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Publication numberUS28732 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1860
Publication numberUS 28732 A, US 28732A, US-A-28732, US28732 A, US28732A
InventorsAlbert Bigelow
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Improvement in steam-plows
US 28732 A
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Specication forming part of Letters Patent No. 28,732. dated June 19, 1860.

To all whom 'it may concern:

' Be it known that I, ALBERT BIGELOW, of 'thecty of Hamilton, in the county of Wentworth and Province of Canada, have invented a newand Improved Mode olPlowing by Steam- Power; and 'I do herebyI declare that the following is a full and exact description thereof', reference being-had to the accompanying draw- ',ing, and to the letters of reference thereon.

r motive or other boiler, and a pair of small highpressure engines acting upon a transverse or main shaft ,figured 0 transmit the 'power through the medium of the bevel-wheels iigured P in the elevation and plan views on the drawing. These bevelwheels transmit the power for the transverse shaft 0 to the shaft lettered A, at the end of which there is a drum' or rag-wheel, B, revolving with the shalt A, and at the opposite side of the frame there is another drum or rag-wheel B and shaft.. This drum is not driven by gearing, but by an endless chain (rag-chain) passing over them, the two drums being required to preserve a proper distance ot' travel. The rag-chain is gured D. 0n this chain there are fixed sixl plows, as shown in the drawing, and lettered U C C, &c. By

` further reference to the drawing it will be seen that these plows are placed at a certain angle, by which they are made to cut parallel i'urrows at a given pitch or distance from center to center. Furthermore, by reference to the drawing, there is a. radius frame or arm working on ajoint, the arm figured Q and the joint R, the

`of small wheels attached to the underside of this frame, (figured F,) so as to allo.Y for any irregularity in the surface of the ground over which the machine maybe traveling. Themachine,when at worldis only connected with the radius frame orarm by the joint figured R, thus leaving the plows free, by which meansit is clear they cannot partake of as much ofthe pitching motion of the machine when traveling on rough ground as it would otherwise do.

1t is further intended, although not shown in the drawing, to make the bearings of the small wheels behind, (lettered F,) adjustable by means of a screw, by which means the depth of the plows in the soil can be regulated.

There may be two worms and two wheels,

theworms havingdierentvelocities. The slow speed is used when thc plows are at work, and the quick speed for propelling the machine along a common road, the. The speeds are changed by means of clutch-boxes or any other suitable contrivance. This part of the machine does not form any important member o t' my invention.

Vhat I claim as my invention, and. desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. The arrangement, with the main supporting-frame N and with the endless chain l) and plows U O C, of the auxiliary radius-frame Q R, wheels F, transverse shat't O, and longitudinal shaft A, substantially in the manner ,and for the purposesvhcrein described.

2. The arrangement of the chains Eradiusframe Q R, and adjusting mechanism G G G2 l, substantially as and for the purposes set. l'orth.


Witnesses JOHN FERME, Jgl. WArGn'r.

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