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Publication numberUS2823953 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 18, 1958
Filing dateJul 6, 1954
Priority dateJul 6, 1954
Publication numberUS 2823953 A, US 2823953A, US-A-2823953, US2823953 A, US2823953A
InventorsMcgeorge John R
Original AssigneeMcgeorge John R
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Liquid spraying device
US 2823953 A
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I Feb. 1a, 1958 J. R. MCGEQRGE LIQUID srwrmc nsvxcz Filed July 6, 1954 United States Patent 2,823,953 I LIQUID SPRAYING DEVICE John R. McGeorge, Hagerstown, Ind. Application July 6, 1954, Serial No. 441,258

1 Claim. (Cl. 299-90) This invention relates to liquid spraying devices of the so-called bomb type, in which a liquid is discharged through a valve-controlled duct by means of a compressed gas.

Authorities hold that such spray devices should not be used for mouth sprays and the like, because of the danger of inhaling the propelling gas. Doctors, dentists and others have therefore been deprived of the advantages which would flow from the bomb type sprayers were it not for the aforesaid prohibitive factor.

The present invention is designed to improved upon Sprayers of the type set forth by segregating the liquid from the gas, the segregating means including a movable member acted upon by the gas and active upon the liquid to discharge the latter. The improved device is thus safely available for use in dispensing mouth sprays and the like.

Another object of the invention is to provide the aforesaid movable member in the form of a flexible bag containing the liquid, said bag being enclosed by a shell which contains the compressed gas.

Yet another object of the invention is to provide a somewhat flexible shell which may be compressed by hand to aid in discharging the liquid when the gas pressure has become greatly lowered by repeated use of the device.

A liquid discharge tube extends into the flexible liquidcontaining bag and has a liquid-admission orifice, and a further object is to overcome any possibility of any portion of the bag closing said orifice as said bag is collapsed more and more with successive use of the device.

Yet another object is to provide a novel construction which allows recharging of the device with liquid and gas, thus saving the expense of purchasing a new bomb each time one becomes impotent.

With the above and other objects in view that will become apparent as the nature of the invention is better understood, the same consists in the novel form, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more fully described, shown in the accompanying drawing, and claimed.

In the drawing:

The figure is an enlarged side elevational view partly broken away and shown in section.

The specific construction shown in the drawing may be varied in numerous respects and is therefore to be considered as illustrative to a large extent rather than limiting. However, for clarity this construction will be specifically described.

A head 1 is provided having a valve chamber 2 centrally located in its lower side. This lower side is also formed with a continuous groove 3 surrounding and spaced from the valve chamber 2, the outer wall of said groove 3 having a screw thread 4. A cup 5 is threaded into the lower end of the chamber 2 and carries a liquidconducting tube 6, and a yieldable valve seat ring 7 is provided in the upper end of said chamber. From this seat ring 7, an opening 8 extends to a shallow recess 9 in the upper side of the head 1.

A valve 10 in the chamber 2 is seated against the seat 'ice ring 7 by a suitable spring 11 which reacts against the bottom of the cup 5. This valve 10 has an upstanding tubular liquid discharge stem 12 provided at its upper end with a push-button 13 in the recess 9. A discharge nozzle 14 is carried by this push-button, in communication with the tubular stem 12, and this stem has liquidconducting orifices 15. When the push-button 13 is depressed, the valve 10 is opened and a continuous liquiddischarge duct is then alforded from the orifice 16 at the lower end of the tube 6 to the tip of the nozzle 14.

A flexible bag 17 is employed to contain the liquid 18, and a shell 19 is provided to contain the compressed gas which is used to discharge said liquid when the valve 10 is opened. The shell 19 is sufliciently flexible to allow compression thereof by hand to aid in discharging the liquid when the pressure of the compressed gas has become weak from successive use of the device. The compressed gas in indicated by the vertical dotted lines 20.

The shell 19 has an open upper end provided with an external screw-thread 21 engaging the thread 4 of the outer wall of the groove 3. The upper end of the bag 17 has a lateral flange 22 lying upon the upper extremity of the shell 19, and a gasket 23 is interposed between said flange 22 and the top wall of the groove 3. Thus, a tight connection is provided between the upper ends of the shell 19 and bag 17 and the cap 1, yet the cap can be removed for refilling the bag.

A charging plug 24 is provided in the lower end of the shell 19 to allow initial injection of the compressed gas 20 and to also permit recharging when the gas pressure has been exhausted. This plug may contain a small inflation valve.

It will be seen from the above that the gas 20 is entirely segregated from the liquid 18. When the valve 10 is opened by depressing the push-button 13, the gas pressure acts on the flexible bag to partially collapse it and this bag acts on the liquid 18 to discharge it through the nozzle 14.

To overcome any possibility of any portion of the bag 17 closing the inlet orifice 16 of the tube 6, a guard cage 25 has been attached at the open end of the tube 6.

From the foregoing, it will be seen that a novel construction has been provided for attaining the desired ends, but attention is again invited to the possibility of making variations within the scope of the invention as claimed. Then, too, it is to be understood that any appropriate materials may be employed.

I claim:

A liquid spray device comprising a head having a valve chamber, the lower side of said head having a continuous groove surrounding and spaced from said valve chamber, the outer wall of said groove having a screw thread, a compressed-gas-containing shell having an open upper end, said open upper end having an external screw thread engaged with the aforesaid thread, a flexible liquidcontaining bag within said shell, said bag having a continuous lateral flange lying upon the upper extremity of said shell within said groove, a gasket between said flange and the top wall of said groove, a liquid-conducting tube within said bag and extending to said valve chamber, a valve in said valve chamber having liquid discharge means terminating in a nozzle, and a push button operatively connected with said valve for opening the same.

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International ClassificationB65D83/14
Cooperative ClassificationB65D2231/004, B65D83/62
European ClassificationB65D83/62