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Publication numberUS2864384 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1958
Filing dateJun 9, 1955
Priority dateJun 9, 1955
Publication numberUS 2864384 A, US 2864384A, US-A-2864384, US2864384 A, US2864384A
InventorsWalter Mary F
Original AssigneeWalter Mary F
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Fashion-design costume nails
US 2864384 A
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Dec. 16, 1958 ER 2,86%384 FASHION-DESIGN COSTUME NAILS Filed June 9, 1955 INVENTOR. MARY F. WALTER BY DES JARDINS, RgElNSON & KEISER HER ATTORNFYS FASHION-DESIGN COStTUME NAILS Mary F. Walter, Amelia, Ohio Application June 9, 1955, Serial No. 514,201

3 Claims. (Cl. 132-73) This invention relates to fashion-design costume nails, and it particularly pertains to false finger nails which are provided with the same textile fabric pattern or design, or simulation thereof, as is the textile fabric pattern or design of the costume or wearing apparel ensemble to be worn at any particular time. The nails are customfashioned or custom-patterned in direct relation to the costume or costumes of wearing apparel of a ladys wardrobe, that is, they become an exactly matching accessory of and to a ladys costume or wearing apparel ensemble, thereby constituting a directly personalized, exclusively high-fashioned, and individually stylized complement to her wardrobe.

The invention also contemplates stylizing or customfashioning sets of costume nails, each set matching with one of the wearing apparel ensemble costumes of a-ladys wardrobe. Hence, she may have as many different sets of custom-designed or stylized nails for selective wear as she has different wearing apparel ensemble costumes for there to be one set of nails stylized to match each ensemble costume.

-It has heretofore been the practice to fabricate false finger nails with decorative designs thereon. However, these designs have been nothing more than being in different colors or finish, such as red, pink or natural. From a supply of these different colored false finger nails, a color could be selected for any particular costume of wearing apparel. While these different colors have sometimes been referred to as matching the different costumes of wearing apparel, such do not in fact match the corresponding costume or design. It is over such that the present invention is an improvement, and such costume-design false finger nails thereby become something more than just false finger nails but are, in fact, an accessory part of the wearing apparel ensemble costume to the same extent as other parts of the ensemble costume. They are an actual fashion accessory to complement a ladys wearing ensemble and achieve an effect above and beyond that of mere good grooming, this latter status being ordinarily obtained through the common and limited means of manicuring with liquid paints.

Accordingly, one of the principal objects of this invention is costume-design false finger nails which are a part of the wearing apparel costume.

Another object of the invention is custom-design false finger nails which match the wearing apparel costume design or pattern.

Another object of the invention is an actual customdesign or stylized set of false nails, for hands or feet, which match with or duplicate the fabric pattern and color of a certain wearing apparel costume, such as a dress, coat, skirt, jacket, suit and the like, or which duplicate or correspond with an enhancing portion of the wearing apparel costume, such as the collar, cuffs, belt, buttons, bows, ties and the like.

Another object of the invention is costume-design false finger nails which may be made in sets of different fabric pattern or design corresponding with different nited States Patent suitable for this purpose.

2,864,384 Patented Dec. 16, 1958 wearing apparel cosume pattern or design to permit of nails and wearing apparel costumes corresponding in pattern or design so that they do actually match.

Further objects, and objects relating to details of construction and manner of use, will readily appear from the detailed description to follow. In one instance, the objects of the invention have been accomplished by the device and means set forth in the following specification.

The invention is clearly defined and pointed out in the appended claims. A structure constituting a preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, in which:

Fig. 1 is a plan view of a costume-design false nail having one costume-design embodying the invention.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of another costume-design false nail having another costume-design.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view showing sets of different costume-design false nails, each with a different costumedesign.

Referring specifically to the drawings in which like numerals designate like parts, numeral 2 is a costume design false nail provided with a costume-design or costume-pattern 3 thereon. The costume-pattern or cos tume-design 3 may be a piece of textile fabric or a simulation thereof. It may be applied and adhered directly to the natural finger nail in conformity therewith, or it may be first preformed and shaped to be adhered to the nail. This may be by impregnating the textile fabric, from which the costume-design nail is formed, with a transparent binder, such as a thermoplastic or thermosetting resin. A. costume-design false nail is typified here by being formed on a transparent base 4 of any suitable material commonly employed for fabricating false nails such as transparent resin plastic, and the costume-design 3 is formed thereon by painting or by adhering a textile fabric piece to the base 4, the textile fabric piece being trimmed to fit the free end of the base. The entire surface of the base 4 is covered with the costume design, or the portion 5 of the base can be uncovered by exposing the crescent or moon of the nail.

A set 6 of costume-design nails of one costume-design may be attached to one holder 7 for packaging and display, and another set of another costume-design may be attached to another holder 8, and so on, so that a lady may have as many different corresponding costume-design nail sets as she has different costumes of wearing apparel, or enhancing portions thereof, for selecting a corresponding set of stylized nails for the costume of apparel to be worn on any particular occasion.

These above described costume-design false nails are reinforced with any suitable transparent material applied to impregnate them or as a base therefor, their undersurface having a tacky, non-drying adhesive applied thereto. Transparent molding plastics, such as synthetic resins, are The reinforced nail is thin, flexible, water and scuff-resistant, and rigid enough to retain its normal shape and form, but yet sufficiently flexible to conform readily to the curvature of the wearers natural nail when adhered thereto.

The nails in a set of five are scored and outlined to the shape and contour of the thumb and fingers of one hand. All the wearer needs to do is to simply press out the false nail and smooth it on the top of the natural nail, with any trimming required to secure exact fit of its side edges in abutting relation with the cuticle. The free end may, of course, be trimmed to shorten its length, if desired. The false nail is removed from its holder 7 by being peeled therefrom and adhesively applied to the nail by the same tacky, non-drying undercoating that adheres it to the holder 7. So, too, the false nail can be peeled from the natural nail to be replaced on the holder for TCUSC.

Repeated wearing is thus permitted, providing convenience and economy, without the use of any-adhesive other than the tacky, non-drying adhesive already provided on the bottom surface of the false nails. 7

As afashion accessory directly -related 1 to 'a specific costume or costumes, this invention wouldprovide false nails, for toes or fingers, matching the traditional or classic design patterns for textile fabric, such as polka dots, candy stripes, checks, plaids, fiorals, and the like, and also designer textile fabrics making use of either exclusiveand original fabricdesigns or those which may be termed as specials, such as animals, insignias, monograms and the like, which would beused in the creation ofwearing apparel costume ensembles. Accordingly, a ladysfingers and toes may-thus-become an important and integralpart of the fashion picture, so to speak. In other words, the fingers and toes attired or adorned in accessory stylized false nails in accordance with this invention become as essential and as complementary to a ladys ensemble as her hat, gloves, shoes, purse,.even belt, buttons, collars, and such. a

It will be apparent from the foregoing description that the invention, while relating to decorated finger nails, has more to do with styling them to the costume wearing apparel, and, therefore, it is not a matter of having the nail of a color that matches with the costume of wearing apparel but of having them of corresponding costume design or pattern. a

I am aware that there may be various changes in details of construction without departing from the spirit of my invention, and, therefore, I claim my invention broadly as indicated by the appen'de'dclaims. It will also be understood that, while-the costumed nail has been referred to as a finger nail. it is-also adaptedfor toe nails as well.

Having thus described my invention, what'l claim as new and useful and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent, is:

1. A costume-design nail comprising a layer of textile fabric having a design matching with the pattern design of an enhancing part of the wearing apparel costume, a transparent plastic material applied to the fabric to reinforce the same and extending beyond one edge of said fabric to form the crescent of the nail, and a tacky adhesive applied to the undersurface of the reinforced fabric.

2. A costume-design nail comprising a layer of textile fabric having a design matching with the pattern design of an enhancing part of the wearing apparel costume, said fabric layer being impregnated with reenforced transparent plastic material, and a tacky adhesive applied to the undersurface of the reenforced fabric layer.

3. A costume-design nail provided with a transparent reenforcing base of molded plastic material on which is mounted an outer layer of textile fabric having a design matching-with the pattern design of an enhancing part of the wearing apparel costume, said outer fabric layer conforming to the outline of the reenforcing base except at one edge which is concave and terminates short of a projecting portion of the reenforcing base which forms the crescent of the nail, and a tacky adhesive applied to the undersurface of the base.

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International ClassificationA45D29/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45D29/001
European ClassificationA45D29/00C