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Publication numberUS2818254 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1957
Filing dateMar 27, 1956
Priority dateMar 27, 1956
Publication numberUS 2818254 A, US 2818254A, US-A-2818254, US2818254 A, US2818254A
InventorsBernard J Dunn
Original AssigneeBernard J Dunn
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Swimming pool basket ball apparatus
US 2818254 A
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Dec. 31, 1957 B. J. DUNN 2,818,254

SWIMMING POOL BASKET BALL APPARATUS Filed March 27, 1956 FIG-l A INVENTOR. Him 4P0 J DuMv United States Patent SWIMMING POOL BASKET BALL APPARATUS Bernard J. Dunn, Morgan Hill, Calif.

Application March 27, 1956, Serial No. 574,116

2 Claims. (Cl. 273-15) My invention relates to amusement devices and more particularly to such devices as would be used in connection with a swimming pool. i

The construction of small, inexpensive swimming pools has increased greatly in the past years, but most such pools provide little means for enjoyment of the pool other than merely swimming in the pool. The cost of providing proper diving equipment prevents many pool owners from installing such equipment. It is an important object of this invention to providerelatively inexpensive means for use with a pool whereby the enjoyment of the pool may be increased.

More specifically, this invention provides a portable basketball equipment which may be disposed at the edge of a swimming pool. Such equipment has several advantages. The equipment may be used by any number of people, either as individuals or as teams. Since the eqiupment is portable, it may be used at any side of the pool. If used at the shallow end of the pool, the particpiants may stand on the bottom of the pool, which would be desirable for those whose swimming experience and skill are limited. Further, it would entice those of little swimming experience into the pool so that they may become more proficient in the art of swimming. If used at the deep end of the pool, the swimmers will greatly increase their swimming ability and stamina while having more fun than merely swimming back and forth across the pool. The use of the present invention will also provide a safe, stimulating outlet for youthful exuberance and will tend to decrease the otherwise normal amount of horseplay around the apron of the pool which so often leads to serious accidents.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a basketball equipment capable of being attached to the side of a swimming pool.

A further object is to provide means for securing such equipment from displacement when attached to a pool at a predetermined place.

A further object is to provide adjusting means whereby the equipment may be horizontally and vertically adjusted.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent in the course of the following description.

In the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this application, and in which like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the same,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the invention in use in a swimming pool,

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the rear of the invention, and

Figure 3 is a rear elevational view of the rear connection of the invention as seen from the view lines 3-3 of Figure 2.

In the drawings, a generally horizontal base is formed by tubular members or frame bars 1 connected together at their rearward ends by means to be hereinafter described. The horizontal members 1 diverge forwardly so as to form a V shape.

Attached by suitable means to the horizontal member "ice 1 are resilient foot members or suction cups 4, one of which is attached at the rear apex of the V-conuected horizontal members 1, while the other suction cups 4 are attached to the forward portions 5 of the horizontal members 1. As illustrated, the suction cups thus form a three point support, such support thus providing the structure with the greatest amount of stability.

Fastened by suitable means, such as by nuts and bolts, to the forward ends 5 of the horizontal members 1 are tubular members or frame bars 6 extending generally in a vertical direction. The connection of a horizontal member 1 to .a vertical member 6 is made at a point intermediate the ends of the vertical member 6 so that the vertical member has an end portion 7 extending below the plane formed by the foot members 4 for a purpose to be hereinafter discussed. The vertical members 6 are horizontally offset rearwardly so that the assembled detvice will have its center of gravity within the triangle formed by the three point support.

Extending from the upper vertical portion 8 of the vertical members 6 to the rearward connection of the horizontal members 1 are additional diagonal tubular or bar bracing elements 9 designed to increase the overall rigidity of the present embodiment of the invention.

Carried on the upper vertical portions 8 of the vertical members 6 and attached thereto by suitable connecting means is the backboard 11. Disposed on the front side of the backboard 11 and spaced from the bottom and centrally of the edges thereof is the basketball hoop 12. A net 13 may be provided to be attached to the hoop 12 in a well known manner.

Figure 3 illustrates more specifically the construction of the rearward portion of the structure. A closed cylinder 14 is provided, having threaded portion 16 extending from each end thereof. The horizontal tubular elements 1 are flattened, as at 17, and appropriate holes are formed through the flattened portions 17 so that the flattened portions may slip over the threaded portion 16 of the cylinder 14. The diagonal tubular elements 9 are similarly flattened, as at 18, pierced and inserted over the thread ed portions of the cylinder. Lock washers 19 and end nuts 20 are then utilized to fasten the elements together securely.

The cylinder 14 is additionally formed with vertically aligned openings through which the adjusting screw 22 passes. Lock nuts 23 enable the cylinder 14 to be locked into a vertically fixed position with relation to the adjusting screw 22. Aflixed to the lower end of the adjusting screw is the rearward foot member 4.

A screen 25, preferably made of canvas, is attached to the vertical members 6 and to the lower edge of the backboard 11. Although grommet holes 26 and strings 27 are shown as the attaching means, it is understood that any other suitable means may be employed for the purpose.

Attached to the horizontal members and carried thereon is a suitable receptacle 28, adapted to receive any suitable weighting means therein.

In use, the device is mounted on the edge of a swimming pool, shown generally at Stl, as shown in Figure 1. The three foot members 4 rest upon the pool apron 31 in such a manner as to allow the bottom extending portion 7 of the vertical members 6 to extend downwardly into abutting relation with the side Wall 32. Rubber tips 33 may be mounted on the bottom ends of the vertical members to prevent damage to the side wall of the pool. In this manner the device is prevented from shifting transversely away from the side wall 32 of the pool.

The resilient foot members 4 provide a cushioning of the device so that the shock produced when a ball hits the backboard 11 will not be transmitted to the pool apron 31. The foot members 4 may be preferably of the suction cup type .to further anchor the structure. against shifting. The suction cups have a further advantage in that they may readily be fastened to the pool apron 31 since the latter'is normally wet from the customary splashingpfrom the pool.

After the device is placed imposition and theqsuction cups 4 are secured .to the pool apron 31, the device is leveled by means of the, adjusting screw ZZ-and :lockrnuts 23 in order that the backboard 11 :may be adjusted to a vertical position with regards to the water surface of the.

pool 30.

The receptacle 2% is then filled with weights to provide additional anchoring to further tprevent shifting of the structure when in use.

The screen 25 serves several important functions. it helps .to prevent the ball from being thrown out of the pool in case the ball misses .thehoop 1 2, and 221180 deflects the ball back into the pool when the btilltpasses through the hoop. Further, the screen helps to prevent arm injury by preventing an extendednarm from .being forced againstrthe receptacle 28 or one of'the verticalmernbers 6. In addition, when the device isnot in operative position on the edge of a pool, the screen may serve as a back rest so that the device could be used as adeoklchair for sunning purposes.

It is understood that the form of my invention, herewith shown and described, is to be taken as a preferred example of the same, and that various changes in the shape, size and arrangement of parts may be resorted to, without departing from the spirit of my invention, or the scope of the following claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In an amusement device, a pairof generally horizontal members connected together at their rear ends and diverging forwardly therefrom, a plurality of resilient suction cup foot members attached to said horizontal members, one of said suction cup members being attached to said rear end connection of said horizontal members, and one each of said suction cup members being attached adjacent the forward end of said horizontal members, said suction cup members thus being adapted to form a three-point support for said horizontal members above asunnorting surface, a tpairflot generally vertical members each connected at a point intermediate the ends thereof to the forward end of one of said horizontal members, each vertical member having a downwardly depending portion extending below the plane formed by said suction cup foot members, and each vertical member being rearwardly offset such that the upper ends thereof are vertically rearward of'said forward suction cup members, 1a connected are the upper ends of said vertical members, .said backboard being vertically rearward of said forward suction cup members, and a hoop attached rte :the .forward' side of saidsbackboard.

2. In an amusement device, a pair of generally horizontal members connectedtogether'attheir rear ends and diverging forwardly therefrom, a plurality of resilient suction cup foot members attached to said horizontal members, one of said suction cup members being attached to said rear endiconnection of said horizontal members, and=0116z621hr0f3aid suction :cup :members being attached adjacent the forward end of .said horizontal members, said rsuctionqup :members-zthuszbeing adapted to form a thICCnPOlIlt support-for said horizontal members above a supporting surface, apairroflgenerally vertical members eachconnected at a point intermediate .the ends :thereof to :the forward end of-one :ofsaid horizontal members, and eachvertical member :having a downwardly depending portion extending below the plane formed by said suction cup .foot members, and reach vertical member being rearwardly offset such that the upper ends thereof are rearward of said forward suction cup members, a backboard connected to be upper ends of said vertical members, said backboard being vertically rearwards of said forward \suction cup member, a 'hoop attached to the forward side of said backboard, and 3. flexible .screen secured-to the lowertedge iof said backboard and sloping downwardly and forwardly therefrom.

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