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Publication numberUS284178 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1883
Filing dateDec 19, 1881
Publication numberUS 284178 A, US 284178A, US-A-284178, US284178 A, US284178A
InventorsWilliam Feank Bbowne
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William feank bbowne
US 284178 A
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(N0 Model.)


Patented Sept. 4, 1883.

N. PETERS. Phnwliuwgnpnef, waminghm. D. C.



SPECIFICATION formingpart of Letters Patent No. 284,178, dated September` 4, 1883. l l Applicationfled December 19, 1881. (No model.) l

To a/ZZ whom mayiconcern:

Be it known `that I, WM.`FRANK BRowNE, of the city, county, andState of New York, have invented a new and useful Method of i and Apparatus for Desulphurizing Ores; and l do hereby declare that the following is a clear and full description thereof, referencebeing had to the accompanying drawings, which form a part of this specication. i

`This invention relates to a method of `and apparatus for desulphurizing ores by means of y a blast-flame produced by combining an atmospheric and a high-pressure hydrocarbon-gas blast, the ores being at rlrstpulverized and then introduced into the blastilame chamber in a comminuted state,wherein the flame and `particles of ore become intimately intermingled and quickly heated,whereby the sulphur vand other similar properties become volatilized andpass off in a rapid manuer,while the precious metals are collected .for further treatment.

The invention consists, first, in theV combif nation of4 a high-pressure `hydrocarbon-gas or gaseous-vapor generator with an apparatus in which ores are desulphurized; second, in a d`esulphurizing apparatus divided into horizontal `and vertical compartments, through which a `blast-flame charged with 'pulverized ore is forced, in combination with` a `high-pressure hydrocarbon-gas generator. i i Figure l is an elevationfof a'high-pressure `gas or; gaseous-vapor and steam generator attached by suitable connectionsfto adesu1phurizing apparatus. 2 is alongitudinal vertical section of an apparatus for desulphurizi ing ores connected `with a hydrocarbon highpressure gas generator.` Fig. isatransverse section taken` on a line through the horizontal desulphurizing-chamber. A Y i The `foundationB B, on which the desulphur izer rests, lis made4 of suitable material to support the superstructure erected thereon. The

. sonry. When made of ,cast-iron, the inletGrl2 and bolts.

| should he east therewith. This hner should a pipe, s, is connected to this cap for the pur- 65 pose of conducting gas or gaseous vapor to said chamber... The pipe S is provided with avalve, 79,lto regulate the gas passing into the chamber go, where it is sprayed out through perforated plate p0 into the desulphurizing- 7o compartment, where said gas or gaseous vapor comes in contact `with jets of air from the annular blast wo. This air-blast is formed by drilling'an annular row of holes around and throughthe shell of the compartment W2", 75 and then covering the same by a conduit` or annular channel, ro, which is connected to the air-blast chamber au. 1

` The powdered ore is discharged from pipe oo into funnel uo, thence through pipe to into a 8o chamber, so, which includes the perforations x0, through which the ore falls in fine streams or 1 a spray into the blast-flame, which blast forces it through the horizontal compartment, from which it' is discharged into the vertical com- 8 5 partment, where it meets the blast-flame, which is derived from the blower V2 through pipe d, which is connected to the boss J 2 and provided .with a valve, g, from whence the air is discharged into the segmental sphere O1" and 9o forced up through or betweenthe spiral turns of the grate Ta', where saidJ air mingles with. 'i gas or gaseous vapor which is forced by the high-pressure gasgenerator through branch pipe dt, thus producing a blast-flame which 95 passes up through the compartment S, meeting the blastof ore and products of combustion from the horizontal chamber, and iinally being discharged through the opening Ca2 against the concave disk A, from whence the 10o current is diverted through the annular passage formed by the circumference of said disk and the interior of the inverted conical hopper IEn2 into the open air.

rIhe lower edge of the hopper lprojects into an annularchannel, F2, which is for the purpose of receiving light particles of desulphurized ore that may have escaped with the blast into the hopper, there to be arrested by means of a spray of water issuing from the annular perforated pipe zo, which is supplied by water through pipe yo from a force-pump, or by any other ymeans, whereby water can be obtained under pressure of sufficient force to spray the water across the annular opening between the disk and the interior of the hopper, whereby the solid particles on coming in contact therewith will be condensed or become mingled with the same and precipitated upon the sides of the hopper andpass down into the channel or trap E, from whence it will flow around to the lowest point D, and from thence through pipe Rn into tank QM. The coarser particles of the ore will fall through the current or blast into the chamber OM, from whence it can be Vremoved through doors 13.

The horizontal desulphurizer is provided with the airchamber X, made of suitable material and attached to the under side of one or more sections Wa. Theis air forced into the said chamber or compartment by the blower V2 through pipe Va on opening valve 78, and from thence through the apertures no, which cover a suitable portion of the under side of the shell, the purpose of this spray being to keep the ore from falling and agglolnerating on the bottom of the compartment. If necessary, 'the holes can extend around one-half or the circumference of the shell. v

The interior of the two compartments can belined with refractory material, as shown in cross-section, Fig. 3. This section is taken on a plane indicated by the dotted line which passes through the annular row of perforations wo and the air-channel ro. The interior Iu2 can be lined with perforated fire-brick 3i". These bricks should be made with a channel or groove on their convex side. This groove should correspond, when the bricks arein place, with the annular row of holes wo, thus forming an annular channel adjacent to said holes wo, whereby a passage for the air to the interior of the chamber is at all times insured.

What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. In the desulphurization of ores, the herein-described process,which consists in forcing a blast of powdered ore into a combustionchamber, introducing a blast of high-pressure hydrocarbon gas thereto, and iinally burning said gas by injecting blasts of air opposite the ore blast and at right angles to the gas-blasts, whereby the ore is kept in suspension while being carried through the combus-y tion-chamber, and the necessary oxygen and heat are furnished for the complete removal of the sulphur.

2. The combination, in a desulphurizing apparatus, of means for supplying ore, as described, a horizontal chamber provided with means for supplying gas, and a connected vertical ehamber, also provided with means for supplying blasts of gas and air, as described, whereby the ore is maintained in an agitated condition, and thoroughly subjected to the heat resulting from the combination of th mingled gas and air.

3. The combination, in an apparatus for desulphurizing ores, of ahorizontal chamber having its bottom perforated, and perforations also surrounding a portion of the chamber near the ore-supply, with an air-blast chamber inclosin'g said perforated portion, and with a device for supplying ore, consisting of a feedhopper and conduit inclosing a portion of the desulphurizing-chamber, and connected with the same by means of perforations in the wall of the desulphurizer, and means for supplying hydrocarbon gas to said chamber, as described.

4. In an apparatus for desulphurizing ores, the horizontal desulphurizing-chamber provided with an annular row of holes, in combination with an air-blast chamber inclosing said perforated portion, devices for supplying gas arranged at right angles with the said air-blast, and an ore-supply, as described.

the combination of the horizontal chamber provided with a grate and gas-supply pipe, and the air-blast device arranged to deliver air at right angles to the aXis of the chamber,

5. In an apparatus for desulphurizing ores,

and avertical desulphurizing-chamber, as described.

6. In an apparatus for desulphurizing ores, a vertical chamber provided with an annular collecting-channel having a discharge-pipe,


in combination with anV inverted portion of a cone or hopper, a deflector, and an annular spray-pipe, as described, through which water is sprayed into said channel for the purpose of arresting the ne particles of ore which are precipitated and washed into said annular channel, and from thence discharged through a pipe into a'receiver.

7. In an apparatus for desulphurizing ores,

the combination of a gas-generating apparatus for the production of a hydrocarbon gas under high pressure, and a suitable connected desulphurizing apparatus provided with means for feeding ore, and means for supplying op-r posing blasts of air, as described, whereby the particles of ore are maintained in-a suspended condition, and at the same time thoroughly subjected to the heat'resulting from the combustion of the commingled blasts of gas and all.

, WM. FRANK BROWNE. Witnesses:



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