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Publication numberUS28169 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 8, 1860
Publication numberUS 28169 A, US 28169A, US-A-28169, US28169 A, US28169A
InventorsJ. H. Gooch
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Improvement in plows
US 28169 A
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No. 28,169. Patented May 8, 1860.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 28,169, dated May 8, 1860.

' To all whom it may concern:

' the parts attached; Fig. 2, a side view of the plow without the beam and handles; Fig. 3, a side view of the plow with one part of the mold-board detached 5 Fig. 4., a side view of the plow with two detached parts of the moldboard.

Similar letters of reference in each of the several figures indicate corresponding parts.

The nature of my invention consists in making the mold-board extension in two parts, the dividing -line between the two parts being horizontal, or nearly horizontal, for the purpose of transforming the plow into a cultivator, subsoil, or complete turning plow, by simply detaching either one or both of those two parts.

To enable others skilled in the art to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe its construction and operation.

The standard L of the plow is fastened to the beam N at M in the usual manner. The handles P O are attached each to one side of the rear end of the beam. The lower end of the landside-handle P rests in a stirrup, R, projecting from the inner surface of the landside K of the plow. The lower end of the other handle, 0, is fastened to the handle P, and both are fastened to the landside K by meansofa screw, Q, passingthrough these three parts. The standard is made with ashortwin g, 0, and a foot, I), to which latter a point, E, can be attached. The mold-board extension A B of the plow fits the side edge of the wing O and the upper edge of the foot D, and is attached to the wing O by two or more screws and nuts, X J. The mold-board extension is made in two parts by dividing it on a horizontal, or nearly horizontal, line, or as, the inner end of which line is slightly curved, as seen at w a This horizontal division of the moldboard is for the purpose that the lower piece, A, shall have the proper shape of a half-moldboard plow after the upper piece, B, has been removed. On leaving the piece B in its place and removing piece A the piece B exhibits the shape and serves the purpose of the mold-board of a subsoil-plow. By attaching the pieces A B to the wing O a complete turning-plow is obtained. 4

It will be seen that a horizontal, or nearly horizontal, division, as above described, is necessary in order to obtain, by the removal of one or the other of the pieces A B, the proper moldboard outline of a half mold-board or a cultivator-plow. Each of the pieces A B is provided with a flange, G F, which flanges reach underneath and rest against the inside surface of the wing O, and are fastened to the wings by two or more screws, J X.

The drawings represent a new mode of making these or similar plow-fastenings at X Y. The inside surface of the wing O is provided with a dovetail slot, Y, which terminates in that edge of wing 0 against which rests the edge of piece B. The head of the screw X is made just to fit the dovetail slot, and is introduced from the open end of the slot in the edge of wing O. The piece B is then attached, the hole in the flange F fitting the screw X.

It will be seen that when B is in its place the curvature at w a) of the horizontal edge of B will prevent the piece from giving way in the direction of the line at 00 and will hold it firmly against the edge of wing C, while the screw X and nut I serve to prevent the piece Bfrom coming off in any other direction. Thus it will be seen that a perfectly secure mode of fastening is obtained.

I do not claim as my invention confining the detachable portions of a mold-board of a plow to its main parts by means of screws and dovetail slots; but

What 1 do claim as my in veution, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-- Making the mold hoard extension in two parts, A and B, the dividing-line between the two parts A and B being horizontal, or nearly horizontal, for the purpose of transforming the plow into acultivator, subsoil, or complete turning plow by simply detaching either one or both of those two parts, substantially as set forth.

J. H. GOOGH. Witnesses:

Goonwnv Y. AT LEE, R. W. 'FENwIoK.

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