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Publication numberUS2840319 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1958
Filing dateMay 2, 1956
Priority dateMay 2, 1956
Publication numberUS 2840319 A, US 2840319A, US-A-2840319, US2840319 A, US2840319A
InventorsDanko Michael
Original AssigneeJ E Wade
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Storage and dispensing receptacle for rolled paper
US 2840319 A
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June 24, 1958 M. DANKO STORAGE AND DISPENSING RECEPTACLE FOR ROLLED PAPER Filed May 2. 1956 INVENTOR Q 23 Michael flan/(0 ATTORNEY Un ted ates Micha l: Denim. M l field, Ohi assignor of one-half to E .,Wade, Mill field, Ohio Application May 2, 1956, Serial No. 582,254

3Claims. 01142-1553 T hisinvention relates to an im'proved storage and "dispensing receptacle for rolled paper, such as conventional toilet tissue rolls, the general object thereof being to provide a wall-mounted receptacle having an internal chamber proportioned to receive a plurality of such rolls in vertical order, the receptacle being provided at one side thereof with a hingedly movable door normally closing the chamber, and wherein the receptacle atone end thereof carries an exteriorly disposed, roll-supporting arbor which is mounted at one end on a stationary wall of the casing and is supported at its opposite end by means carried by the door when the latter occupies a closed position.

Another object is to provide a receptacle so formed with means carried by the door to retain a paper roll positioned on the arboragainst longitudinal displacement, and when the door is opened to admit of convenient placement of a roll in an operative position on the arbor.

A further object is to provide arbor-supporting means on the receptacle door in the form of a stud which, when the door is closed, is positioned in an axial socket formed in the door-engaging end of the arbor for the support of the latter, and wherein yieldable holding means are provided in the arbor socket for engaging the stud in order to positively but releasably retain the door in its position of closure.

With these and other ends in view which will readily appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, the same consists in the improved construction and novel arrangement and combination of parts which will be hereinafter fully described and particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawings there has been illustrated a simple and preferred form of the invention, it being understood, however, that no limitation is necessarily made to the precise structural details therein exhibited, but that changes, alterations, and modifications within the scope of the claims may be resorted to when desired.

In said drawings:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my improved storage and dispensing receptacle for paper rolls;

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken through the same;

Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a detail vertical sectional view on an enlarged scale disclosing the door-carried supporting means for the receiving end of the roll-supporting arbor; and

' b w wa11s 1 1:1, 12. 113.," La nae 2,840,319 PatentedJ-une 2.51. 1 35.8

ve a :Qne de of t e' a ng i ev nd a door 1:5. hin ed); a a 6, o he. reds o e r arwall 1M emrlpyed. to l e s i p side- Th casi whens; fo med Pm: rides an i r al ham er. a ce s b e by hanpeninaqt t e door, for, t e. re ep ion of. 1 ne ver m9 preferab y w i ac yp sit ed mils R o t i. rarer or the like. x Y. pp t uch a ll in an; active acqessihlenc it n o r a y' s the i .w 2 of tha asias xtended t 7 o a t pmie ts illthiS nstanc ver t allx b lcw the horizontal bottom wall 14. This wall egttensionis ap u e o rec i e a h aded. fastenin -9. 9m! 1 t hr a e ha k saists ew sm ared. i an. utter,- na l hr de b re orm d anally, i c te. nd q a herizontally extending arbor 19 on which is replaceably mounted an actively positioned roll R, the arbor'being thus stationarily supported by the casing.

The opposite or loading end of the arbor is formed axially thereof with an open, flared-end socket 20. The lower extension portion 21 of the door 1'5 projects below the bottom of the casing and possesses the configuration of the side wall extension 17. This lower portion 21 of the door carries a fixed stud 22 which is of such length and diameter as to be received within the arbor socket 20 in effecting the support of theloading end of the arbor when the door occupies its position of closure.

In this instance the stud is formed with an annular groove 23 which, when the door is fully closed, is disposed for engagement with a spring-pressed ball element 24 which is seated in a pocket provided therefor in the arbor, a portion of the ball element projecting into the stud groove 23 when in registry therewith. By such means the door is positively but releasably maintained in its position of closure, in which the stud 22 thereon supports the roll-loading end of the arbor, with the door extension 21 guiding an active roll positioned on the -arbor and precluding longitudinal displacement thereof,

the mere opening of the door rendering the operation of loading or unloading rolls on the arbor simple and easy to perform.

In Fig. 5 a spring hinge 16a is provided for the mounting of the door 1'5. Such a hinge normally maintains the door in its position of closure and eliminates the need for the spring pressed ball element 24 in the arbor.

In this instance the rear wall of the cabinet, or receptacle is provided with key hole-shaped slots 25 for the reception of the shanks of headed fastening elements projecting from an associated building or other wall to which the receptacle is applied and supported. The receptacle possesses the advantage of admitting of one hand operation in opening and closing the door for roll- Fig. 5 is a detail view'disclosing the receptacle door manipulating and positioning purposes. Its construction is simple, sturdy, and economical, and the casing presents an inviting and attractive appearance in keeping with modern bathroom fixtures.

Having thus describedmy invention, what I claim as new and patentable is:

l. A combined storage cabinet and rolled paper dispenser comprising a generally vertically arranged casing structure including back, front, top and bottom walls, and a closed side wall, said casing being open at the side thereof opposite said closed side wall and defining an internal storage compartment for the reception of rolled paper, the closed side wall of said casing structure being extended vertically below the bottom wall thereof; a roll-receiving arbor secured at one end thereof to the vertically extended portion of said side wall and projecting generally horizontally below the bottom wall of said casing structure, said arbor terminating at the opposite end thereof in a free end portion over which a tf ii f Lb T lw p i connected-to the back-wallof-said casingstructure and formed with a main body portion and a downward, ver- 7 tical extension, said door cRSsure being arranged to swing 6' between a firstposition, body portion o'f said door closure closes the sid' oisaid casing' structure and the downward bitnietithtY-fre'e end portion-of said arbor,

;-a door ciosiirehingedly anda seeena asmoape imn me mess both to the storage qf-saidcasing structure and to the me mapamonenna arboryand means on the downward vertical extension ofsaid door closure engageable '"with flie fi'ee' end portion offsaidhrbor, when' said door eiosureoceiipies first-namedwposition, for support- 5 ing metres-end partition of said arbor'in connection with :15}; t I:,-1 :7, 'j a 1 Zr-A eor'n-bined s'toragefc'abinet and rolled paper disbenxfiidfifi'edbYclairhl, wherein the free end pertion' offsa id arbr is fonmed with an axially arranged "seat; in?! aid la'si iiaiha References Cited in the file of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,459,252 Strahan Jan. 18, 1949 2,510,537 Agamaite June 6, 1950 2,576,526 Marchand Nov. 27, 1951 FOREIGN PATENTS 330,119 'Great Britain June 19, 1930

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