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Publication numberUS283653 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1883
Filing dateFeb 1, 1883
Publication numberUS 283653 A, US 283653A, US-A-283653, US283653 A, US283653A
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Edwabd j
US 283653 A
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`@Nunn STATES PATENT Gistron.



` SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 283,653, dated August 21, 1883,

Applicaliouiiled February 1, ISES,

'o Vtu whom it may concern.-

Beit known that I, EDWARDJ. Person, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have invented 'a vieu1y of a. number of sheets of paper or other material securedby my 'improved fastener; Fig.v 2, a view,on larger scale, of the two parts of the fastener detached from. each other Fig. 3, a view of a key' for unlocking the fastener,- Fig. 4t, a view of the fastener, showing hour the same is employed for securing av few sheets together; 'und Figs. 5, 5,7, and S, views showing modifications of the invention.

In Fig. l, Arepresents a number of sheets of palper or other` material, in each of which, near one edge, is formed an opening, the open-y ings of ell of the sheets coinciding with Aeach other, and being adapted for the reception of a tube, B, having at oneY end a flange or head, u., bearing on the bottom sheet of the series.

To the interior of the tube B is adapted a stem, D, having ahead, t, for bearing on the top sheet of the series, `this stem being split et the inner end, so osito form two prongs, g g, each having a lug, d., adapted to notches e in the tube B. 'Ihe lugs d are rounded o r beveled on the under side, so that on thrusting' the stem into the tube the lugs will yield and engage with one set of notches after another until the stein D has been introduced into the tube as far as the mass of sheets will permit, the engagement ofthe lugs with the notches preventing the Withdrawal of the stem D, sogthat coniined between thev the sheets are firmly headscandb. .i e

In order to release .the fastener, theprongs g ofthe stem D must be contracted, so as to Withdraw their lugs Vfrom the notch es inthe tube. lo effect this I form on each ofseid prongs a tapering 4threaded projection, f, the contraction of the prongs being effected by a (Nomodel.)`

`key, F, having nn internally-threaded opening adapted for the reception of the projections f, so that on applying the key to said projections and turning it the prongs will be control. of the tube B, from which it may be thrust by the key, and then removed from the latter.

When only a few sheets are to be clamped the head b of the stem D a tubular Washer, G,

as shown in Fig. 4.

Different modes of locking the stem D to the tube B may be adopted in carrying out my i11- vention. stem may be enlarged and threaded for adaptation to an internal thread in the tube, as shown in Fig. 5, an opening of suitable form being made in either end of the stein for the screwed into or unscrewed from thetube.

Another modification is shown in Fig. 6, in which the inner end of the stem D carries a lever, fi, the arms of which engage with notches to Withdraw the arms of the saine from the notches by means of` an oval key adapted to on the end of the stein. i"Willen the stem is may be'used, as shown in E1g. 7, to expand, the prongs g, so that their lugs d will engage with the internal notches of the tube B, the prongs possessing such elasticity that they will ing influences of the tapered plug.

`In some cases two or .more tubes B or stems D may be combined with a single head, as shown in Fig. S, a better hold upon the sheets are used;A

Y By adapting the tube and stemV directly to openings formed in the sheets neatness and compactness are insured, the sheets thus seas a bound book, and in combination with a vbook-back the device may be used to permanently or. temporarily bind the sheets into 'book-forni.

contracted and the stem D released from the together, I interpose between the top sheet and 6o For instance, the inner end of the reception of a key, whereby said stem can be 7o in the tube B, the lever being operated so as 7 5 engageryith a -pin on the lever und a iixed pin` split, as in Figs. l and 2, atepered screw-plug 8o be contracted when released from the expand-l being thus secured than when contracted heads 9o .cured together being handled as conveniently '95 Instead of forming openings in the sheets, roo

-2 seines?.

I the edges ofthe same may be slotted'` for the reception of the fastener, and in some eases the tube B may be made so as to out an opening in the sheets for its reception.

I claim as my inventionl. In a temporary binder, the combination of thetube B, having a head, a, with the stem D, having a head, I), and adapted to slide in the tube B, the inner end of said stem being constructed as described, whereby it may be caused to engage with or may be disengaged from the tube B, as set forth.

2. The combination of the tube B, having a head,;a, the stem D, having a head, b, and having its inner end constructed for engage- EDVARDy J. PAXSON.



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