1918 sheet being snugly accommodated with the saidinterior 5 2,521,411 Rosenberg Sept- 1950 channels of said frame sides and first frame end; FOREIGN PATENTS 106,356 Great Britain May 24, 1917 361,114 Great Britain Nov. 19, 1931

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European ClassificationA47G1/06