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Publication numberUS2816838 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1957
Filing dateJul 9, 1954
Priority dateJul 17, 1953
Publication numberUS 2816838 A, US 2816838A, US-A-2816838, US2816838 A, US2816838A
InventorsGerman Rose Alfred
Original AssigneeRose Brothers Ltd
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Packages for toffees and like articles
US 2816838 A
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Dec. 17 1957 A. G. ROSE ,816,


By J fJWY/AW Attorneys United States Patent i PACKAGES FOR TOFFEES AND LIKE ARTICLES Alfred German Rose, Gainsborough, En gland, assignor to Rose Brothers (Gainsborough) Limited, Gainsborough, England, a British company Application July 9, 1954, Serial No. 442,283 Claims priority, application Great Britain July 17, 1953 1 Claim. (Cl. 99-180) This invention relates to packages for tolfees and like articles (hereinafter referred to as toffees) of the kind in which the toffee is enveloped in a wrapper of paper, film or other wrapping material by folding the wrapper about the toffee in the form of a tube having an overlapping seam on one face of the toffee and end portions folded to form triangular flaps which extend from the ends of the toffee on to that face of the tofiee. It has been usual in this kind of package for the seam to extend approximately midway along the width of the toffee.

With some kinds of toffee, particularly when using heat sealing material, it has been found difficult to remove the wrapper from the toffee firstly on account of the wrapper adhering to the toffee, and secondly (when the end folds are heat-sealed) because of the tight seal given to the end folds by heat-sealing operation. An object of the invention is to provide a package of the above. kind which can be readily opened in spite of these difliculties.

According to the present invention, there is provided a package of the kind described, wherein the outer portion of the wrapper forming part of the overlapping seam extends well beyond the centre line of the toffee so as to pass under the triangular flaps and has an extending marginal portion that is not secured on the face of the package. The extending portion thus constitutes an opening tab by means of which the triangular flaps can be readily broken open and the whole wrapper peeled ofi the toffee.

The extending portion is preferably formed in a definite shape for convenient handling by the fingers, and in order to avoid waste of wrapping material, the opposing end of the wrapper is preferably of complementary shape. Thus the wrapper may be cut so as to taper to a point at one end, and have a corresponding portion cut out at the other end. In this as the wrappers are cut continuously from a web of material, the formation of the pointed end forms the recess in the opposite end of the preceding wrapper. The extending portion may, of course, be formed in a variety of shapes, as desired. For example,


it may be made completely arcuate, or it may have a control arcuate (or other shaped) projection.

To assist the opening action of the flap, a tearing strip may be fed with the wrapper, the strip extending longitudinally of the wrapper to the end of the flap.

The invention is illustrated by the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 shows one particular shape of wrapper blank,

Figures 2, 3 and 4 show a toffee package in various stagesof construction.

The wrappers 11 are cut from a web to leave extending tabs 12 and complementary recesses 13. The wrapper 11 is folded about a toffee 14 in the form of a tube having an overlapping seam 16 the outer portion of which extends beyond the centre line of the toffee, the tab 12 extending beyond a side of the toffee. The portions 17 of the tube extending beyond the ends of the toffee are then folded in known manner to form triangular flaps 18 extending from the ends of the toffee on to the face containing the seam 16, the outer portion of the seam 16 thus passing below the flaps 18.

It will thus be seen that the package may be readily opened by pulling the tab 12 upwards to burst open the folded flaps 18.

I claim:

A package comprising a toffee enveloped in a wrapper of heat-sealing material having opposed tapered edges which are overlapped to form a chevron-shaped seam on one face of the toffee, the wrapper having end portions folded to form trinagular flaps which extend from the ends of the toflfee on to the said face, the package being characterised in that the triangular flaps are heat-sealed and closely approach each other towards the centre of said face, the inner tapered edge of the wrapper forming part of the seam extends towards the edge of said face so as to pass under the triangular flaps, and the outer tapered edge of the wrapper forming part of the seam extends at least to the edge of said face so as to pass under the triangular flaps and is formed with a marginal portion that is not secured on the face of the package and extends beyond said edge to constitute an opening tab.

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International ClassificationB65D75/12, B65D75/04
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