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Publication numberUS2859082 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1958
Filing dateAug 6, 1954
Priority dateAug 6, 1954
Publication numberUS 2859082 A, US 2859082A, US-A-2859082, US2859082 A, US2859082A
InventorsLogue Ella E
Original AssigneeLogue Ella E
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US 2859082 A
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Nov. 4, 1958 E. E. Loam: 2,859,082

7 TABLES Filed Aug. 6. 195 4 INVENTOR ELLA E [.060

By ATTORNEY Patented Nov... 4, 1958 TABLES Ella E. Logue, Fullerton, Calif. Application-August 6, 1954', SeI'iaI'NO. 448,215 1 (Claim. (GI; 312-209) paratus of'this character that will afford greater comfort for-the patient.

Still another object of the invention is to provide appgratus of this character that will save nurses time and e ort.

I A further object of the invention is to provide ap so as to provide a smooth edge and to reinforce saidskirt; At each corner of the table there is a supporting leg 13 which may be of tubular construction or the like. The top 10 is supported by the upper ends of the legs, said upperends being shaped to be received within the bead 11, as best. shown in Fig. 3. The skirt 12 may be brazedior otherwise suitably secured tothe. legs. 13. There is also a. bumper, indicated at 14, extending about the skirt, said bumper. comprising a member 15 of generally U shape in cross section and a strip 16 .ofresilient material, such as rubber for example, received in the recess 17 formed by the member 15. The: strip 16 extendsaround the upper portion of the table; and". outwardly of the skirt so as to form a resilient cushionwhich will prevent marring or injury toobjectsuagainst' which the table might inadvertently be moved, Also the member 15, which may be an aluminum extrusion, serves as a reinforcing piece for the upperpart of the device and may be secured to the skirt 12 in. any suitable manner such as brazing, screws, or the like.

Spaced downwardly of the top is another bumper,1indi.- cated generally at 20, which includes a member21 which is'turned about the outer portions. of the legs and secured thereto'by any suitable securing means; above mentioned; The member ZI is'similar to. the member 15 and is provided with a resilient strip 23, similar to the strip 16-,

paratus of this character that may be easily moved about so that it will be convenient to the water facilities and drain.

A still further object of the invention is to provide apparatus of this character for giving patients treatments of various kinds.

Another object of the invention is to provide apparatus of this .characterth'at'may be readily used to give patients shampoos.

Still another object" of the invention is to provide apparatus of this character that can be used to move patients patients baths.

A further object of the invention is to provide apparatus of this character which can be used for minor and emergency surgery.

paratus of this character that can be used. to move from one location to another.

Another object of the invention is to provide apparatus of this character that may be easily cleaned and sterilized.

Still another object of the invention is to provide convenient storage for medicines, linens et cetera.

A further object of the invention is to provide apparatus of this character that will save linen.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will appear from the following part of the specification.

Referring to the drawings, which are for illustrative purposes only:

Fig. 1 is a plan view of a table embodying the present invention with portions of the pads broken away to show the top of the device and interior construction of the pads;

Fig. 2 is a side view of the device;

Fig. 3 is a partial section taken on line 33 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 4 is an end view of the device; and

Fig. 5 is a perspective of the head rest of the device.

Referring more particularly to the drawings the table comprises a horizontal top 10 of sheet metal which may be stainless steel or other suitable material. There is an upturned rounded bead 11 about the top 10 and a flange 12 depends from the bead to form .a skirt, the lower free edge 12a of said flange being rolled or curved inwardly patients A still further ob ect of the invention is to provide apreceived in the longitudinally extending recess. of said member 21.

A storage cabinet, indicated generally at 25', is. provided beneath the top 11 and extends downwardly to' substantially the plane of the bumper 20,.as best shown in Fig. 2; Any suitable means may be provided. for securing the cabinet in place andmay comprise brazing said cabinet .to the adjacent portions of the skirt 1'2 and to adjacent portions of the member 21 of the bumper 20.. A vertical partition 26 is provided to divide the; cabinet into two compartments 27 and 28, one of which is provided-with .a plurality of horizontal shelves 29. However, it is to be understood that any suitable interior arrangement may be provided for the cabinet in which linens and other items which might be required may be stored. Sliding doors 30 are also provided for the front of the cabinet, there being knobs 31 for actuating the doors.

The cabinet 25 is of less length than the table and is located centrally thereof so as to leave substantially spaces 33 and 34 at the ends of said table with bottom members 35 and 36 forming shelves .at the ends of said cabinet on which pans, or the like may be supported. The shelves 35- and 36 may be in substantially the sameplane as that of the bumper 20.

Reinforcing cross members 40 may be provided at the ends of the device and the outer ends of said members are secured to the legs 13 by any suitable means such as brazing, screws or the like. At the bottom ends of the legs are respective casters 41 so that the device may be readily moved about, there being springs 41a within the legs to cushion said casters.

Adjacent one end, but spaced therefrom, is a colonic drain bowl 45 having an outwardly turned flange 46 about the upper free end, said flange being secured to the under side of the top 10 so that the bowl is in register with an opening 47 provided in said top. The bowl is also of stainless steel or other suitable material and is attached to the top by brazing or other suitable means. The top slopes from each end toward the opening 47 and also from the sides so as to provide drainage. A cover 48 is also provided for said bowl 45, said cover having a peripheral flange 49 which rests on the upper inner portion of the flange 46 of the bowl 45, it being noted that the diameter of the opening 47 is such as to receive said flange 49. When in place on the bowl 45 the cover serves to provide a top surface substantially in the same plane as the top. Means for removing the cover is provided and is shown as a knob 50 set within a recess 51 of said cover. However, it is to be noted that a ring, suitably recessed, may also :be used as a handle for removing said cover: 3

At the bottom of the bowl 45 is a tubular drain member 52 on which is received one end of aflexible tube 53 which is adapted to have its other or free end 54 disposed in a suitable drain, not shown. The end 54 is provided with-a hook 55 which is receivable in an opening 55a provided therefor in the skirt 12, as best shown in Fig. 3. However, any othersuitable releasable securing means may be provided to hold-up .the free end of said tube 53 to prevent drainage therethrough when said drainage is not desired.

Adjacent the opposite end of the table is a depending bowl 60 which may be used for shampooing or any other desired purpose. The bowl 60 has an outturned flange 61 about the upper end thereof, said flange being secured to the under side of said top'10 by any'suitable means such as pointed out in connection with bowl 45. Bowl 60 is in register with an opening 62 provided in the top and said opening is sufficiently large to receive an outwardly extending peripheral flange 63 of a cover 64 and to permitsaid flange 63 to rest on the inner portion of the upper side of said flange 61 so that the upper. surface of said cover is in substantially the same plane. as the upper surface of said top 10 when said cover. is in place. In order to remove said cover, a knob '65 is provided in a recess 66 in said cover and this knob does notextend above the upper side of said cover64.

Bowl 60 is provided with a depending drain member 67 on which is received one end of a flexible tube 68, the other end 69 of said tube also being provided with a hook 55 for attachment to an opening 55b provided therefor in the skirt 12. It is to be noted that the free ends of either or both the flexible drain tubes 53 and 68 may be hooked orotherwise secured so as to be disposed above the level of liquid in the respective bowls, or if desired, plugs, not shown, may be used to prevent drainage from said bowls.

For shampooing purposes, a head rest, indicated generally at 75, is provided and includes a .base plate 76 having an upstanding member 77 which serves as a head support and splash board. The upper edge of the member 77 is concavely curved and is provided with a pad 78 secured to said member 77 by any suitable well known means. In order to retain the head rest in position when in use, the top 10 is slightly recessed at 79 and is of substantially the same shape, but slightly larger, than the base plate 76 so as to removably receive said plate.

When using the device for shampooing, the cover 64 is removed from the bowl 60, which may be elongated transversely of the table, and the head rest placed in position. A Y-shaped spray head holder 82 is also provided adjacent the bowl 60, therebeing a socket 83 extending through the bead 11 for telescopic reception of the depending part 84 of said spray holder. has a winged nut 83a: for securing the holder 82 in various telescoped positions. The holder may also be used V as a support for the tube of transfusion equipment.

At the opposite end of the device is means for supupper end of the member 88 is bent to form a book 90 for supporting said water tank.

Pad means is also provided for the top 10 and com. prises end sections 91 and 92 and a central section 93. Each pad is of'sponge rubber 95 with a cover 96 of plas tic or other suitable water proof material. The pad 91 is of such length as to'extendinwardly beyondthe'recess 79 and the pad 92 extends inwardly from its end beyond the. bowl .45. V If desired, .stirrups of any suitable'known type, may be attached to the device in any Well known manner,

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:-

for saidbpenin g; an upstanding marginal flangeabout said top; legs supporting said assembly; and a headrest including a base removably receivable in said recess,a

member upstanding from said base, and cushionmeans.

for the upper edge of said member.

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