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Publication numberUS2821719 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 4, 1958
Filing dateOct 4, 1955
Priority dateOct 4, 1955
Publication numberUS 2821719 A, US 2821719A, US-A-2821719, US2821719 A, US2821719A
InventorsBenjamin Meaker
Original AssigneeBenjamin Meaker
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Garment protectors
US 2821719 A
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Feb. 4, 1958 B. MEAKER GARMENT PROTECTORS Filed Oct. 4, 1955 United States Patent'O GARMENT PROTECTORS Benjamin Meaker, London, England Application October 4, 1955, Serial No. 538,497

1 Claim. (Cl. 2-231) This invention relates to a male or female garment protector. It deals more particularly with removable or expendable garment protectors.

It is an object of the present invention to provide protectors for male or female garments such as shorts, trousers, trunks or the like garments, whether an outer gar ment or an under garment, hereinafter referred to as trousers, and which during wear prevent the perspiration of the user from soiling or staining said garments.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a removable expendable and hidden protector for trousers (as above defined) which is adapted to be positioned within said trousers whereby the perspiration of the wearer will be absorbed by the protector and substantially prevented from soiling or staining said trousers together with any other garments being worn adjacent thereto.

It is a further object of the present invention to provide a removable expendable and hidden protector against soiling or staining trousers (as above defined) which is maintained in correct position during wear without in the least interfering with the freedom of movement and the comfort of the wearer.

With the above and other objects in view, the invention will be hereinafter more particularly described, and the combination and arrangement of the parts will be shown in the accompanying drawings and pointed out in the claim.

Now referring to the drawings:

Figure 1 is a plan view of a modified form. of garment protector constructed according to the present invention.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the garment protector shown in Figure l in position and attached to a pair of trousers or shorts.

Referring to Figures 1 and 2, the garment protector 20 is in the form of a gradually tapered strip of cloth 2d having an overall length of about twenty-two inches. The end 2a is preferably placed at the back of the wearer and is preferably about seven inches wide. The end 2a is also bifurcated or provided with small flaps about four inches long and attaching means 4 is again provided for attaching the strip of cloth 2d to the rear of the garment to be protected. Although the end 2a has been shown bifurcated because manufacturing experience has indicated that this is preferable, the end 2a may equally as well consist of a flat straight edge if this is desired. Attaching means 4 cooperates with buttons 6 provided at the back of and inside the trousers or shorts 8 near the waist band and such as are ordinarily provided for attaching suspenders.

The opposite end 20 of the garment protector 20 is formed with a substantially blunt pointed extremity or tab at the edge of which attaching means 4a permits fixing the front of the garment protector to the lowermost fly button 26 of the shorts or trousers 8. If a zipper fly front is provided on the front of the trousers or shorts 8 it is obvious that an additional button may be sewn inside the trousers or shorts for securing the attaching means 4a thereto. Here again although attaching means 4, 4a conp 2,821,719 Ce latented Feb. 4, 1

2 sists of loops of cloth, as shown, obviously the means already described may be substituted therefor.

One end of the garment protector 20 is forked and thus provided on either side of blunt pointed extremity 2b with arms or flaps 20 having straight end edges, as shown, although it is to be understood that the end edges may be rounded according to any predetermined pattern if this is deemed desirable. A reinforcing central hem 16a is provided at the sides of strip of cloth 2d.

Thus, it can be seen that the garment protector 20 is removable and adapted to be attached to shorts 8 so that the strip of cloth 2d overlies the crotch of the shorts between the legs of the wearer while the arms 20 extend a short way inside and slightly to the rear of the legs of the wearer to define means for assisting in keeping the garment protector in correct position during wear which become arcuately bent and hence stiffen during such wear or when the garment protector 20 is attached to shorts 8. It is preferable that the arms 2c be made short enough so that they will be invisible when the shorts or trousers 8 are being worn. The garment protector 20 is positioned between the legs of the wearer and provides a. covering for the crotch of the shorts which extends up the center of the lower rear portion of the shorts or trousers and a short way up the center of the lower front portion of the shorts or trousers.

No part of the garment protectors shown in Figures 1 and 2 encircles the wearers legs or body and the strips of cloth from which the protectors are made overlie the crotch of the trousers (as defined supra) when attached thereto and they are supported by the trousers.

The garment protector 20 in addition to overlying the crotch of the trousers when attached thereto also extends a short distance and into the legs of the trousers in order to assist in keeping the garment protector 20 in its correct position during wear.

A garment protector according to the present invention may be made in difierent sizes for wearers of different stature. In pratcice the garment protector would probably be made in three sizes, namely small, medium, and outsize, the protectors above described both being medium sized.

Again, it is to be understood that materials from which the garment protector may be manufactured and herein defined in the specification and claims as cloth clearly includes materials capable of repeated wear or washing such as nylon, silk, cotton, wool, or the like, or even a suitable absorbent paper strong enough to withstand at least repeated wear and possibly washing or cleaning. Furthermore, if a garment protector according to the invention is made of paper, the button holes could be re inforced, for instance by doubling over the paper and gluing together the two thicknesses which are then pierced. The protector whether or not of paper can be also fixed at the extremities thereof with a safety pin, in the absence of the described buttons.

Having thus described an embodiment of the invention, it is to be understood that the garment protector is susceptible of further modification such as may be obvious to any one skilled in the art and that the embodiment disclosed is descriptive and not to be construed as limiting the scope of the invention.

Having thus described the invention what is claimed is:

A trouser protector comprising a strip of cloth with absorbent properties, said strip of cloth being symmetrical about the longitudinal axis thereof and having front and rear portions and a body portion merging with said front and rear portions, said body portion tapering with a progressively decreasing width toward said rear portion, attaching means at said front and rear portions, securing means on the front and rear of said trouser cooperating with said attaching means to secure said strip of cloth to said trouser so that the former is held closely overlying the crotch of said trouser thereby preventing sailing and staining of the latter without interfering with the freedom of movement and comfort of the wearer, said front portion having a substantially W-shaped marginal 'front edge, said front portion comprising an axially praject'r'ng tab on said front -e'dgeto which said attaching means at said front portion is provided and comprising two substantially identical flaps each extending forwardly outwardly from said body portion at an obtuse angle relative to said longitudina'l axis of the latter with each of said flaps having a rearwardly directed marginal edge substantially parallel to said .front edgeandrounded at the end thereof adjacent said body portion to merge therewith, said trouser protector when in position in said trouser having a contour conforming substantially -to the contour of .said crotch of said trouser with said flaps smoothly folded downwardly relative to 'said body portion and extending substantially vertically one in each of the legs of said trouser and with said flaps transversely arcuately bent so that said flaps are stiffened and maintain said strip of cloth in central position adjacent the crotch 10f said trouser.

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