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Publication numberUS2826757 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 18, 1958
Filing dateMar 3, 1955
Priority dateMar 3, 1955
Publication numberUS 2826757 A, US 2826757A, US-A-2826757, US2826757 A, US2826757A
InventorsCharles Vrana
Original AssigneeCharles Vrana
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Air inflated boxing gloves
US 2826757 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

March 18, 1958 c. VRANA 2,826,757


' I INVENTOR. CHA g gs RANA ATTORNEY' United States Patent AIR INFLATED BOXING GLOVES Charles Vrana, Paterson, N. J.

Application March 3, 1955, Serial No. 491,868 2 Claims. (Cl. 218) The object of this invention is to provide athletic boxing gloves for children of all ages, made of rubber or suitable plastic, which are inflated with air to be therefore reasonably harmless.

Air inflated boxing gloves have the advantage of being very light in weight, inflated as soft or firm as the boxers would have them either of their own choice, or, if very young children, under the supervision of the adult. Deflated in their collapsed state they can be tucked away in a small space. They would be inexpensive since their materials are inexpensive and plentiful plus the fact that the gloves are easy to manufacture.

These inflated boxing gloves comprise a punching body of an outer balloon having a conventional blow-in air valve. Within is an airtight pocket for the fists. This pocket is also anchored within the punching body so that the pocket does not move, but is kept in center position inside. K

The fist pocket of a given size will admit a large as well as a smaller hand because the air pressure within the punching body keeps the inner airtight fist pocket compressed so that when the hand in fist position is slipped inside, the pocket comfortably clings to it, and working in conjunction with the pocket anchor, there is complete control of the boxing glove at all time.

It is a well known fact that children of all ages have a good deal of excess energy which they seek to work off in one way or another. Boxing is one good way provided the boxing gloves are quite soft and light in weight and reasonably harmless. The present air inflated boxing glove invention is such, and having novelty plus their athletic usefulness should be covered by a patent grant. ,1 Further objects of construction will become clearer when read in conjunction with the following drawings in Fig. 1 is an axial view of an air inflated boxing glove embodying my invention. I

Fig. 2 is a top view of an air inflated boxing glove.

Further details are, is the punching body of an outer airtight balloon which walls are made of rubber or suitable plastic, and which body holds air chamber 17. Within 10 is airtight fist pocket 11 shown in normal state, which is joined to 10 by airtight seal at 14 which extends around the entire base of neck 15. The outside of pocket 11 numbered 21 is joined with forward part of punching body 10 by anchor 20, the pocket end of anchor being numbered 13, the punching body end anchor being numbored 12. Pocket 11 is located near neck 15 leaving a substantially large protective air spacebetween bottom of pocket 11 and forward part of punching body 10.

18 is the inside of pocket 11 into which the fist goes.

The fist slips into the pocket through opening 19. 15 is body,


2 a reinforced and elasticized neck which helps the glove to cling to the users wrist.

When outer body 10 is inflated through conventional valve 16, the air pressure within chamber 17 presses against 21 which is the outside of pocket 11. This air pressure keeps the pocket compressed which compressed state exerts a comfortable yet firm hold on the fist to control any striking action.

By having pocket 11 anchored by means 20 to body 10, it will be noted that the pocket cannot move from side to side when the user uses it in its athletic performance. In other words the fist stays almost stationary within the center of the inflated glove so that each blow is cushioned by the confined air between 10 and 11, thereby permitting children of all ages to use the gloves quite safely should they become too enthusiastic in their boxing. Anchor 20 also keeps the pocket 11 from being forced out of the punching body opening 19 when under air pressure from within.

Although the drawings show the inflated boxing gloves as comprising two parts, that is the punching body and fist holding pocket cemented together to make one unit, this method of manufacture is not necessary. The entire glove when made of rubber may be molded in one piece to conform with its entire form. Then the anchor would be turned into the body and cemented at the forward end of body 10 within body 10, which would leave the fist pocket opening at its proper end.

Also although a protective jacket made of suitable material may be used to cover the entire glove less the wrist opening, it will not alter the letter or spirit of this invention, therefore the manufacturer may use it at his own discretion.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and useful is:

1. An inflated boxing glove including a balloon-shaped punching body having an opening at one end for receiving a fist pocket, a hollow fist pocket extending in spaced manner into the punching body from the opening and joined at the latter to said punching body, the fist pocket being disposed in proximity to the opening and having its opposite closed end spaced a relatively greater distance from the opposite closed end of said punching and a substantially flat band of elastic material forming an anchor extending through said greater distance between said fist pocket and punching body and connected at one end to the interior of said opposite closed end of said punching body and at the other end to the exterior of the closed end of said fist pocket and serving to retain said fist pocket substantially centered within said punching body while laterally movable within wide limits and to prevent said fist pocket from being forced out through said opening from within said punching body by internal air pressure in the latter.

2. An inflated boxing glove according to claim 1, wherein the band forming the anchoris widened toward both ends so that the intermediate portion thereof is narrower than said ends. I

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