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Publication numberUS28644 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 12, 1860
Publication numberUS 28644 A, US 28644A, US-A-28644, US28644 A, US28644A
InventorsNehemiah S. Bean
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Nehemiah s
US 28644 A
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UNTTnn sTATEs PATENT lorries.,



Specification of Letters Patent No. 28,644, dated June 12, 1860.

To all 'whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, N. S. BEAN, of Manchester, in the county of Hillsboro and State of New Hampshire, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Pumps; and I do hereby declare that the following, taken in connection with the drawings which accompany and form part of this specification, is a description thereof so full and eXact as to enable those skilled in the art to practice my invention.

Figure l is a Vertical sectional elevation and Fig. 2 a plan of a pump embodying my invention.

Similar letters refer to similar both figures.

(a) is a pump cylinder which is cast concentric with the casing and united thereto by the partitions (Z), b) shown in dotted lines in both figures. The valve plates (al, d) t upon the cylinder, partitions andcasing and by means of the flanges (e) which form part of the plates hold the caps and valve plates concentric with the cylinder and casing.

The valves are plain rubber disks sliding on central spindles provided with broad heads to limit the throw of the valves and with spiral springs between the heads and valves to quicken the return of the latter to their seats upon the plates (d). The grated valve seats may be formed in the plates (d) or they may be made separate and firmly fixed therein. The valve spindles (1l) are screwed into the center of the valve seat which arrangement renders the removal andreplacement of the valves easy. By the valve plates all communication from one side of the partitions to the other is prevented except through the valve passages. The space between the casing and cylinder' is formed by the partitions (Z1) into suction and delivery passages and rlhe suction valves (it) are located on the outer sides of the valve plates and the delivery valves (j) on the inner sides thereof. The bolts, which hold the caps (lc) and valve plates to the casing and cylinder, are screwed into bosses, cast on (a) and (c), and pass through the bosses cast with the caps. The suction pipe (Z) is bolted around an opening formed in the suction side of the casing and the branch delivery pipe around an opening in the delivery side; these pipes are surmounted by suitable air vessels. Any suitable legs or projections may be cast upon l parts in the casing, between the plates (d) and the pipes (Z) and (m) by means of which the pump may be secured to any suitable foundation in such a manner that the caps can be got ,at for removal. It will be seen that by removal of the bolts which holdA the caps in their places the valve plates can be taken ofl" and the valves be examined or removed and replaced and also that all the delivery valves and the piston can be got at without disturbing the plates. In the construction of the pump it will be obvious that the joints between the valve plates (d) the caps (e) the cylinder, casino', and bosses thereon and the partitions (b2) are plane surfaces easily made in a lathe. The cylinder may be brass lined as is represented in the drawings. The piston is made of sufcient length to allow of a movement thereof nearly to each cap and it will be obvious from inspection of the drawings that the arrangement of parts there shown leaves an unusually small amount of clearance between the valves and the piston when at the end of the stroke compared with the great area of passage through the valve seats.

The nature of my invention consists in the peculiar concentric arrangement and combination of parts herein shown and described by which I obtain the following advantages which are the object of my invention. First, a very large area of passage past the valves is obtained which is of great importance in pumps worked with a great speed of piston as in steam fire engine pumps to which my invention is peculiarly adapted, for with great area of passage past the valves but small lift of these is required consequently they close quickly and permit but little loss in return currents. Second, the valves which are the parts most subject to wear stoppage and derangement are peculiarly accessible. Third, the clearance between the valves and the piston when at the end of its stroke is reduced to a remarkably small amount as compared to the area of passage past the valves which gives great drafting power to the pump. Fourth, the joints and wearing surfaces of the pump itself are all capable of being made by a lathe which reduces its cost to the minimum.

I make no claim to novelty of parts separately considered or to their action. My invention is limited to novelty of arrangement and combination of old parts working together to produce a simple,

cheap eective and durable double acting Valves located on opposite sides thereof all 'MLA suction and force pump. operating together substantially as del0 That I claim as my invention and desire scribed. to secure by Letters Patent of the United N S BEAN 5 States 1s- The concentric arrangement and conibinal/Vitnesses: tion of the pump cylinder suction and dis- J. D. WATSON, charge passage, caps, and Valve plates with F. T. E. RICHARDSON.

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Cooperative ClassificationF04B53/00