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Publication numberUS2840092 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1958
Filing dateFeb 1, 1955
Priority dateFeb 1, 1955
Publication numberUS 2840092 A, US 2840092A, US-A-2840092, US2840092 A, US2840092A
InventorsHill Edward J
Original AssigneeHill Edward J
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Beach pins
US 2840092 A
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J u ne 24, 1958 E. J. HILL BEACH PINS Filed Feb. 1, 1955 IN V EN TOR. bwa/:20 .JH/L

Arrog/vy l 2,840,092 Ice Patented June 2.74, 1958 BEACH PINS Edward J. Hill, Birmingham, Mich.

Application February 1, 1955, Serial N0. 485,514 1 Claim. (Cl. 13S-5) This invention relates to beach pins and beach pin sets, and in particular to an improved and versatile means for anchoring beach cloths, blankets and the like to the ground and establishing windbreaks and sunshield therewith.

When individuals, couples and families go to lresorts or on picinics, they usually take a beach cloth, blanket or other covering for the ground to sit upon, or to servey as a sunshield or a windbreak. Also a large clothV is ofttimes lspread upon the ground yas a service cloth'rfor a picnic lunch.

Blankets, cloths and the like when so usedV `seldom if ever stay spread Ias desired. They are scuied out of place or the wind blows them away, ofttimes upsetting items placed thereon. Also, if it lis desired to employ a beach cloth, blanket or the like as a windbreak or sunshield, no convenient means is generally available to support and hold it in the desired position.

With the foregoing in view, the primary obiect of the invention is to provide simple, effective, and reusable means for maintaining beach cloths, blankets and the like spread over the sand or ground, and, when desired, for supporting the beach cloth or the like on one end or side thereof to provide a windbreak, sunshield or shelter from rain or other elements.

Another object of the invention is to provide beach pins and beach pin sets adapted to be pressed into the sand or ground including means carried thereby for anchoring blankets or other objects thereto either at the sand or ground level, or in an elevated position.

Other objects of the invention will become apparent by reference to the following detailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is the plan view of la beach cloth anchored down with a set of anchor beach pins embodying the invention.

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal elevational view of the anchored down beach cloth shown in Fig. 1 wherein one anchorholder beach pin is employed with a beach pin extension element added to the anchor-holder beach pin for use in drying towels 'and the like.

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal elevational view of a beach cloth similar to Fig. 1 with beach pins embodying the invention at all four corners, the beach pins at two corners being anchor-holder beach pins with beach pin extension elements therein to support one end of the beach cloth in an elevated position to provide a windbreak or sunshield.

Fig. 4 is a detailed elevational View of an anchor beach pin embodying the invention.

Fig. 5 is a detailed elevational view of an anchorholder beach pin embodying the invention usable as lan anchor and to support beach pin extension elements.

Fig. 6 is a detailed elevational view of a beach pin extension element usable with `anchor-holder beach pins embodying the invention.

Fig. 7 is a typical horizontal sectional view taken on the line 7-7 of Fig. 6 showing a spring anchor clip impaled on 'a 'beach pin extension, like and similar Vcon-l struction being employed on anchor beach pins and anchor-holder beach pins.

Referring now to the drawing wherein like numeralsv refer to like and corresponding parts throughout the several views, the invention is disclosed in connection with a beach cloth 10 of generous size which may be of any suitable material such as terry cloth, denim, heavy cotton sheeting, balloon silk, plastic or light canvas. The beach cloth 10 also may be a blanketor automobile robe or any other item which people use to sit upon or as a covering. No loops, grommets or other anchor formations are necessary at the corners or along the edges of the beach cloth 10.

InFig. l a 'beach cloth 10 is shown spread upon the sand 11 and .anchored down at its corners by anchor beach pins 12 which are pressed into the sand 11 a sutlicient distance to become firmly anchored therein. Each of the beach pins 12 are preferably formed of plastic, tubing or other suitable material, and, as shown in Fig. 4, they consist of a pointed stake 13 having a circular or disc shaped pressure head 14 thereon, and a limit disc 15 spaced below the said pressure head 14, both of which are secured to the stake 13 in any suitable manner. The pressure head 14 and limit disc 15 are of such size and strength to permit the anchor beach pins 12 to be pressed into the sand or ground without breakage and without unduly squeezing the clamps 16 carried thereby against the sand or ground. lmpaled on thestake 13 between its pressure head 14 land its limit disc 15 is a suitable preferably plastic spring loaded clamp 15 having a pair of arms 17 pivotally connected together by a hairpin spring 18 so that the jaws 19 are constantlyV urged together. The said jaws 19 may be spread apart to receive the beach cloth 10 therebetween by squeezing the operating grips 20 together. As shown in Fig. 7, the said clamp 16 is provided with aligned 'apertures 170 through its arms 17 at the bulge 171 formed therein, the said apertures 170 being somewhat larger than the stake 13 to permit the clamp 16 to function and to permit it to swivel to any radial position in respect to the said stake 13. Obviously, other forms and styles of clamps may be employed, it being essential that they swivel freely around the stake 13 and be protected from breakage by limit discs 15.

In Fig. 2, an anchor-holder beach pin has been substituted for one of the beach pins 12,V and a beach pin extension element 1200 has been inserted in the anchorholderbeach pinr120. A towel 21 is shown suspended from the clamp 16 of the beach pin extension element 1200.

The beach pin 120 shown in detail in Fig. 5 is like and similar to the beach piu 12 with the exception that its ead is cylindrical rather than disc shaped and is provided with a well 22 therein to receive the lower end of a beach pin extension element 1200 as indicated in dot and dash lines.

In Fig. 3, an anchor-holder beach pin 120 has been substituted for the two beach pins 12 at the left end of Fig. l, a beach pin extension element 1200 has been inserted in each of the anchor holder beach pins, and the beach cloth 10 has been anchored at one end in a pair of beach pins 12 and at the otherv end in a pair of beach pin extension elements 1200. The foregoing elevates one end of the beach cloth 10, and, when properly oriented, causes it to serve as a windbreak or a sunshield, as desired. As indicated by the dot and dash lines in Fig. 3, a second beach cloth 100 may be anchored at sand level to lie upon. Y

The beach pin extension element 1200 shown in Fig. 6 is like and similar to the beach pin 12 except that the stake 1300 thereof is square ended at the bottom thereof t 3 rather than pointed, and is somewhat stake 13 of` the beach pin 12. v

Many diverse uses of beach pins 12, anchor-holder beach p i'ns'120, andnbeach pin'extensions 1200 may be employed with one or more beach cloths 10 top rovideY the bathe'r, sun-bather,` picnicker and others 4v vith' many and sundry combinations and uses of beach cloths 10. Forexample, a `series of'two anchor-holder `beach pins may be used to hold a portion of aibeach cloth vertically, and leave a portion of Vthe beach cloth to lieV upon adjacent the leeward side of the vertically held portion thereof. In` other words, `the invention provides a combination of elements which co-act in any of a number` of dilerent manners to provide a number of different uses of a beach cloth or the like, all to the comfort and enjoymentof the user thereof. t

Although `but a single embodiment of the invention including interchangeable modifications thereof to'provide a versatile and widely usable beach set has been disclosed and described in detail, it is obvious that many changes may be made in the size, shape, arrangement and detail of the various elements of the invention,'all without de-V parting from the spirit and scope thereof as defined by the appended claim. Y

I claim: f

In combination, a beach cloth and a plurality of beach pinsnot less than four employable for holding said beach cloth spread upon 4the sand, said beach pins each comprising a pointed stake, an enlarged'spool type pressure head fixed on said stake onto which pressure is applied to press said stake into the sand, a limit disc fixed on said stake in spaced relationship below said pressure head limiting the extent to`which said beach pin may be pressed into the longer the i sand, and beach pin clamp means including levers adapted to releasably engage said beach cloth rotatably impaled through said levers on said,` stake between said pressure i head and said limit disc, at least two of said beach pins having a socket formed in the pressure head thereof to telescopingly receive the extension pin of an extension pin element, and an extension pin element including an eX- tension pin of substantial length having a lower end adapted to telescope into the said socket in the pressure head of said beach pin, a pressure head xed on the top of said extension pin,V a limit disc fixed on said extension pin in spaced relationship below said pressure head thereon, and an extension pin clamp means at the top of said extension pin element for releasably engaging said beach cloth to hold a side thereof in an elevated position, said extension pin clamp means being rotatably impaled on said extension pin between the pressure head and the limit disc thereof.

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