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Publication numberUS2868209 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1959
Filing dateMay 29, 1957
Priority dateMay 29, 1957
Publication numberUS 2868209 A, US 2868209A, US-A-2868209, US2868209 A, US2868209A
InventorsMarcotte Oswald J
Original AssigneeMarcotte Oswald J
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Cigarette maker
US 2868209 A
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Jan. 13, 1959 o. J. MARCOTTE CIGARETTE MAKER Filed May 29. 1957 Oswald .1 Marcof/e INVENTOR.

WWW FM? Unim 2,868,209 Patented Jan. 13, 1959 CIGARETTE MAKER Oswald J. Marcotte, Ironton, Mo. Application May 29, 1957, Serial No. 662,422 3 Claims. (Cl. 131-58) The present invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in a portable structural device which is expressly and suitably constructed and designed to enable a user thereof to expeditiously, economically, and compactly form and turn out cigarettes of the roll-your-ownt pe.

As the preceding general statement of the nature of the invention clearly reveals, individual cigarette rolling and making devices are not, of course, new. As a matter of fact, the idea of appropriating and using a hollow and slotted forming mandrel is old, as exemplified in a long since expired patent to Sweeting under 594,501 of November 30, 1897. Other examples, generally speaking, are disclosed in Patents. 1,654,111 of December 27, 1927, and 1,920,955, of August 8, 1933. In terms of generalities the-provision of a base having means. to accommodate a cylindrical cigarette shaping and forming tube or cylinder tends to be common to devices in the category of invention under consideration.

An object of the instant invention is to structurally, functionally and otherwise improve upon similarly constructed and performing prior art adaptations. Looking toward accomplishment of this end result the instant invention is characterized by a longitudinally slotted cigarette forming tube which is cylindrical in cross-section. This tube is open at one end and closed at its opposite end and provided at the last named end with a finger gripping and turning knob. An insertible and removable closing plug is fitted telescopically in the open end of the tube. A simple portable base is provided to accommodatingly support the tube and to permit it to be rotatably and also removably mounted and, in addition, a paper holddown clamp or clip is mounted on the base in a position to cooperate with said tube.

The invention also features the provision of a base which is block-like and has a groove extending from one longitudinal side to the other and which is open at its ends to provide a pocket-like channel or receiver for the tube. The groove also opens through the top of the base in a manner to functionally cooperate with a slot in the tube.

Other objects, features and advantages will become more readily apparent from the following description and the accompanying drawing.

In the drawing, wherein like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the same:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a cigarette making device constructed in accordance with the principles of the present invention and showing one of the procedural cigarette making steps;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary view in section and elevation taken on the plane of the line 2-2 of Fig. 1, looking in the direction of the arrows;

Fig. 3 is a section taken transversely on the vertical line 3-3 of Fig. 2;

Figs. 4, 5 and 6 are fragmentary sectional views on an exaggerated scale illustrating the progressive steps which are followed in positioning and preparing the cigarette filling it with tobacco, rolling and gluing to provide the tight wound cylindrical wrapper and removing to provide the finished cigarette; and t Fig. 7 is a section through the ready-to-use cigarette.

Referring now to the drawings with the aid of reference numerals the base is denoted generally by the numeral 3 and it is preferably rectangular and may be made of commercial plastics or wood suitably painted and otherwise in finished form for appearance purposes. The top and bottom surfaces 10 and 12 are flat. The lengthwise vertical marginal surfaces are also fiat and denoted at 14 and 16, respectively. Suitably mounted on the top surface adjacent one end of the block or base is an appropriate holddown clip or clamp 18 for the cigarette paper 20. More specifically, the body of the clip 22 is of plate-like form and has a finger-piece 24 at one end and downwardly extending ears 26 intermediate its ends and which are hingedly connected at. 28 to upstanding ears 30 on an attaching bracket 32. There is a straight across oblique angle blade 34 which is intended to engage an adjacent free edge portion 36 of the cigarette paper 20. The opposite edge portion 38' is intended to be registered and lines up with a marker line 40 as shown in the drawing (Figs. 1 and 2). The block isabored. or otherwise formed and provided with the aforementioned transversely disposed groove 42 which opens at its ends through the marginal edges 16 and has its mouth opening throughthe top surface 10 of said block. The paper is stretched across this open mouth 36 of the groove 42 in the manner shown when desiredto form-a cigarette, one edge being clamped and the other edge 38 being held with the fingers (Fig. 4).

Attention is next directed to the cylindrical tube 44 which is removably and rotatably mounted in the pocketforming groove 42. One end portion of the tube extends beyond the wall 16 where it is provided with a finger gripping knob 46. The tube has a slot 48 therein and the end opposite to the knob is completely open to telescopically accommodate an insertible and removable closing plug 50 having an appropriate finger-grip 52.

In practice the tube 44 is inserted into the groove 42 so that it may be turned in a clockwise direction. The knob 46 protrudes beyond the block for convenience of operation.

After the tube is inserted into the groove the plug $0 is put in place and the device is then set somewhat as shown in Figs. 1 to 3. At this stage the paper 20 is laid atop the block and the edge portions 36 and 38 are lined up one with the marker line 40 and with the edge 36 engaged between the blade 34 of the holddown clip. Now the paper is stretched across the mouth of the groove and also the slot 43 in the tube 44. Using a suitable blunt instrument the paper is pressed down or forced through the slot 48 in the slotted tube until it lines the walls of the tube, in the manner shown in Fig. 4. An ordinary piece of cigarette paper with a gummed marginal edge, the edge portion 36, is used. With the free edge 33 spaced from the edge portion 36 in the manner seen in Fig. 4 the tobacco may be dumped or otherwise loaded into the potential paper wrapper. The wrapper, in conjunction with the forming tube, will permit the cigarette to be readily and partially formed. By turning the tube now from the position seen in Fig. 4 to that seen in Fig. 5 one should use small brush with glue and move the brush along the touching paper portions so that the edge 38 is glued and provides an envelope around the tobacco 54. Let the glue set a few seconds; then remove the tube 44. By releasing the gummed edge portion 36, after the tube has been removed from the groove the forming step and completed cigarette is properly carried out. Finally, moisten the gummed edge 36 and finish the rolling step seen in Fig. 7 providing the ready-to-use cigarette,

The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the principles of the invention. Further, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction and operation shown and described, and accordingly, all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention asclaimed.

What is claimed as new is as follows:

1. For home or similar use, a portable device for making an individual cigarette comprising, a longitudinally slotted cigarette forming tube cylindrical in cross-section, open at one end and closed and provided at its other end with a finger-gripable and turning knob, an insertable and removable closing plug fitted into said open end, a base having a flat surface on which a cigarette paper is accessibly and removably laid flatwise, said base having a groove formed therein and opening through said surface and also opening through opposite marginal edge portions of the base and providing a pocket-like channel, said tube being removably and rotatably mounted in said channel, and means carried by said base for holding an edge portion of a piece of cigarette paper so that the paper may be tucked into the tube in a manner to temporarily line the tube for reception of tobacco, said means comprising a paper-edge holddown clamp having a spring-biased hingedly mounted blade parallel to and spaced from one lengthwise edge of the mouth of the channel.

2. An individual cigarette forming and making machine for home or similar use comprising a portable block-like base having a substantially smooth flat top surface and also having a transverse groove defining a pocket-like tube receiving channel, the ends of the channel opening through opposite marginal walls of the base and a restricted portion of the channel opening through the top and providing a mouth, said top being provided with a readily visible marker line whereby to permit a piece of cigarette paper to be laid fiat upon said surface with one edge lined up with said marker line and an intermediate portion bridging the mouth and its other edge portion projecting beyond and terminating in spaced relation parallel with said mouth, a paper clamp mounted atop said base and having a spring-biased hingedly mounted blade parallel to and spaced from said mouth and adapted to engage an adjacent edge of the cigarette paper and permitting the cigarette paper to be prepared for rolling and making a cigarette, and a longitudinally slotted cigarette forming tube cylindrical in cross-section and of a cross-section approximating the cross-section of the groove and fitted into said groove for movement by way of sliding or rotation, said tube being provided at one end with a finger-gripable knob and provided at its opposite end with a removable closing plug, the slot in said tube being adapted to be registered with said mouth to permit the cigarette paper to be pressed down through the mouth and into the interior of the tube for purposes of lining the tube.

3. The structure defined in claim 2 and wherein said tube is of a length greater than the length of the groove, at least one end of the tube projecting beyond a marginal side or" the base and being provided with a finger knob, said tube, including the finger knob and plug, being re movable as a unit from said groove.

Mallard May 24, 1898 Colucci Dec. 16, 1941

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International ClassificationA24C5/44, A24C5/00
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European ClassificationA24C5/44