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Publication numberUS2836828 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 3, 1958
Filing dateJan 30, 1956
Priority dateJan 30, 1956
Publication numberUS 2836828 A, US 2836828A, US-A-2836828, US2836828 A, US2836828A
InventorsHenrikson Norma M
Original AssigneeHenrikson Norma M
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US 2836828 A
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June 3, 1958 N. M. HENRxKsoN 2,836,828

MITTEN Filed Jan. so, 195s IN VEN TOR. Na/m M #EMMA/50N www@ c. my

/7 fron/vs y United States Patent C f MITTEN Norma M. Henrikson, Lakewood, Ohio Application January 30, 1956, Serial No. 562,217

1 Claim. (Cl. 2-158) This invention relates broadly to hand coverings, and more particularly, to a mitten constructed and arranged in such manner that the users fingers-may be readily freed for unobstructed use without entirely removing the mitten from the hand, said mitten being further adapted to be drawn down along the hand to the wrist and arm, and worn as a wristlet.

The wearing of mittens in cold weather, for protection of the hands, is common practice. Mittens, designed primarily for such purpose, do not ordinarily permit individual freedom of movement of the fingers, which is necessary in order to handle such objects as keys, papers, matches, tickets, etc., when out of doors in cold weather, without completely removing the mittens. The desirability of providing mittens permitting release of the fingers from the mitten, while partially retaining the mitten on the hand, is at once apparent. Also, the desirability of constructing a mitten so that it maybe pulled down over the hand and wrist and worn as a wristlet, is likewise apparent.

Therefore, an object of this invention is to provide a mitten adapted to afford the wearer individual freedom of movement of the fingers and thumb, while providing essentially the same degree of protection from the cold, customarily provided by a mitten of conventional construction.

Another object is to provide a relatively simple mitten, which is Wholly devoid of springs, metal, and other parts, which might in any manner interfere with the use of a mittened hand.

Other objects are to provide a mitten, which can be formed or" various materials, such as yarn, plastic material, or other materials, the same providing a readily adjustable mitten, adapted to be worn either as a hand covering or as a Wristlet.

Other objects are to provide a mitten, which can be produced at a relatively low cost, the same retaining the appearance of a conventional mitten, a single mitten being adapted to be worn with equal comfort on either the right or left hand, without altering its construction or design.

These and other objects of the invention will appear during the course of the following specification. In the drawings, forming a part of this specification:

Fig. 1 is a view of a mitten, embodying my invention, completely enclosing the hand of the wearer;

Fig. 2 isa similar View, showing the mitten pulled down toward the palm of the hand, permitting free and unobstructed use of the fingers and thumb;

Fig. 3 illustrates the mitten pulled down over the wearers wrist and worn as a wristlet;

Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken on the line 4--4 of Fig. l; while Fig. 5 is a sectional View taken in the line 5 5 of Fig. 1.

ln the drawings, the numeral 1l) refers to a mitten, preferably made of such flexible material as yarn, cloth or other suitable materials, the same including an elon- 2,836,828 Patented `lune 3, 1958 ICC gated dat tubular body portion A, open at both ends, and a thumb portion B, open at its end. I have found it convenient to make the mitten 10 by knitting it from yarn, although it may beformed of cloth or other suitable iiexible materials, sewn or otherwise joined together. An opening 11 is provided on the outer end of the mitten 10, while surrounding such opening 11, the material of the mitten end is folded over the top mitten margin and back against the inner side of the mitten,-

forming a pocket 12 extending entirely around the inner end of the mitten, which, if desired, may have a depth of approximately one inch. The pocket 12 may be secured to the body A of the mitten 10 by stitching it to the body A at the edges indicated by the numeral 13.

The outer end of the thumb B is open at 16, and is folded over and downwardly around the outside, in turn forming a fold 14 secured to the thumb portion B at two points by stitches 15,v or in any suitable manner. It is contemplated that the mitten 16 be formed of ilexible or elastic materials, permitting the use and operation of the mitten as now described. Obviously, the mitten 10 may be Worn as a conventional mitten, as illustrated in Figs. l and 5, wherein the ends of the wearers fingers are within the palm side portion of the pocket 12, illustrated as worn on the left hand, and the wearers thumb is within the thumb portion B inwardly of the end fold 14. If desired, the ends of the fingers may be disposed in the open end 11 of the mitten A, inwardly of the pocket 12. However, usually it may be desirable to enclose the ends of the fingers within one side of the ends pocket 12 in order to protect the ends of the Wearers fingers from the cold.

Should the wearer of the mitten desire to free the fingers and thumb, for making change, for example, the other hand is used to pull out the end of the mitten and free the fingers from one side of the pocket 12; then the fingers are disposed within the end opening 11, the mitten is pulled down a short distance and folded over, as shown in Fig. 2, exposing the fingers for the purposes described. At the same time, the thumb portion B, being open at the end, is pulled toward the palm of the hand, exposing the thumb in an obvious manner. From this position the mitten 10 may be readily restored to its position on the hand, as illustrated in Figs. l and 5, in an obvious manner.

Should the user, however, desire to wear the mitten 10 as a wristlet, the end fingers are released from the pocket 12, as above described; the thumb portion B is pulled over the thumb, and then with the wearers thumb disposed against the side of the palm, the mitten 10 is slid down over the Wrist to the position illustrated in Fig. 3; whereupon, the mitten is worn solely as a wristlet, from which position it may be entirely removed from the wearer by pulling it over the palm and fingers, as will be apparent.

Attention is directed to the feature of providing a pocket extending entirely around the opening 11 at the end of the mitten, which permits the same mitten to be worn, with equal facility, on either the right or the left hand as the particular side of the pocket 12 nearest the palm of the wearer is used in either case, and the same thumb portion B is used in either case. This feature represents a substantial saving in manufacturing costs, as is readily apparent. From the standpoint of the mitten wearer, it is a distinct advantage for certain uses, where a mitten is required for one hand only, and sometimes a mitten is worn on one hand and then on the other. Likewise, the user losing one mitten can obtain a replacement without regard to its fitting either hand exclusively.

if desired, the mitten can be first worn on the wrist when leaving the house to go out of doors in cold weather,

and then if it is needed to as, for example, when driving an automobile, it may quickly and easily be pulled up to-use it'as a mitten, as illustrated in Fig. l.

Y When it is worn as a Wristlet, Y the thumb .portion BY caribe convenientlyrinserted inta Vasi-:asas

protect the hands and fingers,

Vmediate the ends'thereof and extending outwardly'from Y the side thereof, and a pocketwvithin the outer end of Vthe Afolds ofthe mitten at the Ewrist and'retained-there Y in `order torkeep ity outof the Wayr'of the wearer. QTheY nniqueconstruction Vof this mitten requires very little'. ,v

more material than a conventional'mitten,v Obviously,

' the mitten may be .made of various shapes Yineoporating the features disclosed herein. It lends itself for productionrfrorn a relatively Wide range of-exible or elastic materials; f'

said body portion, extending entirely around the inner periphery of theV outer endfo'f said body, portion, Vsaid pocket being secured to the'sidesrof said body portion providing an opening on both ythe front and back sides of saidvbody portion, whereby one side opening7` is adapted *toY receive the Wearers lingersV with the palm y of the 4hand against the palm portion of said mitten'when ,Y

the mitten is worn on the right hand and theother side opening is'V adapted to receive the lingers With'therpalm against the'palm portion of the mitten When the mitten It will be apparent tothrose skilled in the art thatthe Y invention herein Ydisclosed isY illnstrative only, and Ythat the'invention'may be varionslychanged, used, or modified, without departing fromthe spirit of' the 'invention or sacrificing the'advantages thereof.

Irelain'u 1 Y p Y' "'A`mitte'n comprising', a flat tubular bodyrportion of exible materialV open at both ends, a thumhjporton havinglan opening'V at the outer end thereof, formed 'of similar material, opening intosaid body portion' interis worn on the left hand, thereby-permitting the Vsame mitten to beiV worn on either handwith equal utility.

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U.S. Classification2/158, 2/170
International ClassificationA41D19/01
Cooperative ClassificationA41D19/01
European ClassificationA41D19/01