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Publication numberUS2868421 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1959
Filing dateApr 19, 1957
Priority dateApr 19, 1957
Publication numberUS 2868421 A, US 2868421A, US-A-2868421, US2868421 A, US2868421A
InventorsSchott Gaylord A
Original AssigneeSchott Gaylord A
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Attachment for spray containers
US 2868421 A
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Jan. 13, 1959 scHOTT 7 ATTACHMENT F OR SPRAY CONTAINERS Filed April 19, 1957 INVENTOR. GAVLORD A. SCHOTT A 7' TORNEKS United States atent O 2,868,421 ATTACHMENT FOR SPRAY CONTAINERS Gaylord A. schotn Redlands, Calif. Application April 19, 1957, Serial No. 653,995

1 Claim. or. 222-473 This invention relates to an attachment for use with spray containers having a valve assembly extending from an end of the container.

When a person is handling containers which include sprayable fluids, such as insecticides or paint, the fluids often come in contact with the hands of the person, causing inconvenience and actual discomfort if the fluid is strong enough to irritate the skin. Also, many sprayable fluids cool the objects, such as the valve, which are adjacent the outlet through which the fluid is dispensed. If the operators hand must be located adjacent the outlet through which the fluid is dispensed it may become excessively cold and be rendered somewhat numb.

Many containers for dispensing fluids are provided with a rolled and crimped collar and a valve assembly having a lower portion thereof extending into the container and an upper portion extending above the rolled and crimped collar. The material can be sprayed by pushing down the valve assembly.

My new device is designed for use in handling and operating containers of this general type. My new device is simple in construction, contains a minimum number of parts, with only one moving part. It is easily handled and operated, and can be made and purchased at low cost.

My new device comprises a handle portion, and amember connected to the handle portion and adapted to grip a portion of the container and hold the container in a position spaced from the handle. A trigger-operated member is provided which is adapted to extend over the valve assembly when the container gripping member is in the gripping position. The valve assembly is actuated merely by hand-operating the trigger-operated member.

A better understanding of the present invention and its advantages may be had upon a reading of the following detailed description when taken in connection with the drawings, in which:

Fig. l is a perspective view showing my new device for use with a container having a collar and a valve assembly; and

Fig; 2 is an elevational sectional view of the device of Fig. 1.

As shown in the figures, a container 10 having a crimped and rolled collar 12 is used for holding the fluid, such as an insecticide, which is to be dispensed. The upper portion 14 of a valve assembly extends through an opening in the top of the container 10. An orifice 16 is provided in the valve assembly from which the fluid is sprayed. A member 18 is provided for gripping the collar of the container. The collar gripping member is substantially hollow with its side portions 20 being channel-shaped and somewhat flexible so that the side portions may be employed to engage the collar of the container. The upper and lower portions of the collar grip are provided with openings 22 and 24 so as to provide adequate flexibility in the channel-shaped side portions which engage the collar of the container.

The collar gripping member is provided with a pistol grip 26 for use in holding and manipulating the condetent when the device is not in operation.

Patented Jan. 13, 1959 'ice tainer. A channel-shaped lever 30 is pivotally mounted to the collar grip by a pivot pin 32. The lever 30 includes a trigger portion 33 which is partially disposed within a cut-out portion 28 of pistol grip. The lever 30 extends through an opening in collar grip 18 and has a portion 36 which extends substantially parallel to the collar grip. A recessed indexing detent 38 is provided in the portion 36 of the lever for engaging the valve of the container.

The outer extremity of the lever 30 is provided with a hook portion 39 for use in hanging the attachment on a nail or the like.

The trigger has an extension 40 at its lower end, with the side 42 of the extension extending into the hollow portion of pistol grip. A biasing spring 46 is riveted by a rivet 48 to the forward inside surface of the trigger. The biasing spring 46 normally biases the lever 30 so that the valve assembly is constantly contacted by the indexing The biasing spring develops suflicient bias on the lever to partially overcome the spring tension of the valve assembly. This serves to keep the top portion of the valve assembly firmly seated in the indexing detent.

The valve-actuating arrangement of Figs. 1 and 2 is suitable for use with one type valve which is widely used. It will be apparent that the apparatus of the present invention may be employed with other types of valves.

In operation, the collar gripping member is slid over the collar of a container so that a tight grip is obtained on the container. The valve of the container is actuated by pressing the trigger element. Since the pistol grip is spaced from the valve through which the fluid is dispensed from the container, the operators hand is protected from the fluid. The trigger arrangement on the pistol grip provides a convenient and easy means for operating the valve on the container so that the operators hand is not strained.

I claim:

A device for use in handling and dispensing fluid material from a container having a collar and a valve assembly extending above the collar, comprising a hollow pistol grip handle having a cut-out portion extending from one longitudinal extremity thereof, an elongated flexible collar grip connected to the pistol grip handle in substantially perpendicular relationship and having channeled sides for gripping the collar, the collar grip having openings in the top and bottom extending from the extremity thereof to permit the collar grip to be inserted over the collar of the container without interfering with the valve assembly, a hand-operated channel-shaped lever pivotally mounted to the collar grip and having a trigger portion thereof disposed within the cut-out portion of the pistol grip handle, said portion disposed within the cut-out having an extension member beyond the cut-out portion and within the hollow of the pistol grip handle, the lever also extending through an opening in the collar grip, the lever being bent at a point above the collar grip and extended substantially parallel to the collar grip and adapted to operate the valve assembly in response to actuation of the trigger portion, a recessed indexing detent in the lever References Cited in the file of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS Dickman et a1 Aug. 20, 1957

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U.S. Classification222/473, 222/402.15, 239/375, 222/323
International ClassificationB65D83/16
Cooperative ClassificationB65D83/202
European ClassificationB65D83/20B2