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Publication numberUS2859452 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 11, 1958
Filing dateApr 25, 1955
Priority dateApr 25, 1955
Publication numberUS 2859452 A, US 2859452A, US-A-2859452, US2859452 A, US2859452A
InventorsSeewack Benjamin
Original AssigneeSeewack Benjamin
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Shower drain combination
US 2859452 A
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NOV. 11, 1958 s w c 2,859,452

SHOWER DRAIN COMBINATION Filed April 25. 1955 Bay'amin J'eeuadc,




Unite The present invention relates to a drain combination, and particularly to a shower drain and sub-drain combination.

An important object of the invention is to provide a floor drain combination adapted for convenient installation and testing.

Another object is to provide a drain and sub-drain combination for the floor of a shower having durable exposed parts which will not stain or discolor the shower floor with rust or oxidation products.

Additional objects will appear during the course of the following description.

Broadly stated, the present invention is directed to a drain comprising an internally threaded sub-drain for threaded engagement with a drain pipe, a generally cylindrical drain provided with tightening means for fastening the drain to the sub-drain, a corrosion resistant ring adapted to be fastened over the upper end of the drain, and a strainer adapted for fastening over the upper surface of the ring to cover the mouth of the drain.

A more detailed description of a specific embodiment of the invention is given with reference to the drawing, wherein:

Figure l is a partially exploded perspective view showing the drain and sub-drain bolted together and showing the strainer, ring and test blank detached from the drain and sub-drain assembly;

Figure 2 is a fragmentary sectional view showing in detail the mode of fastening the strainer to the ring; and

Figure 3 is a cross-sectional elevational view showing the drain and sub-drain assembly complete.

The sub-drain 10 is internally threaded as at 11, for threaded engagement with a drain pipe (not shown). During installation of the drain combination in a building under construction, the mouth of the sub-drain is kept closed by a test blank 12 externally threaded for threaded engagement with the mouth of the sub-drain 10, as shown in Figure 3. A gasket 13 is employed with the test blank 12 to make a gas-and-water-tight connection for testing purposes as required by building codes in certain localities. The installed test blank also prevents dirt or fragments of building materials from falling into the drain-pipe and trap and thus plugging the same. The test blank 12 is provided with internal bosses 14 for wrench engagement for tightening or loosening the test blank in the mouth of the sub-drain 10. The subdrain 10 is provided with an annular flange 16 around the mouth thereof having an upwardly facing concave surface 17. The concave surface 17 in the mounted combination at the bottom of a shower tightly engages the under surface of the bottom of the shower. Bosses ate n t.

2,859,452 Patented Nov. '1"1, 1958 When installed in the bottom of a shower the undersurface 20 of flange 21 is tightly in engagement with the upper surface of the shower bottom 40. The drain 19 is clamped tightly to the shower bottom and subdrain 10 by means of screws 22 passing through holes in the flange 21 and threadedly engaged in tapped holes 15. Holes 23 through the flange 21 and the bottom of drain 19 are provided. to permit passage of any seepage accumulation above the flanges 16 and 21 to flow through the holes and into the drain pipe by way of the sub-drain opening. Radially disposed internal bosses 24 are formed on the internal wall of drain 19 and are provided with tapped holes 26. Sub-drain 10 and drain 19 can be made of any desired material but usually are 18 are formed radially of the sub-drain 10 and are molded from cast iron for reasons of economy.

Protecting ring 27 is made of a corrosion resistant material such as brass, or stainless steel, for example, and is adapted to fit over the upper end of drain 19 as best shown in Figure 3. When installed, the upper surface 28 of ring 27 is flush with that of the shower floor indicated at 41. Installation in this manner hides the drain 19 from view and prevents any showing of corroded or oxidized material resulting from attack of moisture and oxygen on the material composing drain 19. The ring 27, being made of oxidation or corrosion resistant material, retains its new finish and attractive appearance, which alone is visible in the floor of the shower. Pairs of parallel internal arms 29 are formed radially of the ring 27 and are positioned to cooperate with screws 31 engaging arms 29 and threadedly engaged in bosses 24 at tapped holes 26, to thus fasten ring 27 to the top of drain 19.

A strainer 32, made of a circular disc of oxidation and corrosion resistant material, such as brass or stainless steel, is fitted into an internal flange 34 formed on the ring 27. Strainer 32 is provided with slits 33 to permit the drainage of water from the shower floor and prevent soap or other objects from passing into the drain pipe through the shower drain. Circular holes 35 are formed in the strainer 32 near the edge thereof and radially disposed bosses 36 are formed internally of the ring 27. The bosses 36 are provided with tapped holes to engage screws 37 passing through the holes 35 in strainer 32 and drawn tight to fasten the strainer over the mouth of the drain and flush with the surface 28 of the ring 27.

It will be seen that the shower drain combination can be installed in the bottom of the shower in a building under construction, and that test blank 12 and other parts of the shower drain combination are either flush with the floor of the shower, or below the surface thereof, so that there are no projecting elements to come in the way of workmen during their construction activities.

Obviously, many variations in the design and structural details of the shower drain combination of the invention will occur to one skilled in the mechanical arts. The foregoing description is explanatory only, and is given primarily to illustrate a specific embodiment of the invention. Accordingly, it is understood that such changes and modifications in the design, details and structure of the shower drain combination of the invention may be made within the scope of the appended claims without departing from the spirit of the invention.

What I claim is:

1. A shower drain combination, comprising: a generally cylindrical drain member; an annular ring of corrosion-resistant metal overlying the upper edge of said drain member, said ring and said drain member in cluding vertically aligned inwardly directed boss means, said boss means having aligned bores, the boss means of the drain member being threaded; screw members extending through said bores to secure said ring to said bers securing said strainet'isolely to said ring member.

I 2. A shower..drainncombinationpas definedin claim'gi wliei'eins'saidh securing means comprise screw. members extending th'r'ougli apertureszimsaid strainer ands-being received inflinwardly. directed boss -means. on vsaid ling. 3. 'A' shower drain combinationasdefinedin 'c1aim:2

wherein said ,ring member and said drain memberareiof 10 'a' 'recesson the upper surface ofsaid ring membenand wherein said last-mentioned boss means are spacedbe- 10W said ,.upper a."surfaces.tomaccnmmodateaisaid. lastmentioned screw members.

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Cooperative ClassificationE03F5/0409, E03F5/0408
European ClassificationE03F5/04D3, E03F5/04D2