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Publication numberUS2845322 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 29, 1958
Filing dateJun 29, 1956
Publication numberUS 2845322 A, US 2845322A, US-A-2845322, US2845322 A, US2845322A
InventorsWilhelm Squindo
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US 2845322 A
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July 29,-1958 w. SQUINKDO W 2,845,322

CASING Filed June 29, 1956 7 INVENTOR Maya Saw/v00 I A RNEY United States Patent ()fiice Patented July 29, 1958 CASING Wilhelm Squindo, Lausanne, Switzerland, assig'nor to Marcel Jeannet, New York, N. Y.

Application June 29, 1956, Serial No. 594,998

Claims priority, application Switzerland June 15, 1956 r 2 Claims. (Cl. 312233) The present invention relates to a casing adapted for the reception of a consultable repertory, directory, catalogue, register or the like, for example in book form.

An object of the invention is to provide a casing of the aforesaid type capable of being secured to a wall partition, panel -or-like support, the possibility being afforded of opening said casing in. order that the directory or the like may be consulted.

A further object of the invention is to provide a casing as aforesaid? comprising a box-like support that may be secured to a wall or like support and a cover member hinged on said box-like support and adapted for the 'r'eception of the directory, catalogue or the like.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a casing-as'aforesaid'comprising a selectively operatable lighting device for lighting up therepertory, catalogue or th'e' like when the same occupies a position in which it may be consulted.

i A still' further objectof the invention is to provide a casingofthe aforesaidtype adapted for the reception of an advertisement panel or like element, which eventually carries indications or rules in connection with the consultable directory, catalogue or the like accommodated in the casing.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a casing comprising a box-like support with a cover member hinged thereon and carrying at least one repertory in book form, characterized by the fact that said boxlike support carries at one of its ends a frame for the reception of an advertising panel and the cover member, both frame and cover member being rotatably mounted, said cover member having a hinged brace member adapted to carry the repertory, the other end of the box-like support including a housing for an electric bulb for lighting up. the advertising panel and the repertory, one of the housing flanges carrying an element cooperating with a locking device provided on the cover member for shutting the casing, means being provided for switching on the electric bulb when the casing is open and for fixing the frame in position.

With these and such objects in view as will incidentally appear hereafter, the invention comprises the novel construction and combination of parts that will now be described with reference to the accompanying drawings exemplifying the same and forming a part of the present disclosure.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a front view of the casing according to the invention, the cover being open.

Fig. 2 is a side view.

Fig. 3 is a sectional view along the line III-III in Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a sectional view along the line IV'IV in Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 is a sectional view of a constructional detail.

Fig. 6 is a wiring diagram for the electric lamp.

As represented, the casing comprises a box-like support 1 adapted for being secured to a wall, a frame 2 and a 2 hinged member 3. The back of the box-like support 1 is constituted by a metal plate 5 having two parallel longitudinal flanges 6, a ,transerse axis or pintle 7 at its lower end and a transverse housing 8 at its upper end. The flanges 6 terminate at this housing, the length of which is equal to the width of the metal plate 5; said housing-has an opening 9 facing the frame 2. The housing 8 comprises a suitably shaped sheet metal plate 10 welded to the plate 5 and a removable frame 11 constituted by an iron channel member encompassing the opening 9; Welded to said frame 11 are two tubes 13,

a bracket 14, a corner plate 15 and a lug 12 screwed on I the plate 5.

Inside each tube 13 iswelded thereto a nut 16 (Fig. 5) carrying a threaded stud 17 extending through-the frame 11, saidlstud 17 being capable of being rotated to engage or alternatively to move off the upper edge of the frame 2. Said frame 2, which is rotatably mounted on the axis 7, between the flanges 6, through the intermediary of sleeves or rings 18, is constituted by whom channel member in which an advertising panel may be accommodated. The free end of the frame 2 comprises two smalltransverse plates 19 and 20.

Secured to the bracket 14, and facing the opening 9 is an elec tric bulb 21 and a terminal 22 connected" through suitable leads to an electric source and to a switch 23. Said switch, which is secured-t0 the corner plate 15, may be operated through the intermediary of a contact24 rotatably mounted on the frame 11 by means of the one plate 28 so shaped as to provide two longitudinal side flanges 29 and 30 and a transverse flange 31 at its free end.

The flange 30 and the corresponding arm 27 carry an axis 32 provided with a hinged brace member 33. Screwed on said brace member is a U-shaped fitting 34 on the flanges of which are secured two pins 35 provided with two retaining channel members 36. The last-cited retaining channel members are adapted to co-operate with the pins 35 for securing two repertories in book form.

The member 3 is provided with a locking member having a handle 37 integral with a hook 38 hinged in an aperture of the sheet metal plate 28, on an axis 39, against the action of a spring blade 40. The axis 39 is mounted on a brace member 41 screwed on the sheet metal plate 28 and adapted to fix the spring blade 40 in position. The hook 38 is adapted to engage a mortise 42 provided in the frame 11 when the member or container 3 has to be shut.

The casing as shown which may contain two repertories in book form, particularly two directories, catalogues, etc. and an advertising panel and which is more especially adapted to be fixed to a vertical wall, is used as follows:

The user, who wants to consult one of the above mentioned repertories, operates the handle 37 as shown by the arrow 43 in order to disengage the hook 38 from the mortise 42, then he rotates the member 3 and consequently the arm 27 round the axis 7 as shown by the arrow 44. Simultaneously, the cam 26 longitudinally displaces the rod 25 which, through the intermediary of the contact 24 and of the switch 23, closes the feeding circuit of the bulb 21. This bulb thus lights up the advertising panel housed in the frame 2 and the said repertories. For consulting these repertories, the user rotates the brace member 33 round the axis 32 as shown by the arrow 45 in order to bring it, as well as the retaining channel members 36, into a horizontal position. For closing the casing, the brace member 33 should be manually shifted in the direction opposite to the direction shown by the arrow 45 until it abuts against the flange 30, the member 3 being afterwards pivoted manually in the direction opposite to the direction shown by the arrow 44 by means of the handle 37 until the hook 38 engages the mortise 42. Simultaneously, the switch 23 and the contact 24 push the rod 25 back and open the feeding circuit of the bulb 21.

When it is desired to introduce an advertising panel into the frame 2, the threaded studs 17 are manually operated by means of a screw-driver so as to disengage the corresponding edge of said frame 2 which may then be rotated as shown by the arrow 46.

The sheet metal plate has apertures (not shown) through which the above mentioned screw-driver may be introduced and through which run the electric leads connected to the terminal 22.

According to a constructional modification, there may be provided on the one hand a single tube 13 with a nut 16 and a corresponding threaded stud 17 on the frame 11 for fixing the frame 2 in position, and on the other hand a brace member 33 having a fitting 34 with a rod 35 provided with a retaining member 36 adapted to fix up a repertory in book form for example of catalogues, guides, collections, etc.

According to still another constructional modification, the member 3 may comprise a bottom made of transparent material and, at the inside, a frame into which an advertising panel may be inserted opposite said frame.

Minor constructional details may be varied without departing from the scope of the invention.

What is claimed is:

1. A device for supporting a directory or the like, comprising a boxlike support including a substantially vertical back plate having means for attachment to a support, longitudinal side flanges and an open bottom housing at the top of said back plate and projecting beyond said flanges, a book supporting member including a traylike portion having side walls and angularly projecting arms at one end, means pivotally mounting the free ends of said arms on the bottom portions of said side flanges and enabling swinging of said member between a substantially vertical closed position and an open position with the traylike portion extending forwardly from said back plate,

releasable latch means on said traylike portion and said housing and cooperative to retain said book supporting member in closed position, lamp means in said housing for projecting light down through the open bottom of said housing to illuminate said book supporting member when the latter is in open position, switch means controlling said lamp means, means on one of said arms for actuating said switch means to energize said lamp means when said book supporting member is in open position, at least one of said side walls being pivotally mounted on said traylike portion to swing between a closed position generally perpendicular to said traylike portion and an open position generally parallel with said portion, and book retaining means on said pivotal side wall for removable attachment to the back of a book.

2. A device according to claim 1 wherein said arm means for actuating said switch means comprises a cam and said switch means comprises a switch in said housing and a rod for actuating said switch and slidably mounted in one of said side flanges and operable by said cam.

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