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Publication numberUS2825450 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1958
Filing dateNov 8, 1956
Priority dateFeb 7, 1956
Publication numberUS 2825450 A, US 2825450A, US-A-2825450, US2825450 A, US2825450A
InventorsLong Lambert Harry
Original AssigneeRoyal Mcbee Corp
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Separable cartridge for an inked printing ribbon
US 2825450 A
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Jum "-v INVENTOR H RRY L.LAMB T Bg2M M M ATTORNEYS United States Patent SEPARABLE cARrnrooE FOR AN nunno PRINTING manor:

Harry Long Lambert, West Hartford, Conn, assignor to Royal McBee Corporation, New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application November 8, 1956, Serial No. 621,098 6 Claims. (Cl. 296-52) This application is a continuation in part of application Serial No. 563,974, filed February 7, 1956, for separable Cartridge For an inked Printing Ribbon; and it specifically relates to an improved method and means for packaging an inked printing ribbon of the kind used upon typewriters and like printing machines.

The hereinbefore mentioned application is an improvement in packaging inked printing ribbons of the class above referred to which had usually been packaged by first winding the ribbon upon a fiangeless core or upon a double flanged metal spool, which is thenwrapped in tinfoil, cellophane or other suitable covering materials, and placed in a tin or cardboard box. With this method of packaging inked printing ribbons, installation of the ribhon upon or its removal from a typewriter has always been a messy and undesirable task and usually results in soiled fingers for the person installing or removing such ribbons. In the aforementioned application there is disclosed and claimed a ribbon and associated spools mounted within permanent containers. The containers were described as initially held in side by side or abutting relationship through the use of a cellophane covering.

This invention is directed to a more positive and reliable method by which the closed ribbon and spool containers may be initially joined in abutting relationship relative to one another. To this end, the present invention comprehends the provision of an improved method and means for packaging an inked printing ribbon which consists in attaching one end of the ribbon to the core of 'a supply spool'and thereafter winding it upon said core; i attaching the other or free end of the ribbon to the core of a second or take-up spool, placing the full and empty spools carrying the ribbon within a pair of containers, permanently closing said containers with integrally formed 'covers whereby that portion of the ribbon extending between the full and empty spools passes through narrow slots or apertures formed in complementary portions of such closed containers; and in providing fracturable means between said integrally formed covers of said closed containers for initially holding them in fixed abuting relationship prior to use and for enabling them to be broken apart to form separable cartridges when in use.

The principle object of the present invention, therefore, is to permanently package a typewriter or like inked printing ribbon in a new and novel manner so that it can be quickly, conveniently and safely installed upon or removed from a typewriter or like printing machine without the necessity for the fingers of the person installing prremoving such ribbon ever touching or coming into direct contact with the inked ribbon.

Another important object of the present invention is to package an inked printing ribbon of the kind used upon typewriters and like printing machines in such a manner that rapid drying out of the ink is prevented, not only when the ribbon is enclosed in the cartridge before use, but also after installation and during use upon the machine.

2,825,450 Patented Mar- .4, 1 .5.


Still another object of the invention is to provide a permanent substantially closed package adapted to retain inked printing ribbons the whole of their useful life and to extend that life.

A further object of the invention is the provision of closed inked printing ribboncontainers having a pair of integrally formed covers adapted to be securely fastened to the containers after insertion of a ribbon SPOQI.

A still further object of the inventionis theprovision of two substantially closed printing ribbon containers having a single unitary cover with a frangible portion whereby said containers may be separated when in use.

Having regard to the foregoing and other objects and advantages which will become apparent as the description proceeds, the invention consists essentially in the novel method of packaging an inked printing ribbon and in the combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter 'described in detail and illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which: 7

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the improved container assembly.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view indicating the manner in which the container is manipulated.

Fig. 3 is an exploded perspective view of the container assembly without contents.

Fig. 4 is a cross sectional view taken along lines 4-4 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged detail .of a part of the construction shown in Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 is a section taken along lines 6-.-6 of Fig. 3.

Fig. 7 is a perspective w'ew of a typewriter ribbon and a pair of spools packaged according to the present invention and illustrating the manner in which a ribbon contained therein is threaded into the eyes of a typewriter ribbon vibrator prior to placing the separated closed'rihbon containers on the ribbon drive shafts of the typewriter.

Fig. 8 is a partial view showing a ribbon drive shaft and driving pin.

Referring now to the drawings for a detailed explanation of the new and novel separable cartridge for an inked printing ribbon constructed according to the present invention, and wherein like reference characters designate like or corresponding parts in the several views, there is shown in Fig. l a separable cartridge generally designated by reference numeral It which may be considered as comprising three major components, namely, a pair of closed containers A and B, a pair of ribbon spools designated C and D mounted therein, and frangible means integral with and intermediate the covers thereof, ,such as a bridge 11 for initially (prior to use) holding the containers joined in side by side substantially abutting relationship.

As described in said aforementioned application and with reference to Fig. 3 herein the lower or bottom part of each closed container A and B is provided with a centrally disposed opening 12, the diameter of which is slightly greater than the path of travel for the conventional driving pins 37 (Fig. 8) of the ribbon drive shafts; and the top cover plate .of each closed container is provided with a centrally disposed opening 15, the diameter of which is slightly smaller than thediameter of the cores 16 of the spools C and D. As seen in Fig. 4, the spools C and D are retained for rotation within the closed, containers A and B and in operative relationship with the openings therein by forming the top ends of the spool cores 16 with a portion of reduced diameter, thereby forming shoulders 17 which abut the underside of the top cover plates, and by forming on the lower ends ofthe spool cores 16 circular flanges 13 extending to the sides of the closed containers, which are adapted to ride on the bot oms of t l ed con ai ers a d ton aiptainjan V tures 22, through which the-ribbon F passes as it'is f Wound from one spool to the other during'use on a inkedribbon F 'in a level plane, 1 As is understood one end of the inked printing ribbon 'is attachedto and wound upon core 16 of spool A by'dropping an eyelet carried by that end into a slotz) (Fig. 1) formed in the wall of V the core 16 of spool A and the other end' of the ribbon is similarly eonnected to the core 16 of spool-B. In the assembled cartridge shown in Figs. 1 and lit inay be seen'tha't only a short section 21, ofthe ribbon, which extends between and lies within narrow ribbon slots 'or apertures 22 formed in containers A and B, is: exposed.

According to the present -invention, when an inked V printing ribbon F becomes Worn'to the extent Where it must be replaced by a new ribbomitheentire ribbon cartridge that'is, the containers Al and 'B, spools C and D p and ribbon'F'are all discarded and replaced by a new cartridge. Thus, it is preferable that the coritainersfor the spools, and the spools or rotatable supports for the;

ribbons be made as simply and economically as possible.

It has been found ,thatt low cost spools and containers are best obtained'by molding them, from any one or" a 7 number 'of conventional plastic compounds or the-like,

T of the containers Afand Bin a cartridge '19 is composed and. preferably from a transparent plastic material such 7 cups 31 (only one of which 7 writer or likeprinting machine; the'containers maybe;

a A in one hand and container B in the other hand as a v is shown in Fig. W; typereadily separated from one another by holding container illustrated in Fig. 2, and then moving the containers' in a manner to fracture the bridgell, thnsseparating'the as polystyrene; These containers are preferably substantially square shaped though any other desired configuration is' within the contemplation of the invention.

In accordance with the'invention as seen in Fig; 3 each of two parts, 'namelyfa bottom cup-like member and a top plate or cover member 26. The top plate or'fcover members 2 6 are preferably molded or otherwise'integrally 1 formed in pairs with the plates of each pair joined to one another by a frangible member, such as the tbrid e711.

The individual'covers arelslightly smaller than the open-t ings in the'cu'p like members so th'atrthey may be telescoped and held together by any suitable means such as heatr 'sealing, adhesives, crimping, detent means or the like.- o Q1111 a's peeific" embodiment each of the cover plates 26 V respective cupssSIfsofthagregardless of whichidirection the ribbon is driven, {the containers -'ar,e:held-stationary; I

joined to one; another by bridge'element ii; is con 'veniently provided with at least two oppositely'disposed, outwardly projecting detent elements '27.' The covers are;

' placed over the open side of the cup -like bottom member and the detent elements 27 are pressed or snapped into' corresponding recesses 2 8 formed in opposite wallsof'the associated bottom cup-like members 25 to'hold the corresponding'top' plates 26 ands bottom cup-like members 25 securely together;- oppositely disposed open slots or Jg'aps 29 in the eup-like members ZS; to further aid 2. secure construction, are provided in the edges of opposite Walls adjacent the recessed Walls torretain corresponding 7 the frangible bridge 11.: As hereinbefore noted, the bot- 'tom member 25 for each closed container A and B is machine. Two apertures 22 each container. afford; economy in thefsc'ost of molding thebottoni members 25 flanges 3%" formed on 'the top covers 26 and to retain preferably provided with a pair of ribbon 310's or aper machine.

containers from one another for'installation;i1into the a ribbon cups;31iof thetypewriter or similar printing From the foregoing detailed description of the inven tion, it is now believed'tha t the manner in whichlthe 1' j ribbon F V is installed upon or'r'emoved'from a typewriter 'isquite obvious.,For example, the separable cartridge; i 10'is delivered'to the userpa ck'aged'as illustrated inVFigJ 1 and contains two ribbon'rfand spoolic ontainers A and a B which are'joined in side by side relationship by the;

frangible bridging member 11. To install the ribbon F j upon a typewriter; ajperson need onlyito 'bend the bridging t m embers ll tot divideror sever the ribbon containers A and ly graspslthei twoseparated closed containers A and 1B, -as;shown;in Fig. 7 and pulls "themapart'to withdraw a .short secti'on B. VThe person-installing the ribbon mere 32 of the ribbon F from thefull'spool withouttouching the inked ribbon with the fingers; This short section of; I

ribbon 3 2, nowsextending betweentheispacedicontainers A and B, is then inserted or lowered intofthe' eyesi33 of the ribbon vibrator arms 34,- and thexcontainersiare then inserted into their respective ribbon "cups 31j0f the machine so'that the ribbon drive shafts 35 enter the bores 36 (Fig. 1)'in'cores: 16 and the driving pin'sj37 enteif: t any-aligned opening -38"(Fig. 1 in said cores. 'vA s the 'driveshaft 35 forthe empty spool 'is rotated, ribbon -F 7 will be wound upon the core of such empty spool 'asit is; withdrawnvfroin the full spool'in the conventionaland wellaknown manner. 'Dllfi'llOihdIbSl'lfiPQ IhQClOSdCOl'l} tainers A and B are held against rotationliwithintheir while the'spo'ols therein are permitted to r'otatef it will 'now'be'appreciated' that through the useof-the;

present invention;installations of .a typewriteriribbonj 7 upon a typewriter or its removal therefrom can be quickly andconveniently accomplished without dangersoflsoiling t the fingers through contact withttlie ribbon iltfwill also be observed that the ends of the ribbon are securely iattached to the supply and take-up spools .at theftime, the ribbonis packageiiand therefore, subsequent instal-i lation upon or rem oval fro'rn a typewriter can'beaccom plishe'd without the?necessitygof attaching afreeQcHdof 1' the ribbon tb'th'e take-up or empty'spoolg While there is above disclosed;'but alspeeific ernhodh r V ment of the structure; process and product of theiinven- 3 tion herein presented, it -is-p0ssibletoproduce stilliother embodiments without departing from the inventiveeon ceptj herein disclosed; audit is desired therefore no ,only such limitations be imposed'en the appendedclaims "as are stated therein or required'by thepriorlartu- V flue to theifact that only' one r'nold is necessary since all;

v 'bottornmembe'rs 25 are identical in construction. Thus; there is nonecessityfor'rnanufaeturing right and lef hand beam members in Qu et-an; the ribbon slots 22 1 may be disposed adjacent one another when the cartridges tare'assembled as illustrated 'iniFigs. 1 and 2. i ;It*will now' be apparent that, when a pair of top plates '26fare'j attached to panks bottom .cup -likeimembers a'ndlZf It willfnowbe understood that with' the separablei" jeartiidge' just described; there is no need for an external "j25; the resu1tingcontainers A and B are integrally joined inside by side" substantially .abutting relationship by: the bridge? element "11 as clearly 'illustrated in Figs; l

cello'phane covering E,' previously "described in applica tion Serial No.'56'3 ,974' to initially hold the :closedcon- Qtaine'rs'A and "B injside by 'side, 'relationshipl' jWhen it V T desired to install the containers 'A and within ribbon V a V 7 s ,1membersand-plates;to'getherrespectively;' ndjrang ble t meansbetween said cover "plates'adaptedsto hold said 7 I the ribbon cups of a printing machine,- airibbons l The 'invention claimed is:' 1

l. A cartridge assembly for' an inked p rintinglribbonj comprising a pair of substantially closed 'permanentiirreg ularly shaped containers having' ribbon passageways therein saidcontainers being ad pted to"beinstalledfinj 'rotata'bly mounted in'e'aohi container; a" ribbon on said spools extending b said ribbon passageways; 5 said containers; cementin pair of cup-like bottom members, pair of cover platesfq cooperating "means on said bottom members and lsaid cover piates for securely and permanently fastening said n j nscl s prQ m y u 'ady f rum w eby aniinirnnm amonnto ribb'on betwee'nsaid containers s.

exposed, said frangibleineans being'adapted to be fracetween said containers throu h tured when installation of the ribbon on a typewriter is desired.

2. A cartridge as recited in claim 1 wherein said frangible means is formed integral with said cover plates.

3. A cartridge as recited in claim 2 wherein said frangible means comprises at least one bridging member between adjacent sides of said cover plates, said bridging member having an area of reduced thickness whereby they may be easily fractured.

4. A separable cartridge assembly for an inked ribbon, said assembly comprising a first open box-like member and a second open box-like member disposed in the same plane as the first, said members having undercuts formed in one set of opposing sides adjacent the edges and open slots formed in the edges of the other set of opposing sides, means permanently closing said box like members comprising a unitary cover-piece having means formed thereon underlying said undercuts and fitting into said slots whereby one each of the slotted sides of said first and second members are held in substantially abutting relationship, said unitary cover-piece and said box like members forming a pair of ribbon spool containers, a ribbon spool rotatably mounted in each of said containers, and a ribbon passageway in each container whereby the portion of said ribbon between said spools extends between said containers, said cover-piece adjoining the slots of the abutting sides having an area of reduced thickness as compared to the cover portions overlying the open box-like members, whereby it may easily be fractured.

5. A cartridge assembly for an inked printing ribbon comprising a pair of substantially closed permanent irregularly shaped containers adapted to fit into the ribbon cups on a printing machine, said containers being held in close juxtaposition by a unitary cover piece prior to mounting on the printing machine, a ribbon spool rotatably mounted in each of said containers, an inked printing ribbon wound on said spools, and juxtaposed ribbon passageways in said containers whereby the portion of the ribbon between said spools extends between said containers, said cover piece having a frangible portion between said juxtaposed containers adapted to be frao tured whereby said containers may be separated and 'nstalled in the ribbon cups of a printing machine.

6. An assembly for permanently packaging an inked printing ribbon comprising a pair of ribbon spool receptacles, a ribbon spool in each of said receptacles, a ribbon wound on said spools, a unitary cover piece for substantially closing said receptacles and for holding them in juxtaposition prior to mounting them on a printing machine, said receptacles and cover piece rotatably supporting said spools, ribbon passageways in said receptacles to enable the portion of said ribbon between said spools to extend between said receptacles, and frangible means integral with said cover piece adapted to be fractured whereby said receptacles may be separated and installed on a printing machine whenever desired.

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