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Publication numberUS2828563 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 1, 1958
Filing dateJun 21, 1955
Priority dateJun 21, 1955
Publication numberUS 2828563 A, US 2828563A, US-A-2828563, US2828563 A, US2828563A
InventorsGuess Wilmot Joseph
Original AssigneeGuess Wilmot Joseph
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Rotary data log
US 2828563 A
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April 1 1958 w. J. GUESS 2,828,563

ROTARY .DATA Loc Filed June 21, 1955 UBRICATION l7 G 1,0 O Lubricofe C19/assis 8| l 2,50j0-Ro1o1 Tires i 500 Mi 'r En'lr'l/ Tune I. 3

I--I---i p RepI a FIG.2

F I G. 3 INVENTOR United States Patent RTARY DATA LOG Wilmot Joseph Guess, Jackson Heights, N. Y.

Application June 21, 1955, Serial No. 516,885

2 Claims. (Cl. 40-68) This invention relates to improvements in easily accessible lubrication logs and has reference to improvements tending to make the lubrication log accessible to the motorist, without keeping mileage records in a book or without consulting stickers fastened to the edge of a car door.

As is well known to the motorist, the ordinary lubrication record fastened to the car door is detached or covered by each new lubrication record. This leaves the motorist without a record of lubrication necessary at longer intervals of mileage or time. It is therefore the object of this invention to provide a recording device that will keep an accurate, clean and easily accessible history of lubrication done on ones automobile, truck, bus or boat.

The lubrication log of the invention is made up of two concentrically mounted and relatively rotatable cylindrical sections. The inner section consists of'a roller with a record sheet on its cylindrical surface and provided at one end with a knob having a center hole through which extends one end of an axially-positioned shaft. The outer section consists of a transparent hollow cylinder surrounding the roller and provided at one end with a knob having a center hole through which extends the other end of the axially-positioned shaft. One knob is secured to the shaft and the other knob is freely rotatable on the shaft. The cylinder has a relatively narrow longitudinal slot in its transparent wall through which lubrication check marks may be made on the record sheet. A printed lubrication direction card is adapted to be fitted snugly against the inside surface of the cylinder and may be easily read by the motorist through the transparent wall of the cylinder.

In the drawings annexed hereto and forming a part hereof,

Fig. l is a plan view of my lubrication log;

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the hollow and transparent cylindrical outer section of the device as it appears after the removal from within of the printed cardboard lubrication directions shown in Fig. 1 and the cardboard wrapped roller shown in Fig. 3, and

Fig. 3 is a plan View of the inner section of the device after it has been removed from the hollow cylindrical outer section shown in Fig. 2.

Reference will now be made in greater detail to the annexed drawings for a more complete description of this invention. The hanger or support 1, its legs or standards 1' and rubber suction cups 2 constitute the framework of the device. The hanger 1 has two holes for attaching the two rubber suction cups 2 by means of screws, and each leg 1 has a hole at its outer end in which holes a shaft 3 is adapted to turn freely. The shaft 3 has secured thereto a wood roller 4 and a record sheet 4 of cardboard or the like is wrapped around the ICC cylindrical surface of the roller. A knurled knob 5 is attached to one end of the roller for revolving the roller and shaft by hand.

A hollow transparent plastic cylinder 6 is provided with one slot 6 for entering check marks at 1,000 mile intervals on the record sheet 4 which is attached to the Wood roller 4. The hollow cylinder 6 is attached toa knurled knob 5' which slips freely on shaft 3. The inside diameter of the transparent plastic cylinder 6 is a standard stock size and accommodates a card with printed lubrication directions, while' permitting the cylinder 6 to turn freely about the roller 4 with its record sheet.

By turning the two knobs 5 and 5' in relatively opposite directions, the motorist may quickly'and easily determine at what mileage or mileages any lubrication (on the printed direction card) was done, by observing through the slot 6 the check mark or marks entered on the record sheet at the time of each lubrication.

The rubber suction cups 2 are intended for attaching the device to the dashboard of a car or other surface. But, by removing these suction cups the device may be attached to the inside of the glove compartment door. The device may also be installed in a prepared well in the dashboard of a car by removing the hanger 1.

It is of course understood that the specific description of structure set forth above may be departed from without departing from the spirit of this invention as disclosed in this specification and as defined by the appended claims.

Having now described my invention, I claim:

l. A rotary data log comprising two concentric cylindrical sections relatively rotatable about their common longitudinal axis, the inner section consisting of a rotatable roller having a knob at one end secured to one end of an axially-positioned shaft and a record sheet extending around the maior portion of the cylindrical surface of the roller, the outer section consisting of a rotatable transparent hollow cylinder surrounding said roller and provided at one end with a knob having a center hole through which freely extends the other end of said shaft whereby the cylinder is rotatably mounted on the shaft, the wall of said transparent hollow cylinder having a longitudinal slot through which check marks may be made on said record sheet, and a lubrication direction card separate from and interposed between said hollow cylinder wall and said roller and fitting snugly against the inside surface of the hollow cylinder, said card being rotatable with the hollow cylinder and adapted to be read through the transparent wall of the cylinder.

i 2. A rotary data log according to claim 1 in which the shaft is centrally positioned in said drum, said shaft and the knob of the drum are xedly secured to the drum and the knob of the transparent hollow cylinder has a central hole in which one end of the shaft is rotatably journaled, whereby upon insertion of the drum into the outer cylindrical surface, the drum is guided to cause the end of the shaft to enter the hole in the knob of the transparent hollow cylinder.

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