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Publication numberUS2824394 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 25, 1958
Filing dateFeb 1, 1956
Priority dateFeb 1, 1956
Publication numberUS 2824394 A, US 2824394A, US-A-2824394, US2824394 A, US2824394A
InventorsLohnes Howard E
Original AssigneeHallmark Cards
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Greeting card
US 2824394 A
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7 1958 H. E. LOHNES 2,824,394

. GREETING CARD Fiied Feb. 1. 1956 2 Sheds-Sheet 1 IN V EN TOR. Howard E. Lohnes.

Feb. 25, 1958 H. E. LOHNES 2,

GREETING CARD Filed Feb. 1. 195a 2 Silesia-Sheet 2 fi' i9, INVENTOR. I


ZMMYW Howard 5. Lp/vnes.v

' GREETING CARD Howard E. Lohnes, Kansas City, Mo., assignor to Hallmark Cards, Incorporated, Kansas City, Mo., a corporation of Missouri Application February 1, 1956, Serial No. 562,766

3 Claims. (Cl. 40124.1)

This invention relates to a greeting card, and more particularly to a card which when folded will lie flat and when open will have accordion-shaped folds in which words of greeting will appear on tabs extending outwardly from the accordion fold formations.

The principal objects of the present invention are to provide a card made from a single sheet of material, such as paper, cardboard or the like, having a longitudinal fold line through substantially the center thereof and spaced transverse fold lines whereby when the card is folded upon itself on the longitudinal fold line the corner edges may be fastened by adhesive or the like and when the card is open there will appear substantially square open ways in spaced relation to each other so that the card will stand erect; to provide one side of the sheet on one side of the fold line with cut-out portions of various shapes so that said cut-out portions will extend outwardly from the fold line and upon which the words of greeting appear; to provide a card of this character which when extended will stand on one edge and wherein the cut-out portions will extend outwardly from the fold lines; and to provide a device of this character, simple and economical to manufacture.

In accomplishing these and other objects, I have provided improved details of structure, the preferred forms of which are shown in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Fig. l is a perspective view of my card shown in partly extended position with the tabs extending outwardly from the center fold line.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view with the card in semi-extended position.

Fig. 3 is a plan view of the sheet of material from which the card is made showing the cut-out portions at the fold lines.

Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view of the card as it is shown in Fig. 2.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged fragmentary view showing the folded edge of the card.

Referring more in detail to the drawings:

1 designates a greeting card embodying the features of my invention made from a single sheet of paper, cardboard or the like 2 having a longitudinal fold line 3 through the center thereof and provided with spaced slits or slots 4 and 5, along said fold line. The sheet is provided through substantially the center thereof with a transverse fold line 6 and spaced therefrom are fold lines 7 and 8 running entirely across the sheet and running through the slots 4 and 5 substantially at the center thereof. Transverse fold lines 9 and 10 extend between the respective ends of the slot 4, as indicated at 11 and 12, to the edge 13 of the paper sheet 2. Also extending from the ends 14 and 15 of the slot 5 to the edge 13 of the paper sheet are transverse fold lines 16 and 17.

Cuts or the like 18, 19 and 20 are made in the front of the sheet of paper having the fold lines 6, 7 and 8 and the cut-out portions or slits are adjacent or extend to the fold lines 6, 7 and 8. These cut-out portions nited States Patent 0 2,824,394 Patented Feb. 25, 1958 may beof any shape and form tabs 21, 22 and 23 on which messages or the like may be printed, as indicated at 24, 25 and 26. These tabs are off-set one from the other, as best illustrated in Fig. 3. Also printed upon the front face of the sheet in the lower right-hand corner is a design, as indicated at 27, hearing a message as indicated at 28. 1

The card is formed by folding the sheet upon the fold line 3 forming a back 29 and a front 30 and an adhesive materialis placed on the inside face 31 of theback member at the respective free corners, as indicated at 32 and 33, and when the card is folded the inside 34 of the front cover 30 is secured to the back by the adhesive, thus fastening the free corners of the sheet together by the adhesive.

After the sheet is folded on the fold line 3, it is again folded transversely on the fold line 6 with the fold line extending forwardly forming mating sides 35 and 36. The card is then folded on the fold lines 7 and 8 extending rearwardly and the fold lines 7 and 8 of the front portion 30 forming front edges 37 and 38. The rear edges of the fold lines 7 and 8 of the rear portion 29 of the card form rearwardly extending points 39 and 40. The front portion 30 of the card is also folded on the lines 9 and 10 and 16 and 17.

It will thus be seen that by folding of the card as above described, there will be side panels 41, 42, 43 and 44 on the back portion 29 of the card and panels 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51 and 52 on the front portion of the card. When the card is folded the panels 42 and 43 will face together and lie flat against each other. It will be noted the panel 41 is slightly wider than the panel 44 so that the indicia or the greeting 27 will be viewable when the card is folded. The panel 44, when the card is folded, lies flat against panel 43 and the sides 46 and 47 of the front portion of the card will lie fiat against each other. The panels 49 and 50 will lie flat against each other and the inside of the panels 50 and 51 will lie flat against each other and the inside of panels 43 and 44 will lie against each other. Panel 52 lies fiat against the inside of the outer portion of the panel 44 so that the card will lie fiat in closed position, as partly illustrated in Fig. 1.

When the card is unfolded to the position shown in Fig. 2, the tabs 21, 22 and 23 will automatically extend outwardly; as they are in staggered position on the front forwardly fold lines of the card they will all be in full view at the same time and the indicia on the lower righthand corner of the card being on the outer edge of the panel 45 will also be in clear view, either when the card is in folded position or when in extended position. It will be obvious that the card when in open position will stand in vertical position on a plane surface.

It will be obvious that the slits 4 and 5 are provided to form the box-like openings in the panels, as illustrated in Fig. 4.

It will be obvious that I have provided an improved greeting card cut from a single sheet of paper provided with fold lines which may be folded and adapted to lie in folded position or may be extended to stand upright and carry indicia of good cheer, good will, and the like.

What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

l. A greeting card made from a single sheet of flexible material having a fold line longitudinally thereof for folding the sheet to form a front and back member, a transverse fold line substantially centrally of said sheet, fold lines spaced equal distance from said transverse fold line of said sheet and extending transversely thereacross, spaced slots on the longitudinal fold line intersecting the last-named fold lines, fold lines intersecting the ends of said slots and extending transversely only from said longitudinal fold line to the edge of said front member, and

3 cut-out portions on the front member intersecting certain of the transverse lines and forming tabs for greeting indicia, said tabs having their connecting portions bendable on said fold lines, whereby the sheet is folded on the longitudinal fold line and the front and back members may be folded on said transverse fold lines to cause the card to lie in fiat position and when opened will stand in vertical position.

2. A greeting card as claimed in claim 1 wherein the respective free corners of the sheet has means for holding the same together, when the sheet is folded on the longitudinal fold line.

3. A greeting card as claimed in claimed 1 wherein the respective free corners of the sheet has adhesive means 4 for holding the same together when the sheet is folded on the longitudinal fold line.

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International ClassificationB42D15/04
Cooperative ClassificationB42D15/042, B42D15/04
European ClassificationB42D15/04, B42D15/04B