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Publication numberUS2829765 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 8, 1958
Filing dateDec 11, 1953
Priority dateDec 17, 1952
Publication numberUS 2829765 A, US 2829765A, US-A-2829765, US2829765 A, US2829765A
InventorsCarl Burger Hans
Original AssigneeCarl Burger Hans
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Powder compact
US 2829765 A
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April 8, 1958 H. c. BURGER 2,829,765

r POWDER COMPACT Filed Dec. 11, 195:

i wrswrop United States Patent POWDER COMPACT Hans Carl Burger, Weisbaden-Kastel, Germany Application December 11, 1953, Serial No. 397,760

Claims priority, application Germany December 17, 1952 1 Claim. (Cl. 206-37) This invention relates to powder compacts.

It aims at obviating a serious disadvantage of ordinary powder compacts, namely the fact that the hinge holding the lid forms parts which project from the edge of the box and which are not only found inconvenient when gripping the latter but also, when they have sharp edges as is often the case, damage other articles contained in the handbag, in which the powder compact is usually kept, and may also cause injury to the user.

According to the invention this disadvantage is avoided, that is to say the creation of a smooth, completely round edge of the box is rendered possible, by locating the hinge in a space in the body of the box which is formed by removing a corresponding segment from the box space receiving the powder block and which in known compacts is circular.

By the use of powder blocks flattened on one side, the useful purpose of the compact is not in any way impaired. Such blocks can be produced in the same manner as completely circular blocks.

As a result of the profiling of the interior space of the compact according to the invention, the purchaser will be compelled always to buy the makers refill blocks or inserts which is to the advantage of the seller of powder compacts of this type. As a further development of the invention this can be additionally ensured, within the framework of the fundamental principle of the invention, by giving predetermined dimensions to the internal profilings of the space in the body of the compact which permit the insertion only of a predetermined, similarly shaped refill.

A particular advantage of the invention also consists in that the powder block is secured against turning, that is to say it cannot be caused to perform a rotational movement when, as is customary, the powder is removed by rubbing in a circular movement.

In addition the colour indication labels, usually pro vided on the hole in the bottom of the compact, will always be the right way up.

One exemplified embodiment of a powder compact according to the invention, which is preferably made in the customary way of a synthetic plastic, is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 shows a vertical section through the compact in the closed condition,

Figure 2 shows the same construction of compact with the lid raised,

Figure 3 shows a top view of the box, and

Figure 4 shows an elevation of the box, revealing the visible parts of the hinge.

In the drawings a denotes the body of the compact in the interior of which is situated the insert b holding the powder block. At 1: is indicated the usual central hole in the base of the compact permitting the lifting of the insert with the powder block contained therein. As can be seen from the figures, the interior of the compact is flattened along the portion adjacent the hinge, as shown at d, and the insert b, like the powder block accommodated therein, is correspondingly shaped.

This produces at the respective point an internal thickening e at the rim of the compact body a, in the form of a segment of a circle, in which the hinge is formed. The hinge, in itself of usual construction, consists of the hinge pin 1, which is mounted in the body a, and around which the projection g of the lid h is rotatable in a corresponding recess i in the thickened portion e.

As will be seen from the drawings, this results in th edge of the compact being completely devoid of projecting parts, and thus a construction of the powder compact by which all the abovementioned disadvantages of the known constructions thereof are avoided.

In order to prevent leakage of the powder from the compact box when the latter is closed, an integral upstanding flange k (Figs. 2 and 3) is provided on the inner edge of the rim of the generally cylindrical shallow powder chamber or compact body a, whereby this otherwise circular flange is straight at the segment-shaped portion of the rim. The lid 11 has a correspondingly shaped inner recessed part 1, which is adapted to receive the flange k, when the lid h is in closing position on the top of the rim of the compact body a.

The invention is naturally not restricted to the embodiment described in detail above and illustrated in the drawings.

I claim:

In combination, a receptacle, said receptacle defining a cosmetic compact and comprising a bottom and a top, said top being pivotally movable into closed position over said bottom and being releasably held thereover to define therewith a spill-proof compact of shallow cylindrical form having uninterrupted, cylindrical outer walls and a bottom and top having smooth uninterrupted outer surfaces, at shallow cosmetic block receiving chamber provided in said bottom, said chamber being defined by a substantially uniform annular rim, said rim being interrupted to define a thickened, segmental hinge connection portion having a recess provided therein, a continuous upwardly disposed peripheral lip disposed on said rim, said lip conforming to the configuration of said chamber and including an interrupter chord-like portion disposed between said chamber and said recess, said top including a shallow cylindrical recess surrounding said upwardly disposed peripheral lip provided on said bottom rim when said top is closed over said bottom to seal said cosmetic receiving chamber, said top including a downwardly projecting ear, said ear being received in said recess provided in said bottom segmental hinge connection portion, a pin pivotally fixing said ear in said recess to define a hinge means about which said top may pivot relative to said bottom, a block of cosmetic powder removably emplaced in said bottom, said block including an interrupted periphery registerable with said rim and said interrupted portion thereof whereby said block is anchored against rotation within said shallow block receiving chamber and said hinge means is recessed within the thickened segmental rim portion.

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International ClassificationA45D33/22, A45D33/00
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