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Publication numberUS282883 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1883
Filing dateJun 21, 1883
Publication numberUS 282883 A, US 282883A, US-A-282883, US282883 A, US282883A
InventorsGeoeg Gschwendtkeb
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US 282883 A
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(No Model.)



No. 282,883. Patent ed Aug. '7, 1 883.

11755! [IQPZ 5051245] N, PETERS PhowLilhognpMr, Washingtun. D. C.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 282,883, dated August *7, 1883,

Application filed June 21, I883. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORG GSCHWENDTNER, a citizen of the United States, and resident of Cincinnati, Hamilton county, Ohio, have in vented a new and useful Fire-Kindler, of which the following is a specification.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of my firekindler. Fig. 2 is a transverse section of the same. Fig. 3 represents portions of one of the cage-bolts.

- A is a helix, of iron or steel wire, said helix being formed, preferably,with somewhat open convolutions and flattened on two diametrically-opposite sides, in the manner shown. Said helix is filled or packed with a mass of coarselycomminuted asbestus, B. This packed helix is confined in a cage of the following construction:

O G are two plates of identical pattern, per

1 asbestus-packed helix A B, cage 0 C D,- and forated for a number of (preferably five) tiebolts, D, which, extending through said plates and through an annular plate, E, placed midway of the cage, are secured by nuts F. Said end plates are also perforated for a rod, G, which, at its center, is bent upward, as at g, to allow the insertion of a lifting-instrument, as shown by dotted lines in Fig. 1. Each head or end plate may have one or more orifices, c, suitably arranged at that part of it which is opposed to the asbestus filling.

The interstices between the helix convolutions and between the tie-rods and the orifices dler, being lifted by its loop 9, (see Fig. 1,) is

dipped in any highly-inflammable liquid or semi-liquidsuch as petroleumand when the asbestus filling has become permeated with the said liquid or semi-liquid the kindler is withdrawn therefrom and is readyfor use, which is by simply inserting it in the grate or fire-place along with the ordinary fuel, such as coal or wood.

I claim as a new article of manufacture- 1. The fire-kindler consisting of the open heliX A and asbestus v filling B, the same being confined within a cage consisting of heads 0 O and tie-bolts D, substantially as described.

2. In a fire-kindler, the combination of. open the looped lifting-rod G g, as represented and described.

3. In a fire-kindler, the combination of the asbestus-packed open helix A B, with cage consisting of the heads 0 0, tie and lifting rods DG, and the annular brace-plate E, as described.

In testimony of which invention I hereunto set my hand.


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Cooperative ClassificationC10L11/02