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Publication numberUS2865025 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 23, 1958
Filing dateMay 31, 1956
Priority dateMay 31, 1956
Publication numberUS 2865025 A, US 2865025A, US-A-2865025, US2865025 A, US2865025A
InventorsHennessey William P
Original AssigneeBrown S Beach Jacket Co
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Pocket construction for hunting coat
US 2865025 A
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Dec. 23, 1958 I w. P. HENNESSEY 2,865,025

POCKET CONSTRUCTION FOR HUNTING COAT Filed May 31, 1956 INVENTOR WILLIAM R HENNE SSEY @214 ATTORNEY JK v nite tates William P. Hennessey, West Boylston, Mass, assignor to Browns Beach Jacket Co., Worcester, Mass, a corporation of Massachusetts Application May 31, 1956, Serial No. 588,484

2 Claims. (Cl. 294) This invention relates to a new and improved coat or jacket construction which is particularly adapted for hunting and fishing, and the principal object of the invention resides in the provision of a detachable sanitary game or fish pocket which in general comprises a pair of elongated walls secured together at their ends forming an elongated pocket open along one side edge thereof, there being a flap at this side edge to close the same and the flap and both walls being provided with buttonholes which are aligned when the flap is closed to receive buttons or other fasteners located at the interior of the coat or jacket to secure the detachable pocket to the jacket and yet provide it with means whereby the fish or game may be easily inserted.

Other objects of the invention include the provision of a sanitary game or fish pocket or bag which is detachable from its carrying coat or jacket and which is made of an easily cleaned material such as flexible film type plastics, etc. and which may be cleaned and re-used or which may be thrown away after each use and replaced by a new detachable bag.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will appear hereinafter.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, in which Fig. 1 is a view in elevation showing the interior of a coat or jacket with the detachable game pocket applied thereto;

Figs. 2 and 3 are enlarged sections on the respective lines in Fig. 1;

Fig. 4 is a view in elevation of the game pocket by itself; and

Fig. 5 is an enlarged section on line 5-5 of Fig. 4.

The coat or pocket to which this invention pertains may be of any desired construction. It is preferably provided with a main body portion having a lower edge at 12 defining a skirt portion in the area indicated by the reference numeral 14. Numerals 16 indicate the arm-holes and 18 the collar. The jacket may be conventional except for the construction of the game pocket to be described.

The game pocket itself is shown in Fig. 4 and it preferably comprises a single member which is folded along an edge forming a bottom 20 and a front wall 22 and a rear wall 24. The rear wall 24 is preferably a little wider than the front wall 22 so that a foldable fiap 26 is provided, said flap being foldable over the open edge 23 of the bag to close the same.

The flap itself is provided with a series of button-holes 30; the rear wall has a like series of button-holes 32 inwardly arranged from the edge of the flap and below the bag opening as clearly shown in Fig. 4; and the front wall is likewise provided with a series of button-holes 34 which are aligned with button-holes 32 at all times.

When the game pocket is open as in Fig. 5, the buttonholes 30 will not be aligned with the holes 32 and 34, but when the flap 26 is folded over to close the jacket then all three button-holes in each set will be aligned for the reception of suitable fasteners such as buttons 36 secured to the coat or jacket at the interior side thereof as shown in Fig. 1.

The coat is provided with more or less conventional Patented Dec. 23, 1958 button which is indicated at 40. These buttons faceoppositely from the buttons 36 but are used to secure the game-bag in the same manner.

With the game-bag in place as in Fig. 1, all of the button-holes may be secured over the buttons so that the game-bag is not only secured to the jacket but it is also secured in closed position.

However, if it is desired to open the game-bag, one button 36 may be detached from button-holes 30 in flap 2 5 and this gives access to the bag between buttons. If it is desired to open the bag further, then a button-hole 34 in front wall 32 may be detached from button 36 as shown in Fig. 1; and the game-bag can be opened much wider while still being attached by reason of the fact that the buttons are still secured through the buttonholes in the rear wall 24.

The game-bag may be completely removed from the jacket with the game located therein and the respective series of button-holes may be secured together as by a string or safety-pin and the hunter is then not required to carry the game in the jacket; but the game-filled pocket may be used as a more or less conventional gamebag and carried in the hand or over the shoulder or placed in the trunk of a car, the jacket itself then being usable as any hunting jacket without a game-bag.

It will be clear that the bag may be made of inexpensive paper or thin plastic film and thrown away after use, so that there is no need to wash it; but also the bag may be made in a heavier plastic film from rubber and may be rinsed out and re-used.

Entry holes such as slits 42 may be used in the rear wall to align with the usual entry slits in the rear of the jacket, for receiving the game or fish through this slit into the interior of the bag without opening the bag at the open top edge thereof.

Having thus described my invention and the advantages thereof, I do not wish to be limited to the details herein disclosed, otherwise than as set forth in the claims, but what I claim is:

1. A coat construction comprising in combination a skirt portion for the coat and a detachable game and fish bag therefor, said bag including front and rear flexible walls having end edges secured together, an open edge, and a flap along the open edge on one of the walls, said flap being adapted to fold down over the free edge. of the other wall at the open edge to close the bag, a series of spaced fasteners on the skirt portion of the coat, and a corresponding series of fastener-securing means on the bag, each said fastener securing means being located in the fiap, in the rear wall, and in the front wall, all three said fastener-securing means being juxtaposed when the flap is folded to simultaneously receive the individual fasteners holding the bag to the coat and the flap closed.

2. The coat construction of claim 1 wherein the fast tener-securing means include button-holes through which a single separate fastener may be located when the bag is detached, to close and hold the bag closed while containing'game or fish.

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