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Publication numberUS2840079 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1958
Filing dateMay 31, 1956
Priority dateMay 31, 1956
Publication numberUS 2840079 A, US 2840079A, US-A-2840079, US2840079 A, US2840079A
InventorsConway Thomas J, Keema Alexander W
Original AssigneeConway Thomas J, Keema Alexander W
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Urinal bag
US 2840079 A
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June 1958 'r. l CONWAY T AL 2,840,079

URINAL BAG Filed May 31 1956 IN V EN TOR.

Thomas J: 0012 way vqlexana l er W k 496/770;


United States Patent 2,840,079 URlNA'L -BAG Thomas J. Conway and Alexander "W Kee'ma, .7

Wickfol'il, .R. I.

This invention relates to a urinal bag for use a inale person who is unable to control the evacuation of his urine.

One of the objects of the invention is to provide a bag which is so constructed that' itmay be secur'eii to the person in such a way as to prevent leakage about the juncture of the bag with'thejper'son. v i

Another object of the inventionis 'to provide for, cor fortably positioning of the upper end o'f'the bag in contact with the person. i p

Another object ot'the invention "is topr'cvide anarrangement which will prevent the liquid from moving upwardly in the bag in case the bag is iii-"an inclined position.

Another object of this invention is to provide an arrangement in the bag which will permit of disinfecting material being utilized to ahso'rb and reduce any odors which might occur fromthe'b'ag'when in use.

Another object of "the invention is toprovide aha-me s for strapping the bag to the person with this harness arrangement so constructed as to minimize irritation to the person, t 1

Another object of the invention is togprov ide a harness which may be easily stretched 'tobe moved to one side of the rectum for evacuation thereof without the necessity of detaching an part of theharness.

Another object of the invention is 'toprbvide a means for securely attaching 'the harne'ss 'to'thebag so that rupture of the connected arts'will'not occur. 7

Another object of the invention is to .pro'v'ide a bag which may be evacuated from the lower end thereof so that an attachment -rnay be rovided at thi 'lower' end when theweareris lying down in'bed. i i

With these and other objects in fview, the invention consists of certain novel features of construction, aswill be more fully described, and particularly [pointed out in the appended claims. v

In the accompanying drawings:

' Fig. 1 is an elevation showing-the front of therperson with the bag attached;

Fig. 2 is a rear view of the person, shQWing the bag attached and the harnessinposition;

Fig. 3 isa perspective view of the bag-partly inisec't'ion;

Fig. 4 is 'a sectional view through We of the-straps at the upper end of the bag; I I

Fig. 5 is a sectional view of the diaphragm portion of the bag with the-oppositeends'ihereofbroken awa In proceeding with this invention, we have provided a tubular waterproof receptacle provided with a rigid annulus at its upper end about which the waterproof material is turned inwardly with a disinfecting means located within the inwardly turned portion, and we have formed this receptacle in upper and lower sections with a diaphragm over which each of the sections telescopes and is bound by a clamp, thus providing upper and lower chambers. The chambers are connected by a lip-type valve, permitting relatively free passage of liquid in one direction but preventing passage in the other direction, while i Patented June 24, 1

there is also provided means 'for permitting air'displaced by the liquid of the 'lower chamberito be exhausted there- 'from into the upper. chamber as the liquid moves'i'roni the upper to the lower chamber. A harness-like arrangement is provided for securing the bag to the person, with one of the straps passing over the left shoulder as shown in this illustration and a means extending about the "right side ofthe person to hold the strap from slipping ofi the left shoulder, while additional straps extendiabout the waist to snugly. draw the receptacle against the body with the penis of the male person extending therein'to. This harness has "a rubber ,portion which extends through the crotch and will be elastic -so itirnay be moved from the crotch for evacuation of the colon. V

With reference to the drawings, 10 designates generally a tubular receptacle which is formed "in two "flexible sections '11 andslz, which sections telescope from top and bottom over a relatively rigid diaphragm 1'3' and are bound to "this diaphragm "by a clamp 14 of a resilient nature having ears 15 which 'arefdrawn together by some suitable tightening means similar to a hose clamp. The sections are of awaterproof.fleriihle'material conveniently rubber. By this arrangementgthe' upper section 11 provides an upper chamber '16 and a lower section 12 a lower chamber '17. The diaphragm is provided with an opening 1'8 beveled as at '19 at its upper end and extending through a boss 20 (Fig. '5) protruding downwardly into the lower chamber 17. This boss is enlarged as' ajt 21 providing a rib-like formation over which an elastic control valve 22 is stretched to telescope. This control valve is made of rubber like material, such as rubberor synthetic rubber, and comprises 'a'tubul'ar body section 24 having a lip discharge end "25, the inherent resilience of which will maintain 'the two lip's snug'ly "in engagement but willpemiit'liquid to pass throughithe portion 24 wh'en 1 the weight of the liquid is applied thereto -b11 t would prevent liquid surrounding this portion. 25 from 'the'lower end from being passed through-this control valve "22. This liquid may discharge through opening 1 8 fromthe' upper. chamber '16 to lower chamber 17 but-can not return bjy'tliis passage. A second opening '26'is'provided through the diaphragm and in this opening there is a 'tube 27 which extends upwardly beyond the upper surface of the diaphragm "and this tube maintains a passage *from one chamber'to the other at alltimes so air which is displaced by the movement of liquid from the upperchambe'rd'ti to lower chamber 17 "may "be passed through this tribe from the lower chamber tothe-upper chamber.

The lower end of the lower chamber 12 is provided with an :end 'wall '28 having a conicalportion 29 discharging into the threaded conduit'iil), which 'iscontrdlled by a hand valvej3'1 .so liquid in the lower chamber 'maybe withdrawn therefrom by manipulation or this valve and if desired a tube 32 may be telescop'e'd on nozzle '33 "for directing the liquid to the desired waste discharge. This wall is secured to the lower end of "the lower tubular section12by a hose-type clamp 34 which is drawn together by some suitable means so as .to secure the-tube .to .the end wall.v :At theMPPer .end of the upper section II there improvided an annulus 35 which is' of an arcuate cross section. The tube 11 is turned inwardly over this arched annulus 35 and is moulded so that it will terminate in a thin tapered portion 36 and substantially maintain this shape. Within this rolled-in portion of the tube there is provided a circular ring 37 of some gauze-like material which will be absorbent and carry a disinfectant to reduce any odors which may exist within the receptacle. This gauze or absorbent material 37 is easily detached from its position and replaced by a fresh ring. The inwardly rolled molded

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