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Publication numberUS2830582 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1958
Filing dateMay 10, 1957
Priority dateMay 12, 1956
Publication numberUS 2830582 A, US 2830582A, US-A-2830582, US2830582 A, US2830582A
InventorsGeorg Ljung Karl Richard
Original AssigneeGeorg Ljung Karl Richard
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Pessary introducer
US 2830582 A
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April 15, 1958 2 w a D. w TWM 8, 0 5 2 M L v, N v M R w A T H A, w 7 AM L Fm H Um Gum B m Kmm United States Patent PESSARY INTRODUCER Karl Richard Georg Ljung, Goteborg, Sweden Application May 10, 1957, Serial No. 658,319

Claims priority, application Sweden May 12, 1956 4 Claims. (Cl. 128-127) The present invention relates to an introducer for pessaries in the form of a cap of elastic material, said introducer having means for engagement with the edge of said cap.

An object of the invention is to provide an introducer adapted to be used for pessaries of different sizes.

Another object of the invention is to provide an introducer having holding means adapted to detachably hold pessaries of diifer'ent sizes on the introducer with suitable power without the necessity of adjusting any of the holding means.

Another object of the invention is to provide an introducer which will enable an easy application of the pessary on the introducer and an easy distribution of an agent such as an anti-conception salve on the pessary held by the introducer.

A further object of the invention is to provide an introducer enabling a very satisfactory distribution of anticonception agent on the pessary on the introducer by mechanical means.

Other objects of the invention will be made clear by the following description with reference to the accompanying drawing illustrating by way of example an embodiment of the invention.

In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the pessary introducer partially in longitudinal section. Fig. 2 is a cross-section on the line II--II of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a plan view of the same device. Fig. 4 is a side elevation of an ampul for a salve or the like used for the pessary. Fig. 5 is a side elevation of the fore portion of the introducer with the pessary applied thereon. Fig. 6 is a plan view and Fig. 7 a front end view of the means shown by Fig. 5.

The rod-like introducer comprises a head or fore portion 1 the extreme end surface of which is shaped concavely so as to provide a recess 2 limited at one side by a small projection 3. Adjacent to the rear end of the head 1 at the same side as the projection 3, the member 1 is formed with two spaced lugs 4 located opposite to each other. The surfaces 5 of these lugs facing to each other are concave. The rear portion of the member 1 is provided with a threaded portion 6 or other means for removable connection of said member to the end 6' of the cylinder 7 of a syringe the axis of which forms an obtuse angle to the longitudinal axis of the member 1. In the cylinder 7 a piston 8 is reciprocable by a piston rod 9 having on its extreme end a handle 10 formed as a hook 11. The discharge end of the cylinder 7 is connected with a channel or system of channels in the member 1. According to the drawing, a channel 12 extends through the whole member 1 in the longitudinal direction thereof, and from this channel 12 channels 13 branch to each of the lugs 4, the months or discharge openings of these channels 13 being located on the ends of a the lugs facing to each other. From the channel 12 also a channel 14 extends to the surface of the member 1 between the lugs 4.

When the cylinder 7 of the syringe has been unscrewed See from the head 1 the anti-conception salve or agent may be introduced into the cylinder 7 by means of a tube one end of which is provided with a thread to enable the connection of this tube to the threaded end 6' of the cylinder 7. Said agent may instead be introduced into the cylinder with the aid of a compressible tube or ampul 15 adapted to be inserted into the cylinder. The front end 16 of this tube may be cut off after partial introduction of the tube into the cylinder which thereupon by means of the screw threads 6 and 6 is connected the head 1 of the introducer. The pessary comprises an elastic diaphragm or cap 17 of the usual type having a bead 18 and being formed of rubber or like elastic material. This cap is applied on the member 1 by engaging the bead 18 in the recess 2 and stretching the cap in the longitudinal direction of the member 1 so as to apply two opposite portions of the bead 18 between the lugs 4. By its elasticity the cap tends to assume its original circular form and by the friction against the insides 5 of the lugs 4 it will be retained in its position on the introducer and cannot unintentionally slide forwards and lose its engagement with the recess 2. The concave side of the cap should face to the member 1 and it cannot be applied on the introducer with the convex side facing to the member 1, because in such a position an engagement of the bead with the recess 2 is not permitted if the cap, as required, is to be stretched for applying the bead 18 between the lugs 4.

In the use, the head 1 with the pessary is introduced into the vagina in such a position that the lugs 4 are directed forwards to the rear fornix of the vagina. The piston 8 is then operated whereby the sperm killing salve or the like is forced through the channel 12 and the channels 13 so that it flows out on the front side of the cap (the convex side according to Fig. 5). Through the channel 14 the salve is forced out to the rear side of the cap. The terms front side and rear side are in relation to the mouth of the vagina. Through the channel 12 said agent may also be supplied to the head portion of the cap located in the recess 2 and to the front side of the cap. The pessary or cap is thereupon released from the introducer by disengaging the lower edge of the bead 18 from the recess 2 by means of the forefinger of thefree hand. Only at this occasion the woman needs to touch by her hand the pessary applied on the introducer.

The hook 11 of the handle 10 may be used for withdrawing the pessary. If a compressible tube or ampul containing the sperm killing salve is inserted into the cylinder, this tube or ampul after its content has been squeezed out may be removed from the cylinder by means of a particular hook.

The invention is not limited to the invention shown in the drawing. The system of channels 12-14 may be arranged in another manner than that one shown in the drawing. For example, only one of the lugs 4 may be provided with a channel 13. The surfaces of the lugs facing to each other may, if desired, converge in the forward direction.

What I claim is:

l. A pessary introducer comprising a rod-like member having means for detachably holding a pessary in the form of a cap of elastic material, said means comprising a recess in the extreme end of the rod-like member and two lugs located at a distance from the recess and spaced from each other, the sides of these lugs facing to each other being concave, an edge portion of the elastic cap being adapted to engage with said recess and after stretch- 'ing of the cap in the longitudinal direction of the rodlike member two opposite edge portions of the cap being adapted to be inserted between the lugs so that the cap-is detachably retained on the rod-like member by friction between the cap and said recess and lugs.

2. A pessary introducer as claimed in claim 1 wherein at least one of the lugs is provided with a channel having a'mouth located in the extreme end portion of the lug, this'channel being connected with a longitudinal channel in the rod-like member leading to the recess through which channels an anti-conception agent can be supplied to the cap. v

3. A pessary introducer as claimed in claim 2 wherein the longitudinal channel in the rod-like member is connected to a-channel having a mouth located between the lugs-for supply of the anti-conception agent to the cap.

4. A pessar'y introducer comprising a rod-like member, a head'on said :member, a recess in the extreme end of said hea'd, two'spaced lugs provided on the head at a distance from said recess, a handle portion of the rodlike member in the form of a cylinder, the head detachably connected to said handle portion, a reciprocable piston provided in said cylinder, and channels connecting the cylinder with the recess and the lugs for supplying fluid anti-conception agent to an elastic pessary cap retained by friction on the head by means of said recess and lugs.

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