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Publication numberUS2858042 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1958
Filing dateDec 31, 1951
Priority dateDec 31, 1951
Publication numberUS 2858042 A, US 2858042A, US-A-2858042, US2858042 A, US2858042A
InventorsChristian Gabrielsen, Ericson Arthur R
Original AssigneeRowe Mfg Co Inc
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Console merchandising machine
US 2858042 A
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oct. 28, 1958 F11ed Dec. S1, 1951 c. GABRIELsEN ErAL cONSOLE MERcHANDSNG MAcHNE= 6 SheetSSheet 2 NyENTORS ()c. 28, c. GABRIELSEN ETAL ,858, 42

coNSOLE MERcHANDSNG MAcHNE 6 SheetSSheet 5 Filed Dec. 31 1951 oct. 28, c. GABRELsEN ETAL 2,858,042


Fi1ed Dec. 31. 1951 United StatoS Patent 2,858,042 CoNSoLE MRCHANDIsUG MACHE Chfisfiao f;obfie1sen, Moonfoin Lokos, ood Affhor 1.

1ffioson, Be11evi11e, N. .1., aSS1gnofS fo Iovve o1onofaofuIing Co., Illo., vvhippony, N. o ooroofooon of Now York AppHooon Decombef 31, 191, seTio1 No. zo4,308

8 cloilns. (cL zZ1o) our invention felates to a conSole Inefchandising o1aohine and mofe particolafly to an antomatic olectficpovvefed Inefchandising IIlachine fof vending oigaretteS of the like of a conSole Shape.

Most coluInna1 n1erchandising Inachines have con tainers fof cigafetfos of the like in vhich the oigaretfes are Stacked one on top of the other and the deliveTy nlechaniSm iS adapted to diSpenSe the botton1Inost pack oge of cigarettes. Fresh Inerchand1Se is p1aced upon the top of a partial1y en1pty coluInn. In this Inanner fhe oldeSt pack of cigaTottes is sold fifSt. ThiS pTe cIUdes the poSSibHity of InefchandiSe becoming Sta1e i11 event a nlachine is 11ot 11Sed ffeqllently ovo1 a period of tiIne. The pTinciple of delivefing the package of cigafotteS f1^oIn tho bottom of the stack, hovvever, haS neceSSi tated the placing of the vending n1achine opon a Stand so that a puTchaser vvill not have to Stoop of bend to take the package of cigaTetteS de1ivered in fesponse to a vending opefation. In Inany locationS the tall con Stroction of a cigafette nlachine is diSadvantagoouS in that it inteffefes With the vieW and1imitS the nombe of placeS in Which a cigafette nlachino Inay be conveniently inSfa11ed, It iS deSirable to have a nlerchandising n1achine lowef in height for lnany 10cationS and yet fetain the delivefy pfinciple of vending the bot tomInoSt package of a Stack.

one object of oor invention is to pfovide a conSide InefchandiSing Inachine Which is low in height and in Which a package deHvefed from the bottom of the Stack is autoTnatica1ly elevated to a delivery opening faised from the 11oof a convenient heighf, Anothef object of oLlT invenfion is to provide a InU1ticolon1naf vending Inachine fof cigaretteS of tho like in Which the aTticles to be deHvered afe diSpensed froIn the botton1 ()f the stack and aUtoInaticaHy elevated by an elevator coInn1on to all of the coluInnS dufing each vend ing opefation- Anofher obiect of oUr invenfion is to pfovide a InL11ticolonnar InefchandiSing nlachino operated ffon1 a Single electric Inotor in which the pfessing of a puSh button coLIp1es the power nleanS to the de1iveTy nlechaniSIT1 of the colun1n coffeSponding to the push button.

A fufther obiect of ouf invention is to provide a 1T111Iti oolon1nar vending n1achine opeTated by an electTic Inotor in responSe to puSh buttons i11 Which the push button iS autonTaticaHy Tendered inoperative when a co111IT1n is dep1eted of InerchandiSe.

A furfheT obiecf of ouI invention iS fo provide o Tnu1tico]I]IT1naT vending Inachine having a TeServe co1 on]n of nlerchandise adapted to replenish the firSt colunln when depleted of InerchandiSe. v

StiH anothef obiecf of our invenfion iS to pfovide a o1111ficolUIInar vending nlachine in vhich a visible enlpfy signa1 iS opefated when a co1unln becoInes deplefed of InefchandiSe.

other and fUTther obectS of our invention vvi11 appeaT fron1 the fo11ovving deScription.

- n tho accon1panyiog dravvings vvhich foffI1 paff of tho inStant Specification and vvhich are to be fead in con junction thefevvith and in Which like feferonce nun1era1s afe USed to indicate like paftS in tho vafioI1s vievvS= FigUre 1 is a peTSpective view of a console n1efchao diSing n1achine shoWing one en1bodin1ont of ouf inven tion,

FigUre Z iS a fragITlentary Side e1evation dfavvn on an enlarged Sca1e viewed along the line ZZ of Figofe 1.

FiguTe 3 is a Sectiona1 vievv taken a1ong the 1ine 33 of FigUTo Z.

Figofe 4 is a fragInentary sectiona1 vieW dfaWn on an enlarged scale vievved along the lino 44 of Figofe 1.

Figufe 5 is a sectionaI vieW taken along t11e 1ine ss of Figufe 4.

Figofe 6 is a fTagnlentary sectfona1 vieW dTavvn on an enlarged Sca1e taken along the line o of FigUfe 1.

FigUre 7 iS a ffagInentafy soctiona1 viovv dravvn on an enlaTged Scale viewed a1ong the 1ine 7-7 of Figofe 1.

-Figure 8 iS a ffagn1entary vieW takon along the 1ine 8-8 of Figure 7.

FigUTo 9 iS a perSpective view showing a poTtion of the deliveTy mechanism.

Figure 10 is a peTSpective view shovving a poftion of the Shift ooluInn and enlpty sigoal opefating olechanisIn.

Figure 11 is a peTSpective view shovving a detail of the n1eTchandiSe elevatoT.

IIl genefal ouT inventi'on confen1pateS the pTovision of a plufality of pTin1ary oolunIns and a plufa]ity of Shift colurnns diTectly behind the priInafy coluTnnS. Both columns are filled vVifh IIlefchandise stacked one on top of anotheT, aS, for exaTnple, cigarettes. FoT purposes of oonvenience, and n`ot by vay of 1iII1itation, vve vi1l oon- Sider the merchandise being vended as cigaTettes. Each oo1Unln of cigaTetfeS iS pTovided vvith a cofreSponding puSh boonvhen the propeT amount of Inoney iS in the coin Te ister a circuit is ada ted to be com leted by a p[1Sh button to energiZe a colun1n So1enoid. The enefgiZation of a coloon solonoid coupleS a Co111nn oiec tor correSponding theTeto to a coInII1on operating baf an(1 SiInllltaneoUSIy opefates a SWifch bar. ThiS Switch bar is piVoted and cafTieS a sWitchopefating member adapted to actLlate 3. Svvitch to cloSe a circuit thTongh a Socond SoIenoid The second solenoid, when energized, operateS a Sliding cam the movement of Which cloSeS a Second SWich Which energizeS the nlotof which oper ateS both tho operaong bar thfough an opefatingbar caIT1 and the e1evatof thfough an elevatoT cam. Tho S1iding caIn, fllrthefl'11ore Wi11 T otate an engaging 1ever Which perforn1S a double function. First, it engageS the ejectof nlechaniSIn of a colonln se1ected With the oper ating baT and maintainS it engaged ontiI the opefating bar SfaftS itS nlotion, and Secondly, it pTevontS an other ejectofs froIn beCon1ing accidontany engaged vvith fhe operating baT So aS to preclude Inore than one coluInn ffonl having fnerchandiSe diSpenSed ffoTn if. The S1id ing Cao1, furthefInofe, Inaintains the Second solenoid eneTgiZed by keeping the Switchactuating IneIT1ber en gaged uno1 the de1ivery cycle is weH Under Way. At an appTopfiafe tinle during the delivefy cycle the sliding caIn iS feSet, de'energizing the solenoid and pefn1it ting the pafts to aSSuIne a position fof a SobSequent opeT ation. poSiioned adjacont fho boffom of the Coluo1n in a poSi tion adapfed to feceive cigaTefteS diS )enSed ffon1 a co1- UInn. The elevator cam iS So fiIned that in1Inodiafely after the deHvefy of cigaretfeS the elevator wl be raiSed to cafry the cigaretteS Upwardly in a position to be dUTnped into a deliveTy opening- Means afe pfovided for autofnaticany tilting the elevator to accoInp1iShthiS dun1Piog. Aftef the cigareftes aTo deHvored the elevator iS fetuTned to itS origina1 poSifion to bo Teady fo1 Tho movement of fho olevatof cam f Af the beginning of the cycle the e1evator iS- 7 o fho oppoSite Sido of the n1achi e iS idenfic l to that in 1=iguro 11, one side being shovvf1 in an enlarged pef Seotive vieW for purpoSeS of clarity. A shaft 214 eX te-nds acfoSS the nlachine Sup ofted by the elevatoT crfiages 2120 The endS of this shaft are connected by nks 218 to the upper endS of the elevator leverS 202 by Ineans of pinS 217, one at each Side of the nlachine. vvhon the elevatof leveTS 202 fotate in a clockWiSe di foofion, aS vievved in FigufeS 4 and 11, the elevatof caTriagoS wiH move downwaTdly carrying the Shaft 214 dovvnvvoTdly. vvhen the elevator leveTSn fotate in a oountefclockWiSe direction the elevator caffiages vin move upWaTdly caTrying the shaft 214 upWardly. The e1evato1 She1f 174 is Totatably InoLlnted upoT1 the shaft 214 and biaSed by spfing 210 to fotate in a counteT- cIockvviSe direction, as viewed in FigUTe 11. The elevator shelf 174 iS pTovided with a de ending proiection 220 Which is adapted to abut againSt a Vertica1 stop iflenloef 222, thus TIlaintai-ning fhe elevatof Shelf noI n1ally in a horizontal poSition dne to the action of the s1)1ing 210, the depending projection 220 and the vertical gnide membef 222. The frame 40 carries a bracket 224 diace-nt the to of the trave1 of the elevatof. A )in 220 is carried by the elevafo1 Shelf diSplaoed fron1 fhe- Shaft 214. AS the elevator nloves Upvvafdly the pin 220 Will abuf the 0ange 228 formed at the lower end of the bfackef 224 and fotafe the elevator She1f around the Shaft 214 in a clockvviSe difection against the action of the SpTing 210. This occuTS adjacent the top of the Inotion of the elevator, aS can Teadily be Seen by 1eference to FiguTe 4- The tilting of fhe elevatof Shelf domps a ackage of cigaretteS fTom the shef to a chute 250 leading to the delivefy opening froIn vhich the cigarettes can be eaSily TeII1oved by a pUrch Sef.

At he beginning of a cycle of o eration the e 1evatoT shelf is at the top of its Stroke in doTnped poSition. vVhen the opefation StaftS, the elevator moveS dovvnWard ly fo a poSition fo feceive a package of cigaTetfes vVhen it is ejected by the ejectoT ffoIn a colun1n and then Inoves Upvvardly to ifS upper poSition, aS iuSt deScfibed. Duf ing loading opeTationS WheI1 it is desired to fill the con taineTs for the TeSpective coluTnns vvith freSh cigafetteS fho elevatof win inteffere vvith this opeTation Since it eXtends acToSS the entire Tnachinez4Ln opefator IIlay nlove the elevatof InanUally downvvardly. ThiS iS er mitteo by the bTeaking of the ioint betWeen Upper por tion 102 and loweT po-ftion 188 of the tTansn1iSSion link against the action of spTing 104. 1t vVi11 be obSeTved 0lat We have affanged the partS So that the pivot 100 of fhis ioint iS S1ightly beyond dead cenfeT In Inoving the elevatof to itS lower osition the partS vViIl again Inove boyo nd dead cente1 so that the SpTing win hold the elevator in its downward osition 11ntil after the loading. After the loading is coInpleted the elevator iS moved Inanually LlpvvaTdly to the position shown in Figufe 4.

-Extending across the nlachine vve provide a hoTiZontal bar 240 noTInany biaSed to Inove upWard1y by a Spring 242, aS can be Seen by Tefefence to FigUre 10. The ends of bar 240 eXtend t11rough slotS 230 and 241 in the Side panelS of the fraIne and may n1ove vertical1y in these SlotS, Pivoted on each Side of the Ilachine around a pair of pivot pins 244 caTTied by the ffaTne of fhe Inachine vve provide a pair of levefS 240. ()ne of fheSe lovers can be Seen in Figofe 4. EaCh lever carfios a roller 248 Which engageS the Upper edge of fhe e1ovtor lever 202. The other end of the lever 240 engages the oppeT edge of the bar 240. It iS undefStood thaf thefo are tvo 1eve s 240, one engaging tho baT 240 af op po ifo ondS of the nlaohine. vVhenever the elovator rnoves upvvardly the leveT 240 Win be rofafed i a clock e diTection around its pivot 244. ThiS WiI1 o o fffe -b1 240 to nlove do nvva dly against fhB aotion of fhe -spIin 242. Sinila11y, Wheo the clovator movBS 8 downWa o1y the Sp1ing 242 Will cause tho baf 240 to nlove opW0fdly rotating in this action the leveT 240 in a counterclockvviSe diTection, aS vievved in FigI1Te 4. 1t vvill be seen that whenever the elevator n1oves upvvaTdly the bar 240 Win move downwardly and when the e1eva tof InoveS dovvnvvardly the bar 240 vvill n1ove Ilpvvardly.

Eachcolumn 04 SUp ofted by the franle caTrieS a sup ply of Packa^ges of cigofettes of SiInilar fnefchandiSe 00. Ifl ordeffo incfoase the capacity of the nlachine v7e n1ount a Second of Shift colunln inclUding a feaf late 250 behind each fTont colun1n 04, aS can Teadi1y be Seen by Tefefence to Figofe 7. A plurality of SPaced paTfitionS 41 Secufed to the back of ffaIne 40 by aoy convenient II1eans Such as vvelding of tho like se arate paiTS of adiacent coInmnS, each of which paiTs incIudes a colun]n 04 and itS aSSociated shift co111n1n. Each shift coluInn inclIldeS a fleXible fTont 251 pivotany Sup pofted on a shaft 252 oaTried by ffaIne 40 vvhich ffont oeparates the packageS in the shift coltInTn ffon1 thoSe in colun1n 54. A pivot Shaft 254 SUppoftS the TeaT plate 250. T he const uction of these shift colunnS iS Sho0vn and deScribed in Patent No 2 254 841, issued September 2 194L to ChfiStian GabTielsen, Flanges 258 of the dividing panelS 41 Support fhe packages in the Shift coloInnS. It vvill be UndefStood that the TeaT plates of the Shift co1unnS extend dovvnwafd1y betWeen the SuP poTting 0anges of the aSSociated shift coIUInns. Each Shift column iS pTovided With a Spfing 250 Which tends to I1Tge the shift colun1n fo the position shovvn in tho dofted lines in Figure 7. The Tear plate 250 of the Shift ooIUfnn is foTIned With a pair of narToW pfoiecfio11S 258 vvhioh aTe a dapfed to engago a Shift Colofno latch 200 nofInally urged to fotate about a Shaft 202 in a countefclockvVise diTection as vievved in Figures 7 an(1 10 through the action of a spIing 204 Seoured to the lowef Teaf poffion 200 of the fTont column 04 by any S11itable nleans SUch aS a Tivet of Screws 205, Tho Shift colunn latch caTrieS an extension 208 vvhich engageS a pTojection 270 foTITled at the lovver end of the eInpty Signal pI111 Tod 272 vvhich eXtendS veftically up- WaTdly. The upper end of the eInpty Signal poH Tod 272 is ivotally attached to a can1 274. This can1 is pivoted around pin 270, eXtending acfoSS the nlachino and sup ofted in the Side plates of fTame 40, and is adapted to engage a fonower plate 278 Which fofmS part of and is caTried by the Svitch carTiage 280- The top of the IIlachine iS provided vvith a cover 15 hinged afound shaft 17 adjacent the top of the back cabinot vvall 10, A bfacket 282 iS Secured fo the covoT by IIleanS of in 284. The bracket 282 Slidably caTTieS fhe SWitch caffiage 280. The svvitch Caffiago 280 iS pfovided With an eXtension 280 one end of vvhich ca TieS a pin 288 to vhich iS -attached a SPTing 290 fhe other e d ofWhich is attached to a pin 202 carTied by the Wifch houSing 204 Whieh is secuTed to the cover 15 1f WiH be seen that the S Ting Win uTge the carfiage 280 to the Tight, aS viewed in Figure 7. The cove1 15 iS pTovidod with a Windovv 18 for each coloInn thfongh Which is vievved a diS lay 204 Showing the brand of cigaretteS in -that coI11Inn. Secured fo the Svviteh carriago 280 by .any Suitablo n1eanS Such aS rivets 207 vve pfovido an eolpfy signal 200 1oTn1aHy hidden ffoIn view. vvhen the eIIlpty signaI pull fod 272 is Inoved dovvnwaTdly the cam 274 vil1 engage the plate 278 and fnove the caT fiage to the 1eft, 1S vievved in Figufe 7. When thiS occoTs the pToieCtion 208 caTried at the end of lover 24 Wi11 Inove ffoII1 itS position underneath the pIunger 22 to a, posifioo clear of the plLlngef and accordingly Whon the puSh b tton 10 is operated the plungeT vvill not pivot t1 e leveT 24aboot its pivot pin 300 Since the plungo1 W111 not e gage the projeotiofl 208. At the sa ne 0 o t Ie Inovefe f of the caffiago 280 vvill carry tho oInpfy SIgnal 290 into viovv thTou gh tho vfindoW 18 covofipg fhe oackoge diSp1ay indica0ng the bfaod of In fho colomn ossooiated Wit0 a pafticular poh botto1i 10. The e1T11)ty signal Inay caTry a legend, ThiS (=oluInn EIIlpty, of TIefely the WOTd eInpty. It iS to be under Stood that an er1pty-signal nchanisIn iS aSSociated vvith each of the fespective columnS of the nlachine.

RefeTring now to Figufe 2, the link 155 Which iS e cUTed to the be11 cfank 150 is connected to the coin TegisteT (not ShoWn). The function of the liI1k is to n1ove the coin regiStef to coinaccepting poSiton,

If tho Ionoy iS depoSited in the coin TegiStof it can be fepoSSeSSed by a depoSitoT by opeTating the coin 1^et11fn levef, i1 vvhich case the coins Vvill be fetuTned to the coin Tetufn opening 11 ShovV11 in Figure 1.

1efeffing again to FigufeS 7 and 10, the Shift coluInI1 latch 200 caffieS a pin 304. A dog 300, pfovided With a hook 308, is pivotally cafTied by the pin 304. This dog 300 is so balanced that the hook 300 Win norn1any hang by gravity cleal of the baf 240. A plate 310 iS also pivoted about the pin 304. The plate iS noTn1ally balanced so that it Will, vVhen hanging vertically, engage the dog 300 to cauSe the hook 300 to engage the ba1 240. The plate 310 caffieS a lug 312 Which nofmany TeSts against the lowermost package 07 of cigaTeftes thoUgh an opening pTovided in the 1ea1 of the fTont colunln 04, aS can Teadily be Seen by fefefence to Fig uTe 7. AS long as thefe iS a package of cigarettes in the ffont coluInn the lllg 312 Will hold the plate 310 TeafvvaTdly, as can be seen by fefeTence to FiguTe 7, thus anowing the dog to hang with itS hook 308 clear of the baf 240- AS soon aS the laSt package of cigarettes haS been dispensed ffon1 the ffont colufnn, the lug 312 Win not be Supponed by thiS package and accordingly vvil1 pern1it gfavity to svVing the plafe 310 to a veftical position. ThiS takes place When the elevatoT is at the bottom ositioI1, that iS, With the baf 20 in the uppef position. vVhon the elevatoT n1oves up it vvill be Tecalled the ba1 240 n1ovoS dovn. ZS the baf noveS dovVo it will engage the hook 308 and cause the latch 200 to )ivot in a clockvviSe difection, aS vievVed in FigUTes 7 and 10, againSt the action of the spring 204 AS Soon aS the latch is clea1 of the projections 258 of the fear Shift colun1I1, the spTing 250 vvill force the shift column to Tofate to Inove itS Supply of cigafeffeS into the f1 oI1t co1UIIIn. In the course of thiS opefation, the eXible front 251 and rear plate 250 n1ove togethe1 UndeT the action of Spfing 250 to tho bfoken 1ine positionS Shovvn in Figufe 7. Tho packages in the shift column are then fTee to fa]1 into the front column 0 At the same tiIno the downWaTd n1otion of the Shift colulhn atch 200 nnder the inf111ence of the bar 240 vvill pLIll the enn ty signal uH Tod 272 downwaTdly due to Lhe inte engagen1ent of the projection 208 with the lowe1 end of the ull rod 272. This downwaTd 1T1otion of the Tod 272 vVill pivot the caIn 274 in a counteTClockwiSe direc ffo11, aS vieWed i1 FiguTe 7, Ca11Sing itS end to ongage the fonower plate 278 thus moving the SWitch carfiage 280 to the left and displaying the eInpty signal and dis ongaging the pUsh botton plunger 22 ffoIn the pTojec fion 298. It will be fecalled that tho elevatof TeSts i1 its uppeT poSi0on, that is, in a position to Inaintain the baI 240 i1 itS lovveTn1ost 1)osition. This Wi]1 ensuTe that at the end of the opeTafion of the IIlachine the eInpty signal will be diSplayed. After the laSt package of cigarettes has been diSpenSed ffom the ffont column the en1pty Signal vVill fenlain in vievv vhen a pufchaSer de )ositS n1oney i11 the coin slot 12. ])uTing the opeftion of the n1achine, however, When the elevafof InoveS downwaTdly the b 240 vvill nve u Wafdly, and dufing thiS Sn1a11 inteTval tho eInpty Signal will be IT1oved to its dear position by tl1e spring 200. At thiS tiIne, howevof, no haTn1 is done and When the delivery cyc1e has been completed the empty Signal will again be in poSition to warn a purchaSer that that coluInn iS e1pty. 1t iS to be undefStood that When packages are being tfansferfed fron1 the Shift colunTn to the fTont colun111 04, packages fTon1 tho shift colunn engage a1In 312 to Tender dog 300 again inoperative when bar 240 iS in its upporn1oSt position. The en1pty Signa1 and Selector diSabling neanS Tenain ino efative until all packageS in the Shift colllII1n aS Well aS the packages in the ffont coluIIIn have been dispensed.

j)ufing each opefation of the Inachine the elevatof opeTating lever 178 Will oscillafo. ^tfached to pivot pin 180 We pfovide a link Which eXtends upwafdly to a Inatch-deliveTy InechaniSm vvhich fofo1S no art of the inStant Speci0cation and iS theTefoTe not deScTibed. Its function iS to delivef a booklet of nlatches with each pUTchase of a package of cigarettes.

It is believed that the operation of ouT Inachine is clear ffoIn the fofegoing deScTiption. It iS to be noted that even though ouf Inachine is housed in a ConSole having a coIIlparatively low height, cigarefteS afe stiH diSpenSed fron1 the botton1 of each coluInn. ThiS enSuTes that the oldeSt Inefchandise is vended flfSt and pfeventS any of the IneTChandise ffom becoming stale. .At the Same fiIne, the n1erchandise is deliveTed at a convenient height fTonl the ooT even thongh the bottonTS of the co111TnnS afe adjacent to the oor. The Selection of the pTopef puSh bI1tto11 autoInaticaHy SelectS n1eTChandiSe ffon1 the colunn aSSociafed theTewith. When a cofuII1n iS en1pty of IneTchandiSe not only iS a uSe1' aviSed of thiS facf but the pI1Sh bUtton iS Tendered inopefafive to close thereby enSUTing againSt initiating the vending cycle. The pTeSSing of the pI1Sh button aUtonaticaHy startS a pfiIne mover to actUate an opeTating bar adapted to opeTate the delivefy Inechanisn foT a aTtioulaT co}uInn. T he pfeSSing of the puSh bIlttoI1, fLIftheTnlofe, auto- Inatically engages the delivery IneChanisnl for a particular colun1n With the conInon o )eTating bar. The elevatoI is so phaSed that it will fI1ove to the botto of a colunn to receive the InefchandiSe being vended, elevate it to a convenient height and aUton1a0cally dunp it into a deliveTy chufe. MeanS aTe pfovided for cleafing the elevatof fTo n its upwaTd position in Which it nofInally festS in ofdeT to facilitate the loading of the 11achine. The Shift colunlnS are antonlaticaHy opeTaed when the front ColuInn becoITleS en1pty thLls giving uS a nlachine having an incTeased capacity.

It vvil1 be Seen that vve have acconlpliShed the obiectS of oUT invention. vve have pTovided a conSole Iner chandising machine which iS low in height and i11 Which a package delivefed ffon1 the bottonl of the Stack is alltoIIlatically elevated to a deliveTy o ening raiSed froIn the 0oor a convenient height so that a pufchaser nlay reInove the package of cigaTetteS vVithont Stooping of bending. In oUT nlulticolUn111ar vending n1achine we have provided an elevatof conn1on to all of the coluInnS and aUtoolatiCaHy opefated to receive IneDchandise dispensed fToIn the botton1 of the colun1n and to raise it to a convenient height and then dUIT1p if. v/e have pfovidod a InulticoluInnar vending IIlaChine operated electTically in Which the action iS initiated by a push bufton and in vhiCh the pLISh bIltton iS afoTnatcaHy fendered inopefative When the c()lun1n iS deFlefed of nefchandiSe. Zt the saIne tinle vVe have provided an enpty Signal to adviSe a pfoSpective uSef that a pafficulaT colLInln iS efrlpty. vve have provided pivoted eiectoTS Which nor InaHy SUppoft a stack of 111eTchandiSe in a column in SUch a nanner that InerchandiSe cannot be 0Shed of Shaken froIn the co111II1ns. IZe have pTovided lnoanS fof coupHng a paTticUlaT eiector to a coInInon o erafing baf in SUch a Inanner than vVhen one ejectof iS coupled ofher ejectorSaTe pfevenfed fron1 being coupledvve have pfovided an elevator for a InulticolUn11af cigarette ITlachine iI1 vVhich the elevato1 is coUnterba1anced and is pfovided with a split tfanSmission Iink enabHng the elevatof to be Inoved Tnan11ally dUring he loading of the n1achine.

It W01 be undeIStood that ceTtain featufeS and Sub con1binations ate of 11tility and n1ay be eTnployed vvifh

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