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Publication numberUS2836708 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1958
Filing dateJun 18, 1956
Priority dateJun 18, 1956
Publication numberUS 2836708 A, US 2836708A, US-A-2836708, US2836708 A, US2836708A
InventorsBobrick Mitchell
Original AssigneeMarvin Electric Mfg Company
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Light fixture
US 2836708 A
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May 27, 1958 M. BOBRICK LIGHT FIXTURE Filed June 18, 1956 MTCZ/ELL fiaaz/cz INVENTOR.

BY r6 0e/VE4 5 United tates Patent LIGHT FIXTURE Mitchell Bobrick, Pacific Palisades, Calif., amignor to Marvin Electric Manufacturing Company, Los Augeles, Calif., a corporation of California Application lune 18, 1956, Serial No. 592,163

1 Claim. (Cl. 240-2) My invention comprises a recess lighting fixture and more specifically a housing which is recessed in the ceiling of a room to enclose a light source which has a diffusing glass and which has a decorative grill around said difiusing glass to join said housing to the plaster and at the same time to provide a passage of air into the space between the ceiling of the room and the floor next above.

In man, older buildings and houses that are being airconditioned it is necessary to install ducts to conduct the air currents both as intakes and outlets. However, in many older buildings it has been found it is possible to merely use the space between ceilings of rooms and the floor next above as a duct for the outlet. The practice at present is to put outlet grills in the ceiling to permit the exhaust air from the room to pass out into this space.

Such grills are expensive and unsightly. The purpose of the present invention is to provide both a recessed light in the ceiling of such rooms and at the same time to provide an outlet grill. This is accomplished by making the housing and the recessed lighting fixture smaller than the hole cut in the ceiling and attaching a decorative perforated grill to the bezel of the lighting fixture, which closes the gap between the housing and 'the plaster and yet perm-its a passage to the space between the ceiling and the floor next above for exhausted air.

Other objects and advantages of my invention will be apparent from the following description of the preferred embodiments thereof.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective showing my recessed lighting fixture from above.

Figure 2 is a section taken on the the line 2-2 of Figure 1.

A recess lighting fixture constructed in accordance with my invention is adapted to be positioned in an aperture 1 formed in the plaster 2 of the ceiling of a room. This fixture comprises a housing 3 which may be circular,

square or other conventional shape, in which is mounted an electric light bulb socket 4 and light bulb 5. A polished reflector 6 can be used to direct more of the light downwardly into the room. A glass difiusing lens 7 is held in position at the bottom of the housing 3 by a bezel '8. The bezel 8 is connected to the housing 3 by hinges, nuts and bolts, or as more specifically shown in the drawings, by torsion springs 9. The torsion springs 9 maintain the bezel 8 in position, as is more particularly described in the patent to Florence, No. 2,701,- 299, issued February 1, 1955. For clarity in the drawings We have shown the torsion springs 9 rotated at in Figure 2 from their actual position.

The housing 3 has attached thereto a pair of complcmentary hanger bars 10 and 11, which are welded to a plaster frame 12. The plaster frame 12 rests upon the plaster 2 and forms a smooth finish.

Attached to the bezel 8 is an exhaust grill 15. The exhaust grill 15 forms a complete decorative shell around the bezel 8 and its outer edges contact the plaster 2 to seal oil the extra size of the hole 1, so as to leave no unsighly gap between the plaster ring 12 and the housing 3.

The exhaust grill 15 has a multitude of perforations 1-6 which provides passage for exhaust airs from the room into the space between the plaster 2 and the floor next above. By such a formation of a lighting fixture I am able to recess the light and at the same time provide an opening grill by means of the perforations 16 in the exhaust grill 15 to permit heated air from the room to be exhausted into the passage between the ceiling of the room and the floor next above.

I claim:

A recess lighting and ventilating device comprising a light housing positioned in a hole in the ceiling of a room, said hole being larger in size than said housing, means to attach said housing to the upper side of said ceiling, a bezel to support a light diffusing lens attached to the bottom of said housing, a grill attached to said bezel and extending outwardly from said housing to cover the hole not closed by said housing, said grill being perforated to permit passage of air from above said ceiling into said room.

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U.S. Classification362/364, D26/74
International ClassificationF21V33/00
Cooperative ClassificationF21V33/00
European ClassificationF21V33/00