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Publication numberUS2857600 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1958
Filing dateMar 1, 1954
Priority dateMar 1, 1954
Publication numberUS 2857600 A, US 2857600A, US-A-2857600, US2857600 A, US2857600A
InventorsFinn Gerald C
Original AssigneeFinn Gerald C
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Woman's bathing suit
US 2857600 A
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Oct ZS, 1958 G. c. FINN WOMAN'S BATHING sun Filed March 1, 1954 INVENTOR.

GER/7L0 C. F/N/V ATTORNEY United States Patent-dice This invention relates to womens bathing suits and is directed particularly. to constructions which are more readily put on, taken off, and unloosened than those of the prior art.

Practically all womens bathing suits, whether they have shoulder straps or not, are difficult to put on and take off. The wearer must in any event put her-feet through the leg openings and draw the suit upward into place. Since most suits are tight fitting and may be made of elastic material, the very operation of putting the suit on is frequently difficult. Thereafter, in the event the wearer wishes to go to the toilet, the suit must be stripped off completely or at least lowered below the knees, and finally must be put back on again, with added difliculty and discomfort if the suit is wet and cold.

In accordance with the present invention these objecitons and difficulties of the prior art are overcome and constructions provided which render it much easier to put a bathing suit on or take it off and further permit release of the suit for toilet purposes without complete'removal thereof.

These advantages are attained by providingthe suit with a releasable crotch piece which, however, may be conventional in form and efiectively concealed when the bathing suit is worn.

One of the objects of the present invention is to provide a new type of womens bathing suit which is more readily put on and taken oif. a

Patented Oct. 28, 1958 2 i v I end of the crotch pieceto conceal the same and present an attractive feminine appearance. The upper portion of the suit maybe strapless or have a halter 10 or other shoulder'styling as desired. The material of which the suit is made can, of course, be any of those heretofore,

usedso that the present invention is adapted for use with substantially any type, style or make of womans bathing, suit without material change in the body or skirt portion thereof. 7 s

g The crotch piece 6 of the present invention is connected in any conventional manner to the rear of the suit as by means of the stitching 12. Further, as shown, it may be formed of two lateral pieces 14 and 16 joined along a central seam to aflord maximum comfort and flexibility with, attendant strength. The forward end portion 18 of the crotch piece is enlarged and connected to the pieces 14 and 16 by stitching 20 or otherwise. The free edge of the por-, tion 18 is provided with detachable fastening means 22 which are shown as consisting of slide fastener elements,

but may consist of button holes, snaps, hooks or other suitable means.

Most womens bathing suits have a restraining or supporting band or girdle insert which extends across the lower portion of the front 2 of the suit as shown at 24 inv Fig. 5. In accordance with the present invention fastening means, such as complementary slide fastenerelements' 26, or buttons,snaps,' eyes or the like are located on the inner side of the front portion of the suit or adjacent theloweredge ofthe band 24 to cooperate with the fastener .e'lementsszzvfor releasably securing the crotch piece in place. If the tape stitching may serve to attach theskirt portion 8 tothe front portion 2 of the body or may otherwise be concealed in the decoration and dress vof the garment.

,A further object of the invention is to provide a bathing su i t nvith means permitting the wearer. to use a toilet without removal' of the suit.

A specific object of the invention is to provide a womans bathing suit with a crotch piece which is releasably held in place and effectively concealed when the suit is worn. I;-'I"hcse and other objects and features of thepresent in vention will appear fromthe following description thereoftwherein reference is made to the figures of the accompanying drawing.

In the drawing: Fig. 1 is a perspective illustrating a typical womans bathing suit embodying the present invention;

Fig. 2' i838. front view of the construction of Fig. 1 showing the releasable crotch piece;

, Fig. 3 is a front view of the bathing suit shown in Fig. 1 with the crotch pieceopen;

Fig. 4 is a rear'view of the bathing suit of Fig. l with the crotch piece open; and' "Fig. 5 is an enlarged vertical sectional view through a portion of the bathing suit of Fig. 1.

' Inthat form of the invention" chosen for purposes'of illustration in the drawing, the bathing suit has a front portion 2 and a rear portion 4. Connected to the lower portions of the front and rear of the suit is a crotch piece 6 which when secured in place serves to provide the usual leg openings on opposite sidesthereof.

The style of the suit may, of course, be varied greatly but the lower portion of the front 2 of the suit preferably has a skirt portion 8 which extends below the front j In order to afford comfort and protection for the. wearer, a cover flap 32 is provided on the interior of the fastener elements and preferably is carriedby the band 1 24 soas toextenddownward over the slide fastener and beyond the upper or releasableedge of the portion 18 of,

the crotchpiece. In this'way a smooth protecting surface is interposed between the wearers body and the connection of the crotch piece with the front'of the suit. The

cover flap 32 may be securedin place by the stitching: 30

or. by separate oradditionalstitching as desired. The

entire inner surface of the crotch piece may, of course, be

provided with the usualinner lining of jersey material or the likeifor comfort and protection against chafing or wear of the elastic or other fabric used in forming the piece.

[The skirt portion'8 which 'extends across the front of the. suit at the lower edge thereof, extends well below thefreleasable, connecting means or slide fastener, but

may be raised as shown in Fig. 2 in orderto provide access thereto. ;However-, the skirt portion and the forward end portion18 of the crotch piece are preferably provided with releasable attachingmeans such as snap fasteners which serve to hold the skirt portion down purpose snaps or fasteners 34 are attached to the inner surface of the skirt portion Sand complementary snaps 1 or fasteners 36 are secured on the exterior of the forward end portion 18 of the crotch'piece.

The construction thus provided is capable of being easily put on and taken oif. It may he slipped on over the head like a dress or slip, particularly if the upper. body portion is provided with a slide fastener or other u 28 or-other support for thev fastening elements 26. on thefront of the suit is stitched as shown at 30 to the band 24, its existence and location will be completely concealed. However, if desired, such.

' the and p means such as that shown at -38. However, if preferred, the user may step into the suit in the conventional manner either before or after the crotchpiece ha n secnrea aspiaea ora inarny, the detail {piece is r'e'le ed Efef the su'i'tis pin it s their lifoifght ge fastener is'nised a eon'ipl'et'ely separable type of slide is used and it may simply 'be drawn across the wearers abdenren the wearers hotly being protected by the inner cover nap 32'; Thereafter the portion 8" is lowered and-the snaps 33' "and 36 employed, ma be" snapped together to present -a neat, attractive and iition'al appearing suit.

itis only necessary to "raise "the -"skirt pb'r'tion '8, disconnecting fli a'ps 3 1 and 36, if arsed, and to release 24 est bf thesuit by disengaging the separable connecting elements 22 and .24. The suit itself need not be removed or disarranged and, of course, the crotchpiece can be readily restored "in place without the discontent here ofore encountered-and even though the itself shouldbewet.

In a aagnpan release of 'the .crot'c h piece, the snit can easily removed over thehead or by ste ping ont 'of the suit in the usual manner.

The. 'constr iietion provided in accordance with the.

present invention "is capable of application to hathin'g suitsof existing design and requires only a very limited on in "construction andmanufacturing procedure. the c'rotch piece of the present invention'fiiay he produced a'n'dsold byitself for use in existing bathing suits' as a replacement item to be applied by the wearers themselvesz- V 7 While the construction shown in the drawings and described "above is particularly simple and economical to pro'di'ice and apply, it will be apparent that numerous changes in the form, Construction and arrangement of the elements of the combination may be made. In view thereof, itshou'ld be understood that the embodiment chosen for this purpose'is intended to be illustrative only and s not intended to limit the scope'of the invention.


" A wemans bathing suit including 'a tubular body o' pen at-hotih iipper "and lower ends so as to permit the shit to slipped on over the head of the wearer, isaid b'oly'ineludin a front portion and a rear portion united,

td'fofrn "a circu'inferential assembly defining map er were until the forward near shone wish m go to the toilet,

1-8 of the crotch piece from the *band suit to he slipped on over the headand comprising '-'a1;' front portionproviiled at its lower endE ith a simulating partand a back portion united with the jfront I per-tion so as to provide a circumferential assembl Yd: crotch piece extending downward from the back-portion and having a relatively narrow crotch coveringfarea located behind the skirt simulating part and above the lower edge thereof, a'n elongat'ed abdominarba d egp tendingtransversely of the front portion andfrorh' d-z jacent the waistline downwardly, said bandbeingiseg cared along its ends to the front *portion on theinteribry linst' co'vering sec-tion and a lower torso covering sec 7 tion, the upper terminal edge of the bust covering "section being adapted to extend across the chest and "beneath the arms, a crotch member permanently secured at its "rear end to 'the lower part of the torso covering section of the rear portion, complementary detachable securing means on the crotch member and from portion for re lea'sably attaching the free forward end of the" crotch member to the inner face of the front portion above the lower edge thereof in position to be concealed by the lower torso covering section of the front ortion wherehy said crotch member. may constitute a erotchcovering'part defining leg openings, and

detachable'securing means on the crotch memher vertically spaced from the first mentioned securing. means and on said lower torso covering section adjacent the lower edge of the front portion for releasably holding the torso covering section of the front portion 1 ,in crotch concealing position.

2. A womans bathing suit as defined in claim 1 wherer in the crotch member has a relatively narrow crotch covering area and a relatively broad front terminal area presenting a transversely extending edge, along whichw edge the first mentioned detachable securing means are located. p f p v 3. A womans bathing suit as defined in'elai in lwherein said crotch member is generally -'-l'-shaped in construction to provide a relatively narrow crotch covering area and a relatively broad transverse terminal area presenting a transversely extending edge along which the first mentioned detachable securing means are 10- cated, the outer corners of 'the' broad terminal area --of.

the crotch member having the auxiliary *d'etaohahle 88- curing means thereon at points spaced from the -trans-i versely extending edge of the crotch member. 7 4. 'A womans bathing suit as defined 'inclaim 1 wherein the front portion of the suit is provided Witha1 v transversely extending's'upporting band located on interior "of the front portion above the lower edge of the torso covering section and which carries the complementary detachable "securing means of the front *p'ortion for engagement with '-'the detachable securing fme'ans" I on the crotch Emernber.

5.- Awcimans bathing suit including a tubular body open at both upper and lower ends so 'as 'to permit the and a Wider free end with detachable connectingnieans thereon, adjacent and generally parallel fto said wider free end, "the crotch piece being of suflici ent "lengthto bent awn forward and upward between a wearer to .a Wearingposition in which saidwider free thereof and having a substantially straight-lowerfeclge whieh i s at least as lfo'ngas "the edge of the wid'e'ritree end i df' the crotch piece and located V" above-the' loweri edge "of the skirt simulating p'a'rtfand complementary detachable connecting means carried by and'docatedadf; V jac'e-nt said newer edge of said supporting "hand ior" releasable engagement 'with the connecting meanson" the wider free end of the crotch piece to hold 'the crot'c'h piece in said wearing position with the connee'ting means,

- concealed by said skirt simulating p'art,

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