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Publication numberUS2825070 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1958
Filing dateMay 11, 1953
Priority dateMay 11, 1953
Publication numberUS 2825070 A, US 2825070A, US-A-2825070, US2825070 A, US2825070A
InventorsAlexander Zareh, Alexander Kenneth Lewis
Original AssigneeAlexander Zareh, Alexander Kenneth Lewis
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Disposable infant's toilet seat
US 2825070 A
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March 4, 1958 z. ALEXANDER ET AL 2,825,070

DISPOSABLE INFANTS TOILET SEAT Filed May 11, 1955 United States Patent 2,825,070 DISPOSABLE INFANTS TOILET SEAT Zareh Alexander, Oakland, and Kenneth Lewis Alexander,

Lafayette, Calif.

Application May 11,1953, Serial No. 354,244 3 Clairns. 01. 4-239) The present invention relates to improvements in disposable infants toilet seats which are adapted to be placed over the usual toilet seat. It is not disposable in the sense that the toilet seat is a mere tissue cover which will, when the toilet is flushed, be removed and disposed of without further touching, but rather it is a toilet seat which is substantial and suitable for more than one use, if desired, and which is disposed of by burning or by placing in a suitable receptacle. 7

It is an object of the present invention to provide an' infants toilet seat which may be placed directly over the standard toilet seat and be retained in position during use, not only by the weight of the child or infant, but by the reinforcing at the marginaledges thereof.

It is another object of the present invention to supply such a toilet seat from a die cut form or blank so that it is easily packed or carried, either singly or in a multiple supply, and which may be folded up into its form for use as the occasionarises.

It is a well-known fact that the anatomy of an infant is not such that it may be accommodated by the usual standard toilet seat. Accordingly, some means must be provided to make the standard toilet seats available and comfortable for the infant's use, especially in hospitals, motels, hotels, service stations, public rest rooms, restaurants, and even for visiting in private homes where there are no young children. The usual folding seat for attachment to the standard toilet seat is a bulky piece of equipment which cannot be carried everywhere and which cannot be desguised or concealed. Furthermore, it is not possible to place such equipment on toilet seats without marring, chipping or permanently marking them in some way.

Accordingly, it is a further object of the present invention to provide a suitable infants toilet seat which is a complete answer to the problems arising from the use of such bulky pieces of equipment as are now used, and which will, at the same time, be of so little intrinsic value as to warrent discarding even after a single use.

Further, any other and more permanent forms of detachable seats require constant washing and attention to keep them clean and free of odors, which problems are entirely eliminated by the present invention.

Further objects are to provide a construction of maximum simplicity, economy and ease of assembly and disassembly, also such further objects, advantages and capabilities as will fully appear and as areinherently possessed by the device and the invention described herein.

The invention further resides in the combination, construction and arrangement of parts illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and while there is shown therein a preferred embodiment thereof, it is to be understood that the same is merely illustrative of the invention and that the invention is capable of modification and change, and comprehends other details of construction without departing from the spirit thereof or the scope of the appended claims.

Referring to the drawings:

Figure 1 is a bottom planview of the die cut blank for the infants toilet seat for placement on the standard toilet seat. I

Figure 2 is a perspective view showing the blank folded into proper position for use.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectional view taken along the line IlI-III in Figure 2 and looking in the direction of the arrows, showing the depending marginal reinforcement and protection.

Referring now more particularly to the drawings, in which like reference numerals are used to indicate like parts in the several views, the die cut blank 10 used to form the infants toilet seat is shown in bottom plan view for ease of description. The blank is formed from a piece of corrugated paper board, or other suitable fiber board product, although any material may be used which has lightweight strength and which is readily disposable. The blank 10, which is generally triangular in shape, is preferably die cut, although it is to be understood that it may be formed in any other manner suitable for the purposes. Spaced parallel scorings 11 and 12 are made along the marginal edges. The scorings are not so deep as to cut through the material, but are deep enough to form creases which will permit easy folding. The marginal edges are provided with outwardly extending tabs 14. Although the tabs 14 are not all the same size, they are identical in function and each is cut inwardly in the form of a wedge or a key. Each of the tabs 14 has a corresponding wedge-shape opening 15. The wider dimension of the openings 15 is wide enough to pass the widest dimension of the corresponding tab 14, while the smaller lateral dimension is small enough so that the opening will not permit passage of the tab.

The blank 10 is cut with a central opening 16 which is a modified elliptical shape. The peripheral edge 17 thereof is provided with inwardly directed marginal cuts 18.

The blank may also be provided with a central tongue 20, which is cut through at 21 to provide a free end. The tongue is cut through at its forward tied end at either side as at 22. It is scored for folding on the bottom side, as shown by the full line 23, and on the top surface, as shown by the broken lines 24 and 25.

The blank 10 is obviously a flat piece of material which occupies a minimum of space and which may readily be stacked or piled with a minimum of space and weight. The size and the shape are such as to completely mask embarrassment or possible indelicacy as to intended use.

In order to place the blank in condition for use, the same may be folded quickly and easily in the following manner. Each of the sides is first folded inwardly along the creases or scorings 11 and 12 and this is best done by placing the blank 10 with its bottom surface upwardly as shown in Figure l. The tabs 14 are inserted upwardly through the tapered slots 15 and then are pushed forwardly with the fingers until the tab is locked in the slot. When this has been done on all of the sides, it will be seen that the edges of the device are formed with equilateral sloping faces 26 and 27. This not only reinforces the marginal edges to give the entire assembly strength and rigidity, but provides a de pending rim which surrounds the usual toilet seat when placed thereon, preventing it from inadvertently slipping off or out of position. By running the thumb around the small cuts 18 in the opening 17, the edge of the seat opening 16 will be soft and insure a comfortably rounded rim.

The shape of the device, when assembled and ready for use, is such that it will fit over any standard toilet Patented Mar. 4, 1958 U y seat, whether open ended enclosed and even the weight of the smallest "child is sufficient to prevent it from shift ing or sliding on the smoothest of finishes.

If the blank is provided with ithe tongue as is preferable, it may be used as a deflector strip; and may bepl aced in operatingposi tion as follows. "the marginal'edges have'been' folded and secured into proper position, then the seat is placed in its normal position \vithits top "surface upwardly. The .tong ue'ZO isgrasped and moved upwardly to fold against thle scor'in g ni that position the outer end thereof is bent into-a sligh t V' shape agains't'the-scoriflg The ttab is bent downwardlythrough the opening 16 along the scoringg?!and then pressed back firmly into the looking notches 2'8.

"After use, if desiredfthe device may be iinlocked and flattened "for furtheruse at another time. construction is sturdy enough to permit folding and unfolding a number of times without weakening lof'jdistii rbing' its proper functioning. I i

-It will be seen that the present invention hasprovided a sturdy, sanitary and' convenient toilet seat" any ii'ngsters and infants which is readily portabiefwhicii "is capable of several uses, if desired, and IyVhicHis'c mpletely disposable after use. It will also be seen 1111a: this' disposable seat so covers any standard' 'toilet 's 'e'at that it is impossible for the body of the t ug to i'co'me into contact with the seat in anyway, which is not':a'ccomplished -by any other attachment for similar par poses. The parent likewise does not eomer agree with the toilet seat in any manner during atta'ohtiient or removal.

We claim: I

1. An infants toilet seat for positioning overtl ie st'andard toilet seat made from a single blank offfoldalile disposable 'material of integral stiffness,,cornprising ariginal edges on all sides folded and locked in, ion to reinforce and provide a depending protective lfitri; said side marginal edges 'being angled inwardly iroin 'rjia'r to front and a central opening therein provided with inward 'ciitsafodr'idthe perimeter thereof.

2. An infants toilet seat for positioning over the standard toilet seat made from a single blank of foldable disposable material, comprising marginal edges on all sides folded and locked in position to reinforce and provide a depending protective rim, said side marginal edges being angled inwardly from rear to front a central opening tliefein provided with inward "cuts around the perimeter thereof, and an -integrally attached deflector strip folded into position at theiforward end of said central opening and extending above and below the 1 horizontallplane the'reiiif in-the operative position.

3. A consumable rin fantis toilet seat cover for place ment over the standard'toile't seat made from a single sheet blank of corrugated board, and comprising a central opening of substantially smaller size but registering with the opening of the standard toilet seat, said opening havingifarplurality ,of inwiardly directed cuts around a substantialportion of theperimeterthereof, a multiply scored to i exwiihin and intieg'rally attached to the forward edge f saidopenin'gbent'toform a deflector above andbjelow the'pm eemw seat cover in the operative position, 'andmlarginal edges on all sides folded and secure d togfqrm a depending reinforcing and safety rim, said "side" marginal edges being angled inwardly from rear totfr ont. i

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