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Publication numberUS2854686 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1958
Filing dateFeb 9, 1955
Priority dateFeb 9, 1955
Publication numberUS 2854686 A, US 2854686A, US-A-2854686, US2854686 A, US2854686A
InventorsHansen Clarence E
Original AssigneeWhirlpool Co
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Portable vacuum cleaner structure
US 2854686 A
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Oct. 7, 1958 c. E. HANSEN 2,854,686

PORTABLE VACUUM CLEANER STRUCTURE Filed Feb 9, 1955 S SheetS-Sheet 1 Oct. 7, 1958 Filed Feb. 9, 1955 C. E. HANSEN PORTABLE VACUUM CLEANER STRUCTURE 5 Sheets-She et z Oct. 7, 1958 c BANSEN 2,854,686

PORTABLE'VACUUM CLEANER STRUCTURE 4 Filed Feb. 9,' 1955 5 Sheets-sheaf. 3

Oct. 7, 1958 c. E. HANSEN 6 PORTABLE VACUUM CLEANER STRUCTURE Filed Feb. 9, 1955 5 Sheets-Sheet 4 VIIIIIIIIIIIIII 5 A 13 r I flweufl I Cm'ekce amen Oct. 7, 1958 c, E, H E 2,854,686


Filed Feb. 9, 1955 lul hu n l i l u l w Ll I I I I I ll 1 Units Saw PORTABLE VACUUM Clarence E. Hansen, Chicago, Ill., assignor, by mesne assiguments, to Whirlpool Corporation, a corporation of Delaware This invention relates to a portable vacuum cleaner structure including a plurality of wheels for moving the structure over a surface, and a vacuum cleaner for performing a cleaning operation. I

Although wheeled vacuum cleaner structures for household use employing an elongated tank-type cleaner have been proposed in the past, these have on the whole not been too satisfactory because of the tendency of-the cleaner to accidentally overturn during the cleaning operation. The new vacuum cleaner structure of this inven' tion, although adapted for household use, does not overturn during normal operation but can be easily moved over the surface being cleaned by force exerted ona flexible .air conduit attached to the structure. The new vacuum cleaner structure of this invention also employs an improved carrier: as a-part thereof on which attachments such as the hose, wand section's, cleaning tools and the like are carried audio which they' are readilyattached.

' The invention will be described as related to'the :embodirnent shown in the accompanying drawings. 10f the drawings: I i

Fig. l is a side elevational view, partially in section, of a vacuum cleaner structure embodying the invention.

Fig. 2' is a rear elevational view of the structure.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary sectional elevational view, taken substantially along line 33 of Fig. 1. '5 -1.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary sectional plan view taken, substantially along line 4-4 of Fig. 2. t s s Fig. 5 is a bottom view of the vacuum cleaner struc- Fig. 6 is a sectional elevational-view, taken substantially along line 66 of Fig. 4. j v i Fig. 7 is a view taken substantially-ialon ,line7-7 ofFig.6.

Fig. 8 is a sectional view, taken substantially along line 8--8 of Fig. 4. q

Fig. 9 is a fragmentary side elevational view of ,the attachment holder of the vacuum cleaner structure-and associated parts thereof.

Fig. 10 is a sectional view, taken substantially along line 10-40 ofFig. 9.

Fig. 11 is a sectional view, taken substantially along line 1111 of Fig. 10. V i

Fig. 12 is a sectional view, taken substantially along line 12-12 of Fig. 10.

Fig. 13 is an enlarged sectional view, taken substantially along line 13--13 of Fig. 10. r

lower end of the handle is attached to this axle.

apart side portions 11b and-a pair of end portions 11c. Each end portion 11c is at the rear end of a side portion 11b and is curved first upwardly and rearwardly and then upwardly and forwardly in an approximately 180 smooth curve in a manner shown most clearly in Fig. l.

Extending between the rear ends of the tubular frame 11 adjacent to the juncture of the side portions 11b and the end portions 110 is an axle 12. This axle extends transversely of and through the frame 11 and has relatively large supporting wheels 13 on each end thereof. Theforward portion 11a of the tubular frame is providedwith a small wheel 14 rotatably positioned on a swivel mounting 15 that is attached to theforward portion 11a as by means of a bolt assembly 16.

In order to propel the cleaner structure from place to place, there is provided an upwardly extending handle 17 of tubular construction. The lower end 17a of the handle is bent to extend downwardly and rearwardly and the extreme end of the tubular handle has openings therein through which the axle 12 extends. Thus, the The handle is intwo parts, a lower part 17b and an upper part 17c. The adjacent ends of these two parts are telescoped together, as shown in Fig. 13, and are fastened in this te'lescoped position by means of a bolt 18 extending'ldiam'etrically therethrough. The extreme upper end 17d of the handle is "curved generally rearwardly and is provided with a combined resilient hand engagingmemher and bumper 19. l r

Forming a part of the vacuum cleaner structure and arranged :in .normtally vertical position is a vacuum cleaner including an elongated casing 20; This vacuum cleaner is -of the ordinary tank type including a motor- -fan nnitz,(not shown) and a dirt separating bag 21. This bag .iS located adjacent to the upper end of thexcleaner casing .20 which is normally closed by are'movable end cap 22 having a generally flattened configuration. This end cap is provided with an inlet opening 22a to which one end ofa flexible hose can be connected in the ordinary :manner. In the vacuum cleaner construction of this invention this opening 22:: provides means for attaching a flexible conduit such as the usual woven hose during normal cleaning operation of the cleaner. The opening 22a has its central axis sloped upwardly and outwardly at asmall angle. In the embodiment shown, this angle is about30 from the horizontalin the normal upright position of the vacuum cleaner structure. The opening 22a-is located directly above the swivel-mounted wheel 14 but with the wheel being positioned forwardly .of-the opening.

The vacuum cleaner casing 20 is provided with the usual trim strips 23 and 24 and is provided at the bottom thereof with a switch 25 operated :by a fulcrumed foot pedal .26 to .turnthe cleaner onand off. The end cap 22 is .remov-ably held in place by a pair of diametrically opposed releasable latches 27 of ordinary and usual construction.

The vacuum cleaner structure described and claimed herein is of the type disclosed and claimed-in Joseph .A. Schwarz copending application Serial vNo. .143,46 3,'filed February 10, 1950, now Patent 2,716,253, issued August 30, 1955, and assigned to the same assignee as iscthe ing portion 11a, a pair of substantially parallel spaced I ln'fthe normal operation of the cleaner, dirt-laden air is drawn in through the cleaning tool, wand and flexible hose which are all of the ordinary type and which are :attached'to the cleaner at the opening 22a; The dirt is separated from the air by means of the bag 21 and the cleanair is then exhausted through an exhaust opening -28--of the'usual construction. As can be seen, therefore, thewacuum cleaner of the structure operates in the nor- ;malmanner to perform its cleaning operation.

Inorder -toditiuse this exhausted air, the lower end 20a of the casing is provided with a spring pressed hinge .cap

:29 covering the exit of the opening 28 but spaced thereends thereof.

The rear surface of the cleaner casing 20 has attached thereto as by a plurality of rivets 30 a metal strap 31. This metal strap is curved to fit the curved casing 20 and has a pair of rearwardly extending end portions 31a, each attached to the flattened forward end of the frame end portions 110 as by means of a bolt. and nut unit 32. The end portions 31a are substantially parallel to each other and form elongations of the frame end portions 11o so that the tubular frame 11 is in effect attached to the casing 20.

The strap 31 also includes a rearwardly extending central looped portion 3121 that passes around the rear of the tubular handle 17. This looped portion is attached to the handle by means of a threaded bolt 33 having its outer end located outwardly of the strap 31 and its inner end within the handle 17.

Mounted on the rear of the vacuum cleaner structure between the end portions 11c of the tubular frame is a cord reel 34. This cord reel contains an electric cord 35 having its inner end fitted with a two pronged plug 36 for inserting in a socket at the bottom rear portion of the vacuum cleaner. The outer end of the cord is provided with a small plug 37. This outer end may be withdrawn from the reel 34 in the customary manner and inserted in an electric outlet for supplying power to the cleaner. If desired, the reel and cordmay be omitted and an ordinary cord connected directly to the socket 38 of the cleaner. In this instance, the cord may be wound in the usual manner on the two spaced apart cord hooks 39 located on the rear upper portion of the handle 17.

The cord reel 34 has extending outwardly therefrom on the front wall of the reel a hollow threaded stud 40 provided with a head 49a on the interior of this wall 34a. The cord 35 passes outwardly through the interior of this stud and the outer end of the stud is provided with a nut 41 which clamps the wall 34a between the a bolt 18 which holds the handle section 17b and 17c together. Thus, this bolt 18 is provided with a relatively large nut 48 on its rear end, with this nut having an annular supporting stud portion 48a on its inner surface around which an arcuate portion 47c of the upper part of the reinforcing wire passes. The body portion 46 of the attachment carrier 45 is cut away as indicated at 46:: in order to provide space for the head 48!) of the nut 48.

In order to releasably retain cleaning tools and other attachments on the attachment holder 45, there is provided a plurality of elastic straps. Thus, there is provided an upper rear strap 49 extending across the attach- I ment carrier and riveted thereto by means of a plurality of metal strips 50 and rivets 51 to provide a pair of spaced loops 49a and 49b for releasably retaining cleaning tools. There is also provided a similar lower rear strap 52 attached to the body portion 46 of the attachment carrier by means of similar metal strips 50 and rivets 51 to provide three loops 52a, 52b and 52c. The attachment carrier is also provided with an upper front strap 53 attached by means of the metal strips 50 and rivets 51 to provide a ,pair of forwardly extending loops 53a and 53b.

The bottom of the attachment carrier 45 is provided with small shelf-like projections, three of which, 54, 55 and 56, project rearwardly and two of which, 57 and 58, project forwardly. These projections are preferably struck from the sheet metal body portion 46 of the athead a and the nut 41. The nut 41 also clamps in position a bracket 42 which extends upwardly above the nut 41 and provided with substantially parallel forwardly extending side flanges 42a.

Positioned against the front surface of the bracket 42 and between the side flanges 42a is the lower end 43a of the second bracket 43. The extreme end of this second bracket 43 is located against the upper surface of the nut 41. The lower end 43a of this second bracket is attached to the upper end of the first bracket 42 by means of a bolt and nut assembly 44. The second bracket 43 is then bent forwardly and has an upper portion 4317 held against and attached to the rear of the handle 17 by means of a bolt 33 that extends through the looped portion 31b of the strap 31 and this upper portion 43b of the second bracket 43 and into the handle 17. Thus, the bolt 33 not only serves to attach the rear end of the strap 31 to the handle 17 but also attaches the second bracket 43 to the handle, which in turn removably supports the cord reel 34.

The vacuum cleaner structure of this invention also includes a removable attachment carrier for supporting the cleaning tools, wand sections and the like. This attachment holder which is located at the rear of the handle 17 and above the tubular frame 11 has a thin sheet metal body portion 46 of essentially rectangular cross section, with the upper end and major portions of the sides curved around a reinforcing wire 47 arranged in rectangular shape. The lower end portions 47a of this reinforcing wire are unattached to the body portion 46 so that they may be sprung toward and away from each other. The extreme ends 47b of the reinforcing wire are turned outwardly away from each other and normally engage openings lid in the upper ends of the end portions 110 of the tubular frame to hold the bottom of the attachment carrier in place.

The upper end of the attachment holder is releasably held on the handle 17 at the rear thereofby means of tachment carrier 45 and have the shape of the openings 54a, 55a, 56a, 57a and 58a. The projections serve as shelves to support the heavier attachments. The manner in which the attachment carrier 45 may be used to retain attachments and the like in place is illustrated by broken line figures in the drawings, particularly at Figures 10, 11 and 12.

In order to support the flexible hose, the vacuum cleaner apparatus is preferably provided with a relatively large book 59. This hook is attached to the forward portion of the upper part 17a of the handle 17. When not in use, the flexible hose may be looped around this hook S9, with the lower ends of the hose confined between the metal strap 31 and the rear of the casing 20.

When the cleaner is used as a blower, the structure is turned until the bumper 19 rests on the floor or other supporting surface with the cleaner casing 2t! approximately horizontal. The hinged cap 29 may then be turned back to expose the exhaust opening 28 to which the hose may be connected in the usual manner.

Having described my invention as related to the embodiment shown in the accompanying drawings, it is my intention that the invention be not limited by any of the details of description, unless otherwise specified, but rather be construed broadly within its spirit and scope as set out in the accompanying claims.

I claim:

A wheeled vacuum cleaner structure adapted to be propelled over a surface, comprising: a pair of spaced wheels and an axle extending therebetween; an elongated handle structure having one end attached to the axle; a vacuum cleaner including a casing located forwardly of the handle, the rear wall of said casing being located a substantial distance forwardly of the axle; a support member positioned adjacent to the wheels and to the cleaner casing, the bottom of the cleaner casing being located within the confines of said support member and adjacent to said surface whenthe cleaner structure is in upright position, the support member including a forward portion located forwardly of said casing and a pair of side portions on opposite sides of said casing and spaced outwardly of said sides a substantial distance, each side portion being operatively attached to the axle adjacent to an end thereof and operatively fixed to a side of the casing at an area spaced above the axle, each side portion of the support member being curved upwardly, rearwardly and then forwardly from the axle to'the cleaner casing; a swivel mounted wheel on said forward portion spaced forwardly of said casing a substantial distance, said pair of wheels and said swivel wheel serving to support the structure on said surface with the cleaner casing and handle in upright position and with a high degree of stability against sideways tipping; an.:l conduit attaching means adjacent to the top of said cleaner casing for attaching a flexible conduit through which dirt laden air is drawn during the cleaning operation.

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European ClassificationA47L9/00E