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Publication numberUS2825447 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1958
Filing dateJul 26, 1956
Priority dateJul 26, 1956
Publication numberUS 2825447 A, US 2825447A, US-A-2825447, US2825447 A, US2825447A
InventorsKurland Jacob
Original AssigneeKurland Jacob
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Cigarette package with magnetic holder
US 2825447 A
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March 4, 1958 J. KURLAND Y CIGARETTE PACKAGE WITH ,MAGNETIC HOLDER Filed July 26, 195s f l i I INVENTOR .O w .f2 lf TM me c0000 o ooooooo JACOB KURLAND. BY

ATT RNEY United States Patent CIGARETTE PACKAGE WITH MAGNETIC HOLDER Jacob Kurland, Letonia, N. J. Application July V26, 1,956, Serial No. 600,391

1 Claim. (Cl. 2069-195) This invention relates to a magnetic holder for cigarette packages.

The principal object of this invention is the provision of a magnetic holder which may be inserted into a cigarette package in order to support the package on any convenient ferrous metal surface, such as the dashboard of an automobile or the steering column or the like.

Reference is here made to cigarette packages which are provided with cellophane wrappers. When a package of this type is opened to remove its contents, the rst step in the opening procedure is to detach the upper end of the cellophane wrapper. What remains of said wrapper is a ve-sided envelope, consisting of four side walls and a bottom wall. Within the Wrapper is the package proper.

The magnetic holder herein claimed comprises a magnet and a support for the magnet. Both the magnet and its support are adapted to be inserted between the cigarette package proper and one of the side Walls of the cellophane wrapper. When the entire package is placed against a ferrous metal surface, with the magnet disposed in facing relation to such surface, the package will be magnetically supported on the surface, ready for future use.

In the preferred form of 'this invention, the magnet support is an invelope into which the magnet is inserted and held in place. Since the envelope entirely encloses the magnet, it protects the cellophane wrapper of the cigarette package against damage by the magnet which might otherwise take place if the magnet were directly exposed to said cellophane wrapper.

An important feature of this invention resides in its use as an advertisement. 'The envelope or other magnet support may serve as a vehicle for an advertisement. For example, the advertisement may be printed directly upon the envelope. Another possibility is to print the advertisement on a card and to insert the card into the envelope. This would require, of course, that the envelope be made of transparent material.`

An important aspect of the use of a transparent envelope as the magnet support and a card insert therein for the advertisement resides in the ready adaptability of the entire device to the advertisements of various different advertisers. The envelope and its magnet are standard in all cases. The card insert would also be standard save for the advertisement printed thereon. Consequently, it would be possible to adapt the device to the needs of individual advertisers by simply printing appropriate copy on the card inserts and then inserting them into the envelopes.

Magnetic holders of the character herein described and claimed are very useful in circumstances requiring the undivided attention of persons desiring to smoke cigarettes. This is especially true of drivers of automobiles, trucks and other motor vehicles. The present practice is to place a pack of cigarettes in an accessible pocket or on the seat of the vehicle and it is then necessary for the driver to reach for it without taking his eyes from the road. The package of cigarettes is not always conveniente 2,825,447 Patented Mar;V 4,v 1,958


ly located and on occasion it shifts in location, unknown to the driver, when the vehicle is brought to an abrupt stop or a sharp turn is made and the driver must then hunt for the package. The present device supports the cigarette package at that very point which the individual driver would iind the most convenient. In one case it might be the dashboard and in another the steering column butin all cases the present device would support the package in a convenient, accessible location.

The invention is illustrated Yin the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. 1 is a view of a cigarette package supported on the dashboard of a motor vehicle, by means of the present device.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged side View of a cigarette package showing the magnetic holder herein claimed inserted between the package proper and its cellophane wrapper.

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section on the line 3 3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a face view of a magnetic holder made in accordance with the present invention.

Fig. 5 is a longitudinal section therethrough on the line 5 5 of Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 is a sectional view through a modification of the present device.

Fig. 7 is another sectional view through a second moditication of said device.

Cigarette package 16 shown in Figs. 2 and 3 is intended to represent a conventional cigarette package in which the package proper is designated 12, the cellophane wrapper is designated le, and the cigarettes are designated 16. in the views shown, the top of the cellophane wrapper `ias been removed in conventional manner and the top of the cigarette package proper has been opened so that the individual cigarettes may be removed therefrom.

The magnetic holder 20 is best shown in Figs. 4 and 5. In this preferred form of the invention, the holder com-V prises a transparent plastic envelope 22 of generally rectangular shape and with rounded corners, a card insert 24 within said envelope, a small rectangular sheet 26 of transparent plastics secured along its edges to the inside of one of the walls of said envelope, thereby forming a pocket 2S between said wall and said sheet, and a bar magnet 30 mounted within said pocket.

The card insert 24 tends to provide the envelope with a measure of stiiness so that the envelope and its magnet may be inserted between one of the side walls of the cellophane wrapper i4 and the corresponding side wall of the package proper 12, as is clearly shown in Figs. 2 and 3.

The card insert 24 may be imprinted with -a message 32, as shown in Figs. 2 and 4 and such message may comprise an advertisement visible through the trans parent envelope.

As shown in Figs. l and 3, a rcigarette package With a magnetic holder as herein claimed inserted therein may be placed against the dashboard 34 of a conventional motor vehicle. It will be noted that the package is so positioned thereon that the magnet is disposed between it and said dashboard support, whereby the package is magnetically supported thereon.

Turning now to Fig. 6, it will be observed that the magnetic holder 40 therein shown consists of a transparent envelope e2, a card insert 44 therein, and a magnet 46 secured to said card insert. The magnet may be attached to the card by `cementing it thereto or by any other conventional means. This card may also be used for advertising purposes, as above described in connection with card 24. In the present embodiment ofthe invention the magnet is secured to the card and then inserted with said card into the envelope. in the rst embodiment above described, the magnet is secured to the envelope and the card is separately inserted therein.

Fig. 7 illustrates a third form of vthis invention. The

p inthe first two forms-of t Y irsrmade; Qttransparentplastics so that the card mountedr therein, and ,particularly fthe"V advertisement Vimprinted Y thereon, may be readr'throughthe walls of the'envelope. Inathe third Vforrn of the invention; the advertisement or;

l other message is printedjdi'rectlyr'upon the envelope and Y it is Vtherefore not necessary 'that transparent material be The envelopes above vdescrib'edmaybeY madein rnagneticfholderv 50 therein is no card Ycorresponding to either of the two cards above mentioned. In'this third embodiment' of the inventiom: Vthe'magnet is secured directly `tro'one VAof,thv e;wal1sfV ofY the`V Y envelope` and this may rbei done 'byjcement or other suit-Y Y Yableconventional means. '3 i' is invention, the envelope used in( the making of said envelope, YThe envelope may vsimply vbe'irrnade of'ordinaryppaque paper or' oney'vall may be niade of Vsuchy paper and theother wall of'sheetY plastics, transparent, if desired. Y

conventional manner. Ifrjm'ade of therr'noplastic:V sheet plastics, the wallsofthe Venvelope may be heat sealed along their respectiveQedges. ,If made'rof paper, the :edges may becemented or stapled to each other.V Other variations are possible Yinthe constructionpof the envelopes.

- nassaui Y shown consists solely'v of an envelope', 5; Aand a magnet 54 mountedtherein.k There' v printed Ywith Van advertisement whichrvvouldl'bevisible t through saidY envelopeyand said outer wrapper, said mag-:jY Y Y entire Ycigaretterrygxackage vThe foregoing isrillustratv" `ot'V preferred forms of invention land yit willgbe understood that these forms 'may f Y be modified and other forms may be provided-,within the'- Vthe inventionand the-broad scope `ofthe 'broad spirit-of claim. Y v What isrclaimedris:

`A cigarette package comprisingan inner-package con-pn' 'Y Y taining cigarettes, Yan outer'wrapper made of .transparent A g Y cellophane enclosing saidAY inner package, :and an envelope Y10 Y removablydi'sposed between Vsaid"outer'wrapper and said 'inner package, said envelope being maderofttransparert sheet plastics andcontaininga card'and aV magnetsupa Y' Y ported by said card, saidcard beingedapted to be ime net bein adapted to support Vthe on a ferrous metal support.V

l References Cite'dn they fiile of this'pa'tentv v Y vUNITED STATES Vifirncrsrrs 'e Y Y Y 2,212,326Y`Y Piken Aug.,2o, 1940`V Teetor a Sept. 7, i948,"V

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International ClassificationA24F15/12
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