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Publication numberUS2816691 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1957
Filing dateAug 16, 1954
Priority dateAug 16, 1954
Publication numberUS 2816691 A, US 2816691A, US-A-2816691, US2816691 A, US2816691A
InventorsWard Lawrence T
Original AssigneeWard Lawrence T
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Spray device having a flexible sac lining
US 2816691 A
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L. T. WARD Dec. 17, 1957 SPRAY DEVICE HAVING A FLEXIBLE S'AC LINING Filed Aug. 16, 1954 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR l/r/rezvvgs 7- We ATTORNEY 17., 1957 L. T. WARD SPRAY DEVICE HAVING A FLEXIBLE SAC LINING Filed Aug. 16, 1954 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 ATTORNEY Unittid tes atent SPRAY DEVICE I-IAVlNG A FLEXIBLE SAC LINING Lawrence T. Ward, Northampton County, Pa. Application August 16, 1954, Serial No. 450,176

2 Claims. (Cl. 222-183) This invention relates to a spray device and moresparticularly to a spray device having a flexible or resilient sac or bag therein.

It is an object of this invention to provide a spray contamer with a flexible bag.

It is a further object to provide a spray device having a flexible bag of plastic for containing liquid propellant.

It is another object of this invention to provide a spray device having a pliable bag disposed in a rigid container and containing liquid to be sprayed and adapted to be squeezed by liquid propellant disposed intermediate the flexible bag and the rigid container.

It is another object of this invention to provide a spray device having a flexible or resilient plastic liner or sac and adapted for filling through the spray nozzle.

These and other objects of this invention will become apparent upon reading the following disclosure taken in connection with the drawing in which;

Fig. 1 is a vertical section of a flexible plastic bag and also of a container lined with said bag,

Fig. 2 is a vertical section through a spray device showing the plastic bag of Fig. 1 pressed against the inner container wall,

Fig. 3 is a vertical section of a modified spray device showing the manner of inserting the combination of a liquid propellant containing flexible bag secured to a spray valve closure assembly into a pressure resistant container.

Fig. 4 is a vertical section of the assembled elements of Fig. 3 and showing liquid propellant in the bag and the contact effected between the bag wall and the container.

Fig. 5 is a vertical section view of a container, broken away in part, and showing apertures in the container shoulder and bottom wall for permitting exit of air trapped between the bag and container.

Fig. 6 is a modification of Fig. 5 showing depressable rubllaer inserts disposed in the apertures of the container wal Fig. 7 is a vertical section of a flexible bag secured to a spray valve assembly and filled with liquid to be dispensed.

Fig. 8 is a vertical section of a spray device showing the assembly of Fig. 7 disposed in a rigid container with liquid propellant disposed between the bag and the container, and

Fig. 9 is a vertical section of the device of Fig. 8 showing the squeezing effect of the liquid propellant on the pliable or flexible bag containing dispensable liquid therein.

One of the disadvantages of spray devices using liquid propellants is that the liquid propellant may be corrosive to the metal or solid container. Also where a propellant mixture is sprayed the ingredient added to the propellant may attack or may be attacked by the material constituting the container.

Furthermore, it is often desirable to spray a liquid undiluted and therefore containing no liquid propell nt 'ice -:disposed in a. pressure resistantscontainer 11:provided with :apertures 12 .in the containershoulder and base. The flexible bag lip 13 is .disposedcover .the'container :lip and a spray valve dip-tube assembly 14 havingaa .cover plate 15 sealingly secured :thereto is disposed fixedly partly within the-container 11 with the cover'plate 15 clinching the container lip through the intermediate plastic bag 'lip .13 in a gas-tightmanner.

:In filling the bag lined container shown in Figs. 1: and 2 the! liquid propellant maybe cooled toa low temperature at which its vaporization rate is substantially :zero

and then poured into the bagclined container after'which wthe valvezassembly 14 is applied and .thenclinched to the container (Fig.1).

When :the liquid. propellantsinthe sealed container upon standing at room temperature attains an elevated temperature relative to the cold temperature used in the filling operation, the flexible bag 10 expands and snugly engages the interior wall of container 11 (Fig. 2). In this expansion procedure of bag 10 the air trapped between the bag 10 and container 11 is forced out of the small apertures 12, the apertures being of a small dimension sufficient to prevent extrusion of the sac 10 wall when the assembled spray valve container is at room temperature.

Alternately, the sac 10, container 11 and a filling valve assembly 14 may be assembled in a gas-tight manner and the liquid propellant then introduced through the filling valve at room temperature to attain the filled spray container of Fig. 2.

In lieu of small apertures 12 in the container wall, I may employ larger apertures provided with finger depressable resilient buttons 16 made of rubber or plastic (Fig. 6). These buttons 16 may be inserted from the inside of the container and when depressed from the outside of the container they release the air entrapped between the sac 10 and the container 11 to the atmosphere. The rubber inserts prevent the sac 10 from injury as by contacting the sharp edge of the apertures 12.

In the modification shown in Figs. 3 and 4 the liquid propellant containing sac 10 is sealed to a spray valve dip-tube assembly 17 in a pressure-tight manner and then inserted into a container 11. In this modification the sac 10 and valve dip-tube assembly 17 are sealed together and the liquid propellant is introduced into the sac 10 preferably before the sac is inserted into a container 11 (Fig. 3).

In the modification shown in Figs. 7 to 9 a spray valve 18 preferably having no dip tube is sealingly secured to a clinchable cover plate 19 and sealed to a pliable chemically resistant sac 10 filled with a liquid or liquid solution to be dispensed. The liquid in the sac 10 of the modification of Figs. 7 to 9 contains no propellant.

The assembled valve 18 and liquid filled sac 10 (Figs. 7 to 9) is inserted into a pressure resistant container 20 having no apertures in its walls and containing a suitable amount of liquid propellant. The clinchable cover plate 19 is then clinched to the rim of the container 11 preferably with the aid of a sealing substance or sealing means of conventional use, to obtain a gas-tight seal between plate 19 and the container 20.

The completely assembled unit of this modification (Fig. 8) has a liquid filled sac 10 squeezably suspended in the liquid propellant, said propellant being confined within container 20 and disposed between the sac 10 and the container walls. The operation of the spray valve 18 permits the propellant to squeeze the pliable sac 10 cansing the liquid contents therein to be dispelled as a spray (Fig. 9).

Use of a filling spray valve which permits filling through the valve plunger, permits repeated re-filling of the emptied sac 10 of the assembled unit of Fig. 9. This modification avoids contact or contamination of the dispensed liquid by the liquid propellant, and employs the expansive force of the liquid propellant to eject a liquid, for example an aqueous solution such as a mouth wash, contained in sac 10.

This invention has been described by a plurality of illustrative embodiments but clearly its scope is more generic as defined in the claims herein.

I claim:

1. A hand portable finger operable aerosol bomb comprising a rigid cylindrical upright pressure resistant container having at least one continuously open aperture in the cylinder wall and having a top large circular mouth; a circular rolled-over flange integral with the container disposed about the container mouth; a conventional finger depressable spray valve assembly having a circular flange and a depending syphon tube disposed in said mouth of said container, said spray valve flange being rolled over said container flange in gas tight relationship; and a flex- References Cited in the file of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,939,611 Purvis Dec. 12, 1933 1,996,792 Bystricky et a1. Apr. 9, 1935 2,126,973 Piquerez Aug. 16, 1938 2,301,724 Vischer Nov. 10, 1942 2,513,455 Cornelius July 4, 1950 2,529,937 Hale Nov. 14, 1950 2,564,163 Leperre Aug. 14, 1951 2,671,578 McBean Mar. 9, 1954 2,689,768

Falligant Sept. 21, 1954

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U.S. Classification222/183, 222/402.1, 222/386.5
International ClassificationB05B9/04, B65D83/14, B05B9/047
Cooperative ClassificationB05B9/047, B65D83/62
European ClassificationB65D83/62, B05B9/047