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Publication numberUS2860638 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1958
Filing dateFeb 21, 1956
Priority dateFeb 21, 1956
Publication numberUS 2860638 A, US 2860638A, US-A-2860638, US2860638 A, US2860638A
InventorsFrank Bartolomeo
Original AssigneeFrank Bartolomeo
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Smoking device
US 2860638 A
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Nov. 18, 1958 Filed Feb. 2l, 1956 F. BARTOLOMEO SMOKING DEVICE 2 Sheets-ShamV` 1 BY ATTO NEY Nov. 18, 1958 F. BARTOLOMEO 2,859,638

SMOKING DEVICE Filed Feb. 2l, 1956 v 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Tllzill. /4 /Z INVENTOR fem/K zfaM/wfo tice United States Patat 2,860,638 sMoKiNG DEVICE Frank Bartolomeo, Merrick, N, Y;

. Application February 21, 1956 serial N. 566,879

1s claims. (cl. 12s-201) This invention relates to` a smoking. device and more particularlyV to a device for smoking requiring no combustion.

There are many places where smoking is not permitted because of the re hazard present as around explosives or because conditions forbid the showing of a light as at night in time of lwar.

It is an object of this invention to provide a smoking device simulating a cigarette and which will furnish smoke Without employingcombustion.

`It is `another object to provide a capsulehaving captively held therein the aroma and flavor volatiles of tobacco.

Theseyand other objects of this invention. will become `apparent upon reading the following specification in connection. with the accompanying drawing in which;

Figfl is a perspective view of one embodiment of this invention, i i

Fig. 2 is an exploded view of. the deviceof Fig. 1 showing thecapsule,

" Fig. 3fis a side view of the smoking device. showing in dotted. outline the interior construction andthe manner of, piercing both ends of the capsule,

k VFigf4 is a longitudinal sectional view showing the opposed hollow pierce pins penetrating the plastic capsule, i 5 is `a transverse` sectional View` taken along line Fig. 6. is a transverse sectional view taken along line 6-`6 of Fig. 4,

i Fig. 7'1's a partial longitudinal section, on an enlarged scale showing the outer pier-ce pin spaced from the adjacent outer end of the plastic capsule preparatory to puncturing the latter,

Fig. 8 is a partial longitudinal section, on anenlarged scale, showing the inner pierce pin spaced from the adjacent inner end of the plastic capsule,

Fig. 9`is a transverse sectional View taken online 9-9 ofFig. 4,`

Fig. 1Q is a perspective view of a modiedembodiment of the smoking device and having three apertures in the front end wall,

Fig. l1 is a longitudinal sectional view on an enlarged scale, of the modified embodiment of the smoking device shown in Fig. 10, showing an air duct therein,

Fig. 12 is a transverse sectional view taken on line 12-12 of Fig. 11,

Fig. .13 is. atransverse sectional View taken on line 13-13 of Fig. 11,

`Fig. 14 is a sectional view in partsimilar to Fig. 11 but without the air duct,

` Fig. 15 is a sectional view of the embodiment of the device of Fig. l, modied to hold a cigarette,

Fig. 1 6 is `a sectional View of the embodiment of the device of Fig. l0, modiied to hold a cigarette and Fig. 17 is a detailed partial longitudinal sectional view ofk another embodiment `showing a longitudinal air channel disposed beneath the plastic capsule.

Referring to the drawing, there is shown a tubular Patented Nov. 18, 195,8

mouth piece 10 having a cylindrical portion 10X, made of metal, plastic or other suitable material and provided with a tubular extension 11 of lesser cylindrical diameter, which is integral with said cylindrical portion of said mouth piece 10.

A front tubular cylindrical element 12 of metal, plastic or' other suitable material is provided with suitable bore and with a lip 15 adapted to malte with. and frictionally seize theV tubular extension 1p14 of the mouth piece. The bore of the tubular extension 11 and of the cylindrical portion of mouth piece 1 0 is also `of suitable size and equal to the bore of elementlZ.

A cylindrical capsule 14 of metal or plastic and having a diameter to` t snugly into the bore of elements 12, 11" and 10X, is provided with opposedends having dished in thin wall sections 14X.`

The capsule may be prepared from two co-acting plastic over-lapped half-sections, one of. which has. alip similar torelement 13 and. the other hal`fsection being provided with a projection similar to element 11, the over-lapped portions being sealed to provide a hermetically sealed capsule.

Alternatively the capsule 14. may be provided with opposed heat` sealed orV crimped ends` to provide a her- Inetically sealed tube. Where crimped end capsules are use'cltheymay be prepared fromcontinuous tubing, plastic or metal such as aluminum.

As shown in Fig. 7 the front end,` of` the front tubular element 12 is provided with a flanged front pierceipin lhaving a tubular flange 16;and a tubular pin 17'integral therewith. The pin.1, provided with a beveledpoint 1.8.having a piercing edge 1l9. The element 12 is provided with. an inner integral circular ridge 20 against which flange 16 rests and beyond which pin 15l extends.

The pierce pin. l5 is. made of` suitable metal and immoveably secured to` element 12 in a suitable channel 12X providedrtherefor.`

The bore .in the cylindrical portion 16Xl of the mouthpiece 10 is provided with atirst inwardly disposed circular ridge 21 forming alirst set-back bore of smaller dimension and with a second inwardly disposed circular ridge 22 forming a second setback bore leading to the mouth piece bite end23 (Figs. 1 to 4). l

A rear pierce pin 24 having a tubular llange 25 of suitable diameter is immoveably secured in thesecond bore against ridge 22 (Fig. 8). Pierce pin 24 is made of suitable metal and is provided with a tubular cutting pint2`6 integral with the ilange 25 and having a beveled or sl-oped front 27 with a cutting edgev 28. Pin 24 protrudes or eX- tends beyond ridge 21 of mouth piece 10.

The rear opening of the tubular bore of rear pierce pin 24may be provided with a check valve formed preferably by a flap 29 of suitable materialsuch as plastic sheeting (Fig. 8 and 9). The check valve is an optional element.

The flap 29 is xedly secured to the flange 25 over the bore therein by conventional means such as adhesive or heat sealing adhesive. This tlap functions as a checkvalve permitting flow` of gas through the bore of` pierce pin 24 in but one direction, that is toward the bite-end l231 of the mouth piece 1t).

As shownin Figs. 4 and 8 the mouthpiece l0 may be provided with a vent hole 30, placed behind the rear pin 24 `or by a vent hole 31 (Fig. 1l) placed in front of the rear pin 24. The use of `a vent hole 30 or 31 is optional since the smoking device will function well without any supplemental'admixture of air (Fig. 14).

The capsule 14 is provided with cigarette smoke in a concentrated state or it may be provided with filler material such as cotton or mineral matter in which thellavor` and taste components of tobacco 'are absorbed.` Thus the =cotton may be saturated with nicotine, cigarette tar, etc. as desired.

Turning to-Figs. to 13, there is shown a device having'a modified front pierce pin 32 and a modified rear pierce pin 33.

vThe modified front pierce pin 32 is provided with a flange skirt having at least one aperture or a plurality of apertures 34, preferably three and wherein the pierce pin thereof is fluted, having preferably fo-ur flutes 35 (Fig. 12).

The rear modified pierce pin 33 is provided with 3 outlet ports 36 (Fig. 13) over which the flap 29 extends thereby functioning as a check valve for all outlet ports 36. A single outlet port may be used in lieu of the three outlet ports 36 if desired. The rear modified pierce pin 33 is also provided with a fluted pierce pin having preferably four fluted grooves.

Also as shown in Fig. 1l, the lip 13X may be provided with screw threads and the co-acting mating tubular exv tension 11X may be provided with co-acting screw threads.

There may be occasions when the smoker may wishto smoke a lighted cigarette as when not in a no smoking area. In such event, the smoking device of this invention is modified as shown in Figs. 15 and 16. In this modification the front cylindrical element 12 is provided with a suitable tubular extension 37 having a bore adapted to receive a cigarette. In this modification the flange 16 of pin 17 (Fig. 15) or the flange of pierce pin 32 (Fig. 16) is provided with a diameter equal to that of a cigarette.

Fig. 17 shows a modification of Fig. 11 wherein the vent 31 is replaced by an interior V-shaped groove 38 located in both the front element 12 and the mouth piece 10 in the inner surface of the respective bores therein and below the capsule 14. This groove 38 extends beyond the capsule 14 secured within elements 10 and 12, at both ends and beneath the front and the rear pierce pins, hence it functions as a vent and permits a suitable amount of the air sucked in through the front pierce pin 32, to by-pass the capsule before passing through the rear pierce pin 33.

The purpose of this invention is to provide a fireless, lightless smoke. Other equivalent modifications will occur to those .skilled in the art after reading this disclosure but all these equivalent modifications are intended to be covered by the scope of the claims herein.

I claim 1. A freless smoking device comprising a rear mouthpiece section having a mouth end and having a bore through said section, a rear pierce pin having a pierce point and an integral flange and having a passage therethrough fixedly secured in the bore of the mouthpiece with the pierce point disposed away from the mouth end, a front section having a bore therethrough, a front piece pin having a flange and a pierce point integral thereto and having a passage therethrough and fixedly secured to the front end of the front section, the pierce point of the front pierce pin being disposed inwardly into the bore of said front section, said bore of said front section and said rear section being of approximately equal diameter and adapted to receive a hermetically sealed capsule having tobacco components therein, and means for removeably securing said rear and said front sections together.

2. The device -of claim 1 with a check valve secured to the rear pierce pin and adapted to permit the flow of gas through said rear pin in the direction of the mouth end of the mouthpiece.

3. The device of claim 1 including a hermetically sealed capsule having ends disposed in the capsule retaining bore of said front section and said rear section with the respective pierce pins penetrating the respective ends of said capsule.

4. The device of claim 1 wherein the pierce pins are provided with fluted pierce points and flanges having at least one aperture in the flange thereof.

5. The device of claim l comprising a tubular extension integral with the front end of said front section and adapted to hold a cigarette within the tube thereof.`

6. The device of claim l with a vent channel adapted to mix air with the drawn smoke components.

7. The device of claim 6 wherein the vent channel is a groove in the wall of the bore of said front section and said rear section.

8. A device for conveying an air borne substance into the mouth, comprising an elongate tubular member made up of at least two separable sections, at least one of said sections including a terminal portion forming a mouth piece, a partitioning means in each section, said partitioning means forming between them when the sections are joined together a chamber for a container of the substance which is to be air borne into the mouth, a container puncturing pin carried by each partitioning means, the puncturing pins having their points substantially opposed, and means for passing an air stream through the tubular member and through a container into which `the puncturing pins may be extended.

9. In combination, an elongate tubular member transversely dividedto form at least two separable sections, at least one of said sections including a terminal portion forming a mouth piece, a partition means in each section forming between them in the member a capsule chamber, a capsule in the chamber containing an inhalable substance, pointed penetrating elements carried by the partitioning means and adapted to penetrate the ends of the capsule when the separable sections are joined together, and means providing an air passage from the pointed ends of the penetrating elements through the partitioning means.

10. A device by which an air conveyable substance may be drawn into the mouth from a closed capsule, said device comprising an elongate tubular body transversely divided to form at least two separable sections, at least one of said sections including a terminal portion forming a mouth piece, means detachably coupling said sections together, and means carried by each of the sections of the body for cooperatively puncturing the ends of a capsule therein when the coupling together of the sections is effected and for establishing an air passageway through the body and the capsule.

11. A device of the character described for receiving and puncturing the ends of a capsule, said `device comprising an elongate tubular body formed in two sections, at least one section including a terminal portion forming a mouth piece, means for detachably coupling the-sections together, a partitioning member in said one section, a first element carried by the partitioning member and having a cutting end directed away from the mouth piece, a partitioning member in the other section at the end thereof remote from the coupling means, a second element carried by the second mentioned partitioning member and having a cutting end directed toward the first element, the tubular body between the partitioning members forming a chamber for receiving a sealed capsule, the cutting ends of said first and second elements each being designed to puncture an end of such a capsule adjacent thereto when the body sections are joined to enclose the capsule, and means for facilitating the passing of air through the body and a capsule therein.

12. The invention according to claim 1l wherein said last means comprises a passageway extending longitudinally through each of said first and second elements and the partitioning member by which the elements are carried.

13. The invention according to claim l1 wherein the last means comprises a groove in each of said first and second members and extending in the direction of the length of the body and an opening through each partitioning member.

14. The invention according to claim 1l, with means for admitting air into the said one section between the mouth piece and the partitioning means therein.

l5. The invention according to claim 11 wherein the second mentioned partition is spaced inwardly from the adajcent end of the section in which it is carried whereby to provide a socket for the reception of an end of a cigarette.

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European ClassificationA24F47/00B