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Publication numberUS2862779 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 2, 1958
Filing dateSep 14, 1956
Priority dateSep 14, 1956
Publication numberUS 2862779 A, US 2862779A, US-A-2862779, US2862779 A, US2862779A
InventorsHammond Clarence O
Original AssigneeHammond Clarence O
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Cigarette case with humidifying means
US 2862779 A
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Dec. 2, 1958 c. o. HAMMOND 2,862,779

CIGARETTE CASE WITH HUMIDIFYING MEANS Filed Sept. 14, 1956 543 50 33 8 Fig. 2 52 g (j v 48 (Ea 4/48 42 {g 2 2 ,/6 l 46 a g 11 E/IO I a 24 Fig. 4

Fig. 3 -i1 54 4 I as 54 8 \QE QQI 52 e J 50 $55,- 38

(I v 48 at Jo 42 40 36 56 48 58 N 42 20 Fig. 5

*F I /0 44 --E 1 a 28 Clarence 0. Hammond INVENTOR.

Y non yawn} m United States Patent The present invention relates to a pocketsize small article carrying and protecting case and has reference in particular to a case which is especially, but not necessarily, adapted to protectively contain a package of .cigarettes in such a manner that the cigarettes are subjected to the action of humidifying means enclosed in the case and functioning to keep the cigarettes fresh and in moistened condition for more satisfactory and pleasing use.

In carrying out the principles of the invention a simple, practical and economical three-part case or jacket is provided and this encases the package of cigarettes and .houses the moistening or humidifying means and is preferably of eolorfuland decorative sheet material, loommercial plastics for example, and 'inasmuchas it is'also rigid, lends itself to anchorage on a relatively stationary support surface (desk, table, automobile or the like) by Way of suitable fastening or hold-downjmeans.

Another object of the invention has to ,do with the stated three-part or equivalent sectionalcase wherein the latter is characterized by a body section and detachable top and bottom cover sections which are telescopically and frictionally retained in place, these several sections being such in construction that it is possible to either shorten or lengthen the effective size of the case whereby to render it such in performance that it will accommodate e the u a r king-size ci a es r e fis l r n vel is p edicat aths: st t sectional, extensible and contractible or convertible case wherein the humidifying or moistening means is removably contained in an upper closed end portion of the top cover section and is characterized by a capillary wick connected at one end to an absorbent element, such as a piece of blotter, and cooperating at its other end with a wador filler of rolled cotton ,or the like in. a pan-like receptacle which latter serves as a simple reservoir'for a nominal quantity of water.

Other objects, features and advantages will become more readily apparent from the following description and the accompanying sheet of illustrative, but not restrictive, drawings.

In the accompanying drawings, wherein like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the views:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the improved cigarette case with portions broken away to show details of the moistening or humidifying means;

Fig. 2 is a central longitudinal sectional view, with portions in elevation, with the parts arranged to make provision for a package of so-called king-size cigarettes;

Fig. 3 is a central sectional and elevational view similar to Fig. 2 where the parts are rearranged to make provision for a package of so-called regular cigarettes;

Fig. 4 is a bottom plan view of the removable top or cover section; and

Fig. 5 is a top plan view of the body section of the over-all case with the top and bottom cover sections removed.

Referring now to the figures of the drawings with the 2,862,779. Patented Dec. 2, 1958 ice aid of reference numerals and accompanying lead lines it will be evident that the three-part or sectional case or jacket is shaped to accommodate a package of cigarettes. It may be stated in this connection, that while-the invention contemplates protectively containingiand humidifying articles such as cigars and the like, it will simplify .the instant presentation to stress the same as a carrying and protective case for cigarettes. In any event, the main part comprises a body or'body section 'and this is denoted by the numeral 6 whilethev top cover sec- ;tion' is denoted at 8 and the bottom .cover section 10.

The body section as seen in Figs. 2, 3 and 5 ,in particular is tubular and rectangular and open-ended. The intermediate portion thereof is increased in thickness and defines an outstanding and endless rib-like member 1-2. It will be seen in Figs. 2 and 3 that the upper edgeportion of the rib is provided with a relatively deep endless groove or channel 14, A similar but shallower channel 16 is formed in the lower edge p ortion. Thus, the upper and lower end portions of the body section are relatively thin andhare conveniently differentiated from the other Parts by e ume a 1.8 and .2 T es end p ion obviously serve to accommodate the cap-like top and bottom cover sections 8 and 10. For example, the simp n fit er n en s the por ion 70 o e, ody

m q an t e edges f i1 WF PQiiOI SZZ t ereo a e keyed and frictionally held in the groove or channel 16 whereby to thus provide a friction closure eover for the bottom of the over-all case. r This bottom cover it} may be provided with a hole as at 24 to accommodate a headed fastener or the like 236 which isshown in Fig.3

and may be employed for temporarily securing the case to a relatively stationary support surface 28. 'The case as before stated, is intended to be carried either in ones pocket or it may be .staked or otherwise anchored on a table, windshield instrument panel, cowl or the like. The top cover section 8 is identical in size with the bottom section 10 and the lower edges of its wall portions 30 as seen in Fig. 2 are fitted or keyed telescopically into the groove or channel 14. Therefore, a suitable closure for the upper otherwise open end of the body section is provided. It may be repeated in this connection that the invention serves to accommodate either kingsize or regular packaged cigarettes. Fig. 2 shows how the parts are arranged to accommodate the king-size package while Fig. 3shows what is doneto accommodate the regular size." All that is necessary is to invert or turn the body section upside down and to .fit .the cover section 8 in the groove means 16 while the cover section It) is shoved all the way into the deeper groove means 14. I

Continuing with the description of the top cover section it will be seen that the top wall 32 has a filler hole therein to accommodate. an insertable and removable plug 34. If a plug is not desired the hole can be covered by a piece of gummed tape (not shown). This cover section serves as an accommodation for the moisture containing reservoir. As before touched upon this reservoir is preferably of a simple rectangular shallow pan-like receptacle 36 having a hole 33 at the center of its bottom which registers with a hole 40 at the center of the insertable and removable piece of blotting paper or other absorbent means. This is called an absorbent insert 42. It is fitted against the bottom of the receptacle and interposed between the package 44 containing the cigarettes 46. The upper edges of the walls 48, that is the edges 50 are formed into outstanding beads and these beads are keyed removably in keying grooves 52 provided therefor on the interior of the walls of the top cover section 8. This may be referred as a snap-in fit for the receptacle. As before touched upon the receptacle is charged with adsorbent media which may comprise a wad of raw cotton or the like 54. The wick 56 has an end portion coiled in the mass of the raw cotton and the other end portion 58 extends through the holes 38 and 40 in the manner brought outin Figs. 2 and 3.. It follows that moisture from the wetted raw cotton filler is transmitted to the insert or blotter 42 by way of the wick-end. I

All that is necessary in order to use the invention is i to tear or trim entire portion of cigarette package from the lighting end of the cigarettes, place package into container exposed endup. Fill reservoir with water, 200 drops or more, whatever amount will be properly absorbed. The absorbent stores this moisture which is picked up by wick and gradually transferred to blotter in inner compartment of container directly over lighting end of cigarettes. Cigarettes will pick up moisture from blotter as required for perfect conditioning; It may be necessary to remove blotter in abnormally damp weather.

If a change in cigarette flavor is desired, add such flavor to blotter, said flavor will be rapidly transferred to cigarettes. Container can be permanently anchored to object by use of metal screw.

This same type container in various sizes andshapes will serve as suitable and accessible storage containers for cigars, tobaccos, bread and items of the like.

Briefly summarized the invention is novel in that it is characterized by an inexpensive container which is readily convertible from regular to king-size cigarettes and which does not require extra parts for the use of special instruments in making the change-over. The case or container is semi-sealed and does not require the use of snaps or springs. Means is provided whereby it may be carried either in ones pocket or anchored on a stationary support as shown in Fig. 3. The means and mode of supplying moisture to the interior of the case is an improvement in this line of endeavor. Then too, the aforementioned feature which makes it possible to add flavor to a favorite brand of cigarettes by utilizing the blotter means is significant.

The foregoing is considered .as illustrative only of the principles of the invention. Further, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction and operation shown and described, and accordingly all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention as claimed.

What is claimed as new is as follows:

1. A pocket-size humidor-type carrying and protecting case for cigarettes or the like comprising a body tubular and rectangular in cross-section, open at its ends, and

adapted to serve as an enclosing case for a pack of cigarettes, readily applicable top and bottom covers removably capped over and normally closing the top and bottom ends of said body, moistening means mounted in the closed upper portion of the top cover and situated between the respective top portions of the body and top cover respectively, a piece of blotting paper removably interposed between said moistening means and the top of said body, and said moistening means embodying a capillary Wick detachably connected at one end with said blotting paper, said moistening means comprising a removable pan-like receptacle containing a filler of absorbent material and said Wick being cooperable with said material.

2. The structure defined in claim 1, and wherein the intermediate portion of said body has an outstanding rib, the upper and lower edge portions respectively of the rib having grooves, and adjacent cooperating edge portions of said covers being removably keyed in their respective grooves.

3. A pocket-size humidor-type carrying and protecting case for cigarettes or the like comprising a body tubular in cross-section and adapted to serve as an enclosing case for a pack of cigarettes, readily applicable top and bottom covers removably capped over and normally closing the respective top and bottom ends of said body, moistening means removably mounted in the upper closed portion of said top cover and situated between. the cooperating top portions of the body and top cover respectively, an insert of absorbent material interposed removably between said moistening means and top of said body, and said moistening means embodying a capillary Wick detachably connected With said insert, said moistening means embodying a removable receptacle having a filler of raw cotton contained therein, said wick being embedded in :said filler and having one end fitting into holes provided therefor in the receptacle and insert respectively.

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