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Publication numberUS2814942 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 3, 1957
Filing dateMay 24, 1955
Priority dateMay 24, 1955
Publication numberUS 2814942 A, US 2814942A, US-A-2814942, US2814942 A, US2814942A
InventorsSinner John B, Sinner Oscar A
Original AssigneeSinner John B, Sinner Oscar A
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Crypt front fastener
US 2814942 A
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Dec. 3, 1957 J. B. SINNER ETAL CRYPT FRONTFASTENER Filed May 24, 1955 2 Sheets-Sheet l Fig.

John B. Sinner Oscar A. Sinner INVENTORS,

Allamqs D s, 3, 1 57 J. B. SINNER 'ETAL 2,814,942

CRYPT FRONT FASTENER Filed May 24, 1955 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Y m E E8 k l I a O o a 0 l Q i1 I g3 & O O o O n 0 N A O ,1

a O, o

John B. Sinner x w; Oscar A. Sinner w I N VEN TOR),

2,814,942 CRYPT FRON'I FASTENER John B. Sinner and Oscar A. Sinner, San Diego, Calif. Application May 24, 1955, Serial No. 510,622 4Claims. (Cl. 72-101) Our invention relates to crypt front fasteners of the general type forming the subject matter of our U. S. Letters Patent No. 2,618,145 and over which the instant invention is designed as an improvement.

The primary object of our invention is .to provide in such fasteners a more efficient arrangement of a rosette knob and spring means for fastening the front closure slabs at the corners thereof to the crypt wall structure and wherein the springs are readily replaceable without removing the entire fastener.

Another object is to provide in addition to the above better means for mounting the springs and rosette so that the closure slabs can be readily aligned in case the crypt wall structure is not plumb.

Still another object is to provide in such a fastener a stronger base plate for supporting the front slabs and one which is simplified so as to reduce the cost of manufacture.

Other and ancillary objects :together with the precise nature of our improvements will become readily apparent when the following description and claims are read with reference to the drawings accompanying and forming part of this specification and in which:

Figure 1 is a fragmentary view in front elevation of our improved fastener applied to a crypt;

Figure 2 is an enlarged perspective view of pants of the fastener disassembled;

Figure 3 is an enlarged view in perspective of a base plate forming part of the fastener and viewed from the rear side thereof;

Figure 4 is an enlarged fragmentary view in front elevation of the base plate and parts carried thereby applied to the crypt wall; and,

Figure 5 is an enlarged fragmentary view in vertical section taken on the line 4-4 of Figure 1.

Referring to the drawings 'by numerals, 2 designates the crypt wall structure to which our improved fastener l is designed to be anchored at the intersection of vertical and horizontal walls 3, 4 thereof to fasten together contiguous corners of marble closure slabs, or fronts, 6 to close casket compartments 5 arranged in horizontal and vertical rows.

The fastener 1 comprises an L-shaped base 7 having a vertical elongated hanger portion 8 for attachment to the crypt wall structure 2 by means presently described, and a forwardly projecting, relatively wider horizontal ledge 9 which is rectangular and designed to fit between the contiguous corners of an upper and a lower pair of closure slabs 6 for an upper and lower pair of compartments 5 of the crypt. The ledge 9 extends equidistantly from opposite vertical side edges 10 of the hanger portion 8 and is formed with a thickened rear reinforcing portion 11 and with rear upper and lower horizontal reinforcing flanges 12, 13 at its juncture with said portion 8.

The attaching means comprises a pair of upper and lower threaded bolts 14, 15 extending through a vertical central slot 17 in the hanger portion 8 into a pair of upper and lower anchoring sleeves 18, 19 embedded in the wall structure 2 with rear ends cross connectedby a transverse rod 20 having its ends 21, 22 threaded into the rear ends of sleeves '18, 19.

9 Pairs offront and rear 25, 26 of the bolts 18, 19

nuts 23, 24 on the front ends at the front an drear sides of the hanger portion 8 clamp said portion 8 thefehetween forwardly of the crypt Wall 2 and provide for holding the base7 in vertically adjusted positions on the bolts 18, 19

so that the ledge 9 may be accurately positioned verticallyutofit between the corners of theslabs' 6. A. vertical centralguide groove 27 in the rear side of the hanger portion 8 locks the rear nuts 24 against turning so that only thefront nuts 23 need .be loosened and tightened in adjusting said base 7. e a

The rosette knob 28 is arranged to clampingly engage the contiguous corners of the slabs 6 in front thereof by being carried on a headed screw 26 turned into the front end of an internally threaded sleeve 30 interposed between said corners. The sleeve 30 is mounted on the ledge 9 for horizontal swinging and sliding adjustment to correspondingly adjust the rosette knob 28 to compensate for the front of the wall structure 2 or the slabs 6 being out of plumb and by the following means. A longitudinal slot 31 in the rear end of said sleeve 30 provides for said sleeve straddling the ledge 9, a pivot pin 32 in said rear end extends through a horizontal central slot 33 in the rear portion of said ledge and slidably connects said sleeve to said ledge, and a central square notch 34 is provided in the front edge of the ledge 9 in which the front solid portion of said sleeve 30 may be swung. This arrangement sets the sleeve 30 into the front edge of the ledge 9 so that the rosette knob 28 is close to said ledge and the piv- 0t point of the sleeve 30 is in the rear of the slabs 6 for obvious reasons.

The spring means comprises a pair of upper and lower horizontal wire springs 35, 36 generally V-shaped each with a pair of arms 37, 38 diverging forwardly from an apex eye 39, 40. The springs 35, 36 are mounted on the hanger portion 8 above and below the ledge 9 to yieldingly engage the contiguous corners of an upper and a lower pair of the slabs 6 in the rear thereof and by means of upper and lower horizontal slots 41, 42 in said] portion 8 through which the eyes 39, 40 extend with a vertical pivot pin 43 inserted therethrough in the rear of portion 8 and having its ends 44 bent laterally above and below the eyes 39, 40 to maintain said pin 43 in place.

As will be seen the rosette knob 28 and the springs 39, 40 yieldingly clamp the contiguous corners of a pair of upper and a pair of lower slabs 6 therebetween and the pivotal and sliding mounting of the rosette knob 28 together with the pivotal mounting of the springs 39, 40 greatly facilitates fastening the slabs 6 in place especially slabs of difierent thicknesses, as shown in Figure 4, with their outer faces substantially flush. Also, the pin 43 and the springs 39, 40 may be replaced r adily while the base is anchored to the crypt wall 2, that is, without removing said base. The pivotal mounting of the springs 39, 40 provides for the springs exerting uniform pressure against slabs of different thicknesses in :the horizontal pairs.

From the foregoing, the construction and operation of the device will be readily understood and further explanation is believed to be unnecessary. However, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction shown and described, and accordingly all suitable modifications and equivallents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention as claimed.

What is claimed as new is as follows:

1. A fastener for seeming the contiguous corners of upper and lower pairs of closure slabs to the front wall of a crypt comprising a base including a vertical hanger rear of said ledge for swinging portion provided with a vertical rear groove and having a horizontal forwardly projecting ledge adapted to be fit between the upper and lower pairs at said corners, anchoring means suspending said portion and adapted to be embedded in said wall, a pair of upper and lower horizontal springs having arms above and below said ledge and in front of said portion adapted to engage against the corners of said upper and lower pairs of slabs in the rear thereof, means in said groove and behind said portion pivotally mounting said springs for horizontal swinging to exert uniform pressure "against slabs of different thicknesses, a rosette knob adapted to overlie said corners in front of the same, screw feed means openatively connected to said rosette knob for engaging and clamping the same against said corners, mounting said screw and means pivotally and slidably feed means on said portion at the and sliding horizontally to facilitate engaging the rosette knob' with said corners.

2. A fastener according to claim 1, said second-named means including eyes on said springs, and a pin in said eyes, said portion having horizontal slots thereon through which said eyes extend, said slots spacing said springs apart and guiding swinging movement of the springs.

3. A fastener according to claim 1, said last-named means comprising a slotted sleeve straddling said ledge, and a pivot pin in said sleeve extending through and slidable in a slot in said ledge.

4. A fastener according to claim 3, said ledge having a notch therein in which said sleeve is swingable and slidable,

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