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Publication numberUS2833455 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 6, 1958
Filing dateOct 7, 1955
Priority dateOct 14, 1954
Publication numberUS 2833455 A, US 2833455A, US-A-2833455, US2833455 A, US2833455A
InventorsPlanas Juan A
Original AssigneePlanas Juan A
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Containers for cigarettes
US 2833455 A
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l y 1958 J. A. PLANAS 2,833,455

CONTAINERS FOR .CIGARETTES Filed Oct. 7, 1955 United States Patent ()1 Patented May 6, i958 ice CONTAINERS FOR CIGARETTE?) Juan A. Planes, Havana, Cuba Application October 7, 1955, Serial No. Claims priority, application Cuba October 14, 1354 2 Claims. (Cl. 229-40) The present invention refers to containers for cigarettes made of cardboard, Bristol board, plastic material or similar, of the type consisting of an outer cover having the form of a hollow rectangular parallelopiped open at the base and with its top hinged at one end, so that when the inner receptacle containing the cigarettes is pushed up from the bottom the top of said cover is pushed open, exposing the tops of the cigarettes at the upper corner of said cover opposite to that where the top or lid is hinged.

in order that the invention may be clearly understood the detailed description of the same will be made in connection with the annexed drawings, in which similar reference characters refer to similar parts in all the views.

In the drawings:

Figure l is a perspective view of a cigarette container or case in which the invention has been incorporated, the case being shown in open position.

Figure 2 is a view somewhat similar to that of Figure 1 but showing the case closed and with the front portion of the outer cover cut off in order to show the interior of the case. lower edge straight while in Figure 1 said lower edge of the outer cover of the case is shown with a portion cut off (indicated by 2) to facilitate pushing the inner container upward. This cut is taken on both the front and rear faces of said outer cover.

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the movable inner container, which with the outer cover constitute the improved cigarette case. i

As seen in the drawings the invention comprises a case having an inner container 1 and an outer cover 2 which is open at top and bottom but is provided with a lid 3 at its top. Lid 3 of cover 2 is hinged to one of the too side-edges of the cover 2 and may be integral with said cover, in which case the blank from which cover is made is simply bent at that point if lid 3 is not integral with cover 2 it may be hingedly attached to it by the use of any suitable thin and flexible material and adhesive. Lid 3 is made from a flap bent in the form of an inverted U the arms of which, in the portions adjacent to the sides of the hinge extend downward as two extensions 4, said portions 4 being of such a length that when the case is in use and lid 3 is pushed open will abut against the opposite sidewall of cover 2 and, therefore, will not leave the inside of cover 2. This also prevents lid 3 from projecting upward more than is required.

Container 1 is characterized by the facts that its height is less than that of cover 2 and that it possesses two upwardly extending portions 5 located on the upper cor- Figure 2 also shows an outer cover with its ners of its front and rear walls immediately adjacent the corners where lid 3 is hinged to cover 2. Extensions 5 have upper edges curved and their height is such that when the case is closed their top edges are immediately adjacent to the lower face of lid 3 so that when container it is pushed upward extension 5' pushes lid 3 open, forcing it to pivot on the aforementioned hinge.

Container 1 with cigarettes 6 (see Figures 1 and 3) is introduced into cover 2, with extensions 4 lying between the outer faces of the front and rear walls of container It and the inner faces of the front and rear walls of cover 2. In other words, that lid 3 with its extension 4 straddles container 1 and when lid 3 is up by extensions 5 of container 1 it will swing on its hinged end and extensions 4 will swing in a sliding motion around container 1 until their ends abut against the opposite lateral wall of cover 2, thus preventing any further upward motion of said container, and the upper edges of extensions 5 of the container are curved in order to facilitate the raising of lid 3 and make said operation as smooth and uniform as possible.

I claim:

1. A cigarette container of the type consisting of an inner container slidable within an outer cover comprising on one of the lateral top edges of said outer cover an elongated member in the form of an inverted U, said member comprising a relatively narrow and rectangular upper portion with two parallel flaps extending vertically down, one from. each lateral edge of said narrow rectangular portion, said U-shaped member providing a hinged lid for the top of said outer cover which is open at its base; said inner container being closed at the bottom and open at the top, said container having on its front and rear walls, at points adjacent to that where the lid is hinged to the outer cover an extension the upper edges of which are, normally, closely adjacent to the lower face of said lid; said flaps on said inverted U-shaped member being of such a length that they abut against the opposite lateral Wall of said outer cover when swung through a predetermined distance.

2. A cigarette container comprising an outer cover having a rectangular cross-section and being open at both ends, an inner container open at the top and slidable in said cover, said container having a rectangular cross-section, an elongated member in the form of an inverted U hingedly connected to one of the top edges of said cover, said member comprising a rectangular upper portion at one side of which is the hinged connection and two parallel flaps extending vertically downward from opposite edges of said upper portion adjacent the hinged side; and abutments on the upper end of said container adjacent the hinged connection and abutting said rectangular upper portion, the length of said flaps being greater than the dimension of said cover from the hinged edge to the opposite edge thereof.

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